Food Experiment: What to do with juicer pulp

I have friends who are into juicing. I wanted to do the same. I seldom eat vegetables. They say that if you can’t eat them, drink them.

In this experiment, I used three carrots, two cucumber and 1 apple.


It yielded this amount of juice and 2 cups of pulp.

I also tried juicing last December and I was left with pulp that I made into carrot cupcake. Since I broke my oven, I can no longer use the pulp for cupcake.  I decided to make fish balls!  I grated two strips of broiled cream dory and mixed them into the pulp. I added one egg, around 3 tablespoons of flour, salt and pepper.   I used my clean bare hands to combine everything well and started to roll them into balls.


These were deep fried and skewered on a stick.

Eating fishball is not complete without the sauce. It is not just any sauce. It must be manong’s fish ball sauce. I found the recipe here. Dig in!


The verdict:
1. My aunts love the fishball but it is a little soft. They said I need to add more flour or something to keep it firm. Bread, perhaps? Fish, perhaps? There are more carrots than fish in the recipe.
2. The sauce is a little watery. I wanted the stickier one. Maybe I should add more cornstarch or cook it longer. I think I have been simmering it for more than an hour already.


I wonder what the fishball would taste like when I start juicing ampalaya. Hehe!

Enjoy safe and secure vehicle import and export with auto shippers

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With reputable auto shippers you will generally have a choice of method of shipment to choose between as well. The first is a cost-effective and quick method which sees your vehicle be loaded onto the vessel, secured below deck and then rolled off on the other side for you to collect it. The second method is slightly more expensive but sees your vehicle loaded into its own secure container – with this method you will be able to fill your container with any other items that you may want shipped to the new country. Both methods are totally safe and secure, and wherever you want the vehicle delivered to they will be able to help.

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