More Art, A Poem and A New Craft

I am still not done with my friends’ requests for an artwork (which also doubles as my Christmas gift). My friend, Ernelyn, wanted a bamboo painting with a bird.  I thought this was an easy task since the first watercolor lesson we were  taught in high school was painting a bamboo. However, the artwork I took inspiration from was a thicker bamboo. I used to be able to paint the trunk with one  stroke using a thick brush. Now, I had to use multiple strokes and it required a certain amount of water to make the strokes unnoticeable.  It was challenging. This is the final artwork.


My friend liked it and that matters most.  (Or she had no choice! hahaha I did my best with this one.)

My friend, Wela, wanted a lighthouse with a sea and some rocks. I let her choose from different pegs. I had trouble with making the rocks look like real rocks but I have to settle with a ‘cartoonish’ version.  I’ll practice more. This is the final artwork.


She was happy with the artwork that she made me a poem.  My friend (who happens to be a cousin also) writes beautiful poems. She often does this when someone close to her celebrates a birthday.  I requested for a poem on my next birthday and, in exchange, I’ll record a song for her.  No, I am not a good singer. I do not sing when we gather together for a night of karaoke.  I have stage fright. I sing averagely okay when I am alone but put someone to listen to my voice and  no sound would come out.  Thus, I will just send a recording.  Hehe  But when we gathered for breakfast early this January, they urged me to sing which I obliged because a friend who is a very good singer sang with me.

This is the poem she made for me:

A song to sing,
A joy you bring,
To this morning gathering,
Of friends who are truly caring.

A friend since nineteen eighty six,
A gal who’s a wonderful mix,
Of talents and wit,
Of a genius that’s only fit.

Grateful to God for having met you,
A friend who is loving and true,
May you never be blue,
For in His perfect timing your prince
charming will be due! 

Yes, your parents may have gone ahead,
And left you longing instead,
But always remember, in this life there
are no accidents,
Things happen for a reason and not just by mere

So as you welcome the year two thousand fifteen,
Whatever may happen in between,
Stand still and be strong,
For with the Lord by your side, nothing can go

What a nice gift! I really have sweet friends.  Thank you, God!

Now back to more painting. These are three different cherry blossoms-like painting which I will ask my friend to choose (if she likes any) since she wanted something similar to what I previously did for another friend.


Yesterday, I finally tried my pastel dye.  I bought this last Christmas as gifts for my godchildren and I bought one for myself.   When I painted bougainvillea last year, my friend, Mau, wanted the artwork but she is a wanderlust. I told her she would just leave behind the painting in her house which she only visits a few times a year.  I told her I’ll put it in a t-shirt.


I thought of printing the artwork on an iron-on sheet but I cannot find a sheet here. I asked about t-shirt printing and it was a little expensive which I was willing to pay for but when I asked about it, they cannot deliver at the time when Mau is in town. I have totally forgotten about t-shirt until I saw the pastels in a store.


This is what  I did. I drew the design using a marker on a white sheet. I taped the sketch on an illustration board which I inserted inside the t-shirt. Then, I began tracing the design.

This is the finished work.


I really enjoy creating something with my hands.  I am off to do more. I still have some requests to fulfill.  Bye for now!

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  1. Those artworks looked incredibly great. I remember also making similar ones when we were in China studying the art. I think you can sell those as designs printed in shirts.

  2. I love your watercolor paintings! The bamboo one and the cherry blossoms were especially very beautiful! <3 It's really sweet of you (and your friends too) to gift paintings, poems and songs. I've been so used to giving and receiving store-bought material gifts, that this post made me see how special it is to give and receive one's self-made artworks. It's been a while since the last time I drew something, but I think I might just gift a friend an artwork too. Hopefully that certain friend will also appreciate it. ^_^

  3. Wow, you have a quite a gift! Your paintings are lovely, I especially like the bamboo one. The tshirt you did is also lovely. I hope your friends appreciate your talent!

  4. Saw this on FB. You really have an artist’s hand. More art works pa.

  5. You truly have a wonderful skill and the pictures you create all exude such a sense of calm and peace. I’m especially taken by your t-shirt. My daughter loves art and has always wanted to experiment with new mediums, she’ll be glad to know that there is an alternative to iron on sheets.

  6. WOW! I do admire your artwork. i couldn’t do that even if I tried!

  7. Wow! Look at those artworks! It’s very beautiful. I hope you’ll continue making more.

  8. Such amazing talent. You truly have a gift!

  9. Your painting is pretty good, I have to admit. Not to the professional level where you can sell them of course, but them as gifts from you, is really sincere and touching! I could feel the hard work you put in!

  10. The artworks look so amazing and colorful.
    I did a lot of artworks and paintings as a teenager and it is an area I cherish quite a lot.
    Keep it up and all the best.

  11. Amazing drawings.. Can I have one.. Keep it up!

  12. You have skills and talent to draw which I think could made something good with your life. It’s very nice and work of professional person.

  13. Very lovely paintings. Your artwork seems like a good one for tattoos too! :).

  14. You really paint well. You should do more of this and you also write great poems.

  15. Those are really lovely art pieces.. will look great on a journal 🙂

  16. They are really great art works. The shirt is nice too.

  17. I love all of your work! You are incredible talented =)

  18. Love the painting and the poem. Both are beautiful! The craft is so interesting, I want to try it myself! 🙂

  19. Can I make a request? Can you make an artwork with lotus flower? thanks 🙂

  20. Eliz Frank says:

    You are a talented artist Kat and you should share more of your work. The water color paintings and poem were so beautiful. Your cousin is a beautiful writer and should do more and share more. 🙂

  21. oh how I wish I could have hands as talented as yours. can’t even draw decent picture of a flower! o well, hope you can send some giveaways to your readers cause i really like them. wink (^_^)

  22. The poem is really wonderful Kat. I’ve seen these art works on your FB timeline. How I wish I am one lucky girl to get one of your beautiful arts. hehehe nag padungog! 🙂

  23. I love the feeling of spring that these beautiful flowers bring, they look so delicate and look lovely on T-shirts as well!

  24. Your paintings are amazing! I just love the bambu one and all the flowers! Beautiful!

  25. you’re talented! the paintings are lovely

  26. I love your sakura paintings!

  27. I was fortunate to be born from a family who are artistically inclined but I’m quite unfortunate I didn’t get their talents in drawing or painting. 🙁 This post just made me jealous. Hehe. I wish I could request one of your masterpiece too! They are very nice to display in condominiums! It could be a great business 🙂

  28. wow! this is a great finds and art project for me and my daughter.. thanks for sharing

  29. Your paintings are gorgeous dear and I love the tee that you’ve painted in the end 🙂

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