Walktrendy and My First #OOTD Post

Walktrendy asked me to check out their website. They sell trendy street clothes online. They offer free shipping worldwide. Sunnie of Walktrendy was kind enough to send me the dress I wanted. I got my package in two weeks. Well, if only the Philippine post office was prompt enough to inform me I have a package! I had to go to the post office to inquire after a month of not receiving any notice. I was too happy to receive the package that I did not rant about it anymore.

I chose this dress.


If you want the right size, you have to take out the measuring tape and check their sizing chart.  I can usually fit medium but in their chart, I am large. Ouch!  I ignored my ego and got the large one. It is easier to alter from large to medium than medium to large.


I have to come to the part of the post where I have to post how the dress fits me.  I would have taken a clearer photo but I couldn’t wait until somebody else could take my photo. So I settled with using the self-timer and doing the shoot indoors. Brace yourself for my first #OOTD post. This is difficult for me since I do not know how to pose. I just have to settle for that ‘faraway look’  type of pose.  Hahaha!


The dress was my size. No need to alter.


The hemline is just above my knee so my thunder thighs are hidden away.


Next week is my aunt’s birthday. I now have a dress to wear. Thanks, Walktrendy!

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  1. Wow! you look 10 years younger on that dress. Simple design yet classy ang dating.

  2. What a stunning dress, it really suits you and looks like it is good timing for something to wear for your Aunt’s birthday! Love the fact they ship worldwide but if you are a large, I would hate to think what I was! (You aren’t a large by any stretch of the imagination!!!!)

  3. Love the dress on you! Like what Papaleng said, it definitely made you look younger instantly! <3 It's so nice din that they offer different sizes at Walktrendy. There are many online boutiques nowadays which only offer freesizes, and it's frustrating! Anyhow, yay for your first #ootd! 😀 Cheers to more!

  4. The dress fits you well. How I wish I can wear such dress too.

    Mommy Maye

  5. Looks like a pretty good dress for you! Lucky that it fit you well. I am apprehensive about ordering clothes online because I really want to see the fit first and feel the fabric before I buy.

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    Gorgeous dress! Good for you that you got the perfect size.

  7. That’s the first reason why I don’t want to order online (abroad) because I’m afraid that I won’t receive it. Glad that you’ve got your dress. I like the print.

  8. I do not think I will ever do an OOTD post on my blog haha. I’m more of the photographer than the model, plus my fave subject to capture is food and not really people or fashion. Great buy though, the dress is a perfect fit. 🙂

  9. You have the right projection for your dress size and it fits. It’s good to order the larger size than the smaller one. Well, congrats and attend the birthday party with confidence.

  10. Haha on “thunder thighs”. Great fit on you. I’m scared of ordering clothes online because the ones I ordered before just didn’t fit right on me.

  11. The dress fits you well – by size and by look. I love the prints. Though they are scattered across or all over the dress, it doesn’t look messy nor cheap. My main fret in ordering online is the size; really afraid it might be too large or too small but thanks for the reminder that… it is indeed much easier to alter from a larger size to a smaller size. 🙂

  12. Nice dress! Something simple yet sweet + classy.
    A type of dress I will like for myself too!

  13. such a cute dress! the quality looks good. hope you have a great time at your aunts birthday

  14. that’s a pretty dress! looking forward to more #ootd posts from you 🙂

  15. Pooja Kawatra says:

    I love the pattern on this dress and such a beautiful colour combination. It is really looking nice on you.

  16. You look great in the white dress with dove design. It looks really comfortable to wear for ladies too.

  17. The dress fits you like a glove! You look so wonderful in it! 😀

  18. Great choice! You look fab! Suits you best! Good job on your first ootd post!

  19. Awesome! I like the simple black print in white dress. Well there is always the first, you are doing good and keep doing it. After a while you will be better.

  20. you are so lucky to get a dress online that fit exactly on your body… in my case it was really hard to hit the jackpot on a garment that fit me … looking good 😀

  21. Wow! You look great Kat! I love the dress, if you are large on their scale, unsa na lang ka ha ko? hehehe.. I miss visting your blog Kat. Glad to be back in Comex. 🙂

  22. I think I saw that on my email but I wasn’t able to reply yet. That’s a pretty dress. Very laid back and casual. Great for everyday use.

  23. wow nice! lovely looking dress and it fits you perfectly too!

  24. The dress looks really nice on you. It’s a great bargain.

  25. Never heard of walktrendy before. But I like the dress, it’s cute and simple. Looks good on you sis. 🙂

  26. The dress is pretty-classic and it looks like it was sewn for you

  27. The dress is so pretty! and you look stunning Sis, I like the white and black together so cute and perfect!:)

  28. Kat! I love that dress, and it really looks good on you. You should get more, hehe 🙂

  29. Congrats on your first OOTD post! That’s a really nice dress.

  30. You look great in this dress! I like that it is not too short and I am also on the lookout for such dresses.

  31. Did you bring this in Coron? Maganda pang foto shoot 🙂

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