How I Tried to Eat Healthy… and Failed Sometimes

I quit drinking coke the day after my birthday in 2014.  I think I am quite successful with it since I get comments from my friends that I lost weight.  I noticed that when I watch what I eat, I lose weight faster.  So I try to eat as healthy as possible.  To be able to have control over what I eat, I need to prepare and cook my meals.

I made some effort to cook and prepare healthier alternatives to our usual fatty meals and sugar-rich desserts and snacks.

I saw this on instagram and I wanted to try it myself.

Not your usual egg and french fries.

Not your usual egg and french fries.

That is half a peach, yogurt and sliced apple.  I discovered that an apple dipped in yogurt is delicious.


Since I still have that yogurt, another alternative to the “fries and eggs” would those cakes in a jar. I prepared my fruits.  I was thinking of layering them like a parfait. I have the cooked oats to replace the cake, yogurt for the cream and the fruits.


I used a mayonnaise jar.  (There are a lot of mason jars being sold in stores. You can use those, too.)


I should have cut  the fruits into smaller pieces to make the layers more define. I  still have excess ingredients that did not fit in the jar.  They went to the bowl for instant gratification.


 I did not use sugar so it tasted bland but the mango and apple are sweet so it was okay for me.  My aunt has a different opinion.  Hahaha She did not like it.  It was not for her anyway.

The pope was in the country and my aunts were glued to the TV so I volunteered to prepare one meal for them. I wanted try cooking the fish tinola (fish soup) I had  like what I have tasted in a shrimp place we tried.


On the lower left is pan-fried seafood tofu. It was sold frozen in one fish store in the city. On the lower right is bacalao sauteed in oil and garlic. It was sold in jar from the same fish store I bought the tofu from. Bacalao is a type of fish which then dried and placed in a jar like sardines. I also bought the tuna I used for the fish tinola from the same store.

Since I still have yogurt, I mixed  cubed peaches and froze it.   I unmolded the  frozen yogurt into the plate and garnished it with sliced peaches.


I am trying to eat healthy because of this 21-day challenge.


However, I received  a message from a childhood friend whom I have not seen in a long time that she would be sending me goodies she made through her brother. Of course, I will not refuse that wonderful gesture of friendship.  I got leche flan, ham and cheese puto and brownies.


After devouring the food, I am back to Day 1 of the 21-day no junkfood challege. Good thing, my uncle came and brought me guavas.


I think it is okay to take a break from dieting and enjoy life’s simple pleasures like a thoughtful gesture from a friend.

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  1. I agree that sometimes it can be really hard to avoid junk food. I have to deal with this often too, since I have had more negative influences on me recently. Wishing you the best of luck!

  2. Life is all about balance – the unhealthy and the healthy habits included. It’s great to read about your effort for a healthier lifestyle 🙂

  3. I love the peach-yoghurt-apple combination. I might try it myself.
    I try to eat healthy as much as I can and the 21-day challenge sounds great! Good luck!

  4. It’s absolutely beautiful pic of foods. Applause for your clean eating motivation.

  5. HEY BABE, You cheated by using canned fruits! Hahha, canned fruits are high in sugar, so do remember not to take too much of that! Go fresh raw vegetables instead.
    Once way how I sustain by eating healthily, and refrain from unhealthy food is to calculate the amount of workout I have to do when I eat certain thing (eg. Fried chicken cutlet). By the time I realised, I lost my appetite for that and went to something lighter!

    • Hi, Tiffany! I know. hehe My friend pointed that out to me. I am only following what is written in the rules. I’m taking small steps. Thanks for the tips!

  6. I can’t remember when the last time I have fresh Guava. So jealous right now! BTW, the yogurt and fruits looks really good and I know you can do it Sis, eating healthy without fail. Good luck! 🙂

  7. You can try overnight oats as well. I always do that and take it to my office for snacks or breakfast.

  8. I think I can try this challenge too. Well, truly challenging especially if you got kids around who happens to eat lots of junk foods once in a while.

  9. Wow Kat! I really admire your creativity. From the choices and food preparation to the presentation. As in ka-cute jud! Inggit much na sad ko hehehe..

  10. OOOOHH. I think finishing that 21 day challenge is possible! It’s just super hard when you get presents! Like what happened with you.

  11. Like you I always try to eat healthful foods but most of the time I fail. I can’t give up sweets yet but I’m trying my best to lessen my sweets intake.

  12. I also saw that pic of peach, yogurt and apple and wanted to try it myself. Yogurt is good with any fruit! Ok to treat yourself once in a while though.

  13. This is good and I will share this to my friends. Thanks for this soo good info. 🙂

  14. eliz frank says:

    I generally eat healthy and I don’t eat meat. But I think that instead of restrictions on our food choices, we should eat anything we want in moderation. I know it’s not always easy to do.

  15. I’m big fan of COKE seriously I can’t stop drinking it but I limit the amount of coke I drink everyday cause I know its not good for me. But, your yogurt and fruits is really good snack compare to junk foods. Thanks for the inspirations Sis

  16. Congratulations! You managed to eat healthier! I love fruits and I can go on eating fruits everyday.

    • A friend pointed out that fruits have high glycemic index but it is better than those sugary desserts. Balance talaga kailangan.

  17. First of all, I really thought that was egg and fries! hahaha And I was like, what healthy eating is she talking about when there’s fries on it? bwahaha my bad!

    Been trying to eat healthier too, I failed on drinks and sweets most of the times haha

  18. I agree that it is very hard to ignore or prevent yourself from eating junk foods. I too fail at it. I’ve not touch coke for a very long time and won’t be touching it. That one is still possible with me 🙂

  19. For drinking coke, I’m an addict but hope you can do what you’re aiming for. Eating healthy foods and fruits makes our lives happy. Nice of you for this matter.

  20. Congrats! It takes a lot of discipline to be able to resist the foods enlisted on that chart. And true, you look slimmer now. A good motivation to continue a healthy lifestyle is when you observe your clothes getting lose 🙂

  21. Haha, I thought that was egg and fries. Anyway, I find it difficult also to not eat junk foods. Currently, I replaced one of my full meal, which is lunch, with overnight soaked oats with dried fruits. At first, mahirap but eventually I get used to it. I lessen rice intake na rin, kulang na lang exercise. Hirap gumising ng maaga kasi. Maybe I should do it not in the morning, hehe.

  22. I always wanted to try doing this! I envy you because you started eating healthy. I actually think all those foods you have above are yummy and of course, very healthy!

  23. this is very yummy. i am so jealous coz you are starting steps to be healthy. i wish i could start with all this very tempting junks around

  24. Who can resist leche flan, ham and cheese puto and brownies anyway?! Ahhh, guilty pleasures. It would be very difficult for me to do this challenge. 🙁

  25. I honestly thought that first picture was of an egg and fries! Hahaha!
    I’ve always wanted to eat healthy, but because we have a lot of meetings and activities in our community, I always fail. I’ll keep in mind the “No Junk Food Challenge,” though. Someday, I just might be able to do it 🙂

  26. No chocolates?!?!?! No cakes or soda or ice cream?!?!?! And again, NO CHOCOLATES?!?!?! Who would survive that? I know I wouldn’t!

    But good luck to you sis! You are much more disciplined than me, so I know you can accomplish this.

  27. ang sipag mo sis! i am happy with your determination to live a healthy life. keep it up!

  28. I can relate! Whenever I tried to ‘diet’ my family would cook delicious food just to tease me. I always try to just avoid it but I can’t help it but gave in.

  29. Me and my wife started to avoid eating rice for few days now. We felt the good effect of it already. Can’t wait to finish the month and see what difference it made to our weight. 🙂

  30. Go for it gurl and complete the 21 day challenge.
    Healthy eating is the best thing anyone can do to oneself and achieve in life.
    All the best.

  31. I’m joining all sorts of challenges too. Sadly I’m never successful if it’s about diet or exercise. haha
    I think it’s amazing that you’re trying and you’re not giving up when you fail. You inspired me to do something like this too. My holiday diet has been going on for 3 months now which is no good ( ^_^)~

  32. I am so proud of you on making effort and your determination to choose a healthy lifestyle. Keep it up. Your sunny side up look perfect and yummy! 🙂


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