How to Add Your Own Handwriting to Your Photos

I posted this photo last February.


Russ asked this question:


This is now the tutorial I promised four months ago.

Let’s write the word “explore” in this photo which we shall refer to as a background photo.

034 (2)


1. Write the word in paper.  I would write different versions.

2. Take a photo of the written word.  Tip: Find a well-lit area when taking the photo. Avoid shadows.

013 - Copy

3.  Open the file in Photoshop. Check image size.  Click on Image>Image Size. Take note of the width, height and resolution.


4. Create a new file. Click on File> New.  Set width, height and resolution the same as the image size of the photo. Make the background contents as transparent.


5. Choose which handwritten word you want to use. Cut and paste into the new file.


6. Make the stroke more prominent by adjusting threshold level.  Click on Image>Adjustment>Threshold. Set threshold to 171.


7.  Delete the white background. Click on the Magic Wand Tool. Click on the white area and press Delete on the keyboard.  Repeat the procedure in the remaining white areas.  You are left with this:


8. Select the word, copy and paste into the background photo.


9. To change the text to white, click on Image> Adjustment> Invert.   I moved the text to make it more visible.


I hope my instructions were clear. Comment or email if there are questions. Hope this helps you personalize your images with your own handwriting.


I was walking the dogs early this morning and I already saw a number of kids carrying their bags to school. Summer vacation is definitely over. Since the end of May, I have slowly gone back to my routine.  I am back to working out regularly. Although you can see me crossing out rest days more often than crossing out the scheduled workout, I am happy that I still get to exercise at least three times a week.  It is better than nothing.

My erudite uncle left all these books since he finished reading all these before he left. I have finished one book and I plan to start a new one.  I also caught up with some TV shows I have missed.


I have cleaned my closet and have done some laundry. I have a lot more to tackle but I am taking baby steps. We are still experiencing El Niño. Weather is hot and every simple movement  I make leaves me sweating so I work slow to minimize the sweating. Sweat and I are not a good mix.


I have done most of the errands and obligations I need to finish.

I had the time to do some art.

This is for the Watercolour Gallery collab I am doing. Follow @wgcollab and @watercolour_gallery on Instagram.


I also bought pearlescent watercolor from so I tried them on this painting. Can you see the sheen on the petals?


My friend, Jasmin, requested me to paint this jasmine for her.

FullSizeRender (3)

I was also able to insert some practice. The rose is not perfect. I will try again to make it look better. Hopefully.


I am doing art and I love it!

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