Room In A Cabin


If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to stay on your vacation, consider staying in a cabin in the mountains. There are often cabin specials where you can rent the building and have several amenities included. Instead of being in a cramped hotel room, you will have plenty of space in a house. There are various sizes of cabins that you can rent, making it easy to find something for the number of people who will be on the vacation.

A cabin is ideal for larger families so that they can all be in the same place together instead of getting two or three separate rooms, but you will still have your own private space as the bedrooms are apart from the others. Most cabins have a full kitchen that has a stove and refrigerator so that you can prepare meals instead of going out to eat all of the time. Most cabins have a full bathroom, possibly two, and there are some that have a hot tub on the back or front porch. While you are on your vacation, you will be closer to nature. You can usually relax while you are spending time with your family as you aren’t around the sights and sounds of the city.

Fruit Popsicles and Mug Cake

Since I was trying to eat healthy food, I have been depriving myself from eating desserts. Good thing I found popsicle trays at Daiso.  I got this urge to immediately use it. As a start, I made fruit popsicles.


This is fairly easy. I bought watermelon, avocado and mango. I chopped the fruits finely and layer them.


I also made popsicle made with purely mangoes.


I guess fruits are good for the heart.


My 21-day No Junk Food Challenge ended on Valentine’s day. I wanted to try this mug cake recipe.


Preparation time is less than 5 minutes and you only need to microwave it for 70 seconds.   This is how it looks inside the mug.


I removed the caked from the mug and did something with the presentation.


It is actually good. Can you see the lizard keeping an eye on the chocolate cake?


True to its name, it is really moist.


I want to try other mug cake recipes!

Happy Valentine’s Day: #10daysofcrushing


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The Road to Fitness

Les Mills Combat_02 60 Day Supreme Warrior Calendar

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