A Weekend in Lanuza

My friend invited me to a trip to Lanuza. It was a free trip. I would be with my good friends and I have not traveled with them before so this would be a new experience. How can I say no to that offer? I sent prayers to high heavens that I do not have to work that weekend. God answered my prayers so off we went to Lanuza one November weekend.

It was the annual surfing festival in Lanuza. Lanuza is a surfing town in Surigao del Sur. Their surfing season starts in November. My friend works for a company that is a major sponsor of the festival.

We arrived at noon. The awarding of prizes for the champion surfers was scheduled in the evening so we had the afternoon to spare. Lanuza is a charming surfing town. You’ll meet kids slathered in sunblock carrying surfboards in the streets.


Our first stop is the white house.


This is a century-old mansion.



A descendant of the original owners showed us around. We were treated to a rich cup of chocolate.


Look at the dish dryer!
We were all happy to see this plate. All of us had this plate at home when we were growing up.

Our next stop is the Marine Sanctuary.


We walked to a Bantay Dagat outpost.


This is the view from the outpost.


Our host took us to the next town in Cortez. He showed us photos of what we expect to see. We were convinced.  By the time we reached the site, we were blown away by the sight. It was an AWESOME place.  I have not seen anything like it before.

Friends, this is Laswitan in Cortez, Surigao del Sur!


It looks like one but that is not a waterfalls.

It is actually a rock formation. Waves from the sea crash against those rocks.


The waves overflow.


When water drips down, it looked like this.


You can actually swim in the lagoon. The unsafe area is cordoned off.


We left at 5PM.  It is a beautiful place.


It was so beautiful that my friend went back two weeks after. She told me that the waves did not crash against the rocks and the friends she brought there missed the experience we had.  I guess we were lucky to experience this phenomenon.

In the evening, we attended the award ceremonies.


We went to Lanuza during the anniversary of Supertyphoon Yolanda. As part of the program, sky lanterns were released.


We left Lanuza the next day but not before doing some activities in the morning. We were scheduled to do more sightseeing so we were not sure if we could try surfing. We spent some time on the beach to observe surfers.  Kids as young as this one already knew how to surf.


We went spelunking in the morning inside the Campamento Caves. We spent almost an hour inside the cave.  There were lots of interesting formations inside. Can you see the bat?


My friend took a dip at the Hubason River.


We still had time to spare in the afternoon. So my friends took a short surfing lesson. Look at them!

20141109-IMG_9001a (73)

20141109-IMG_9001a (90)

I was not able to try it because I got that monthly thingamajig.  🙁 So I just posed for a photo.

Thanks to my friend, Ernelyn, for inviting me to this trip.  It was one memorable weekend.

20141109-IMG_9001a (18)

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  1. I can only say you guys enjoyed your trip. Welldone
    I love swimming and this weekend will witness me swimming off all my stress in a cozy pool.
    Stay well sis and have great weekend ahead.

  2. Wow! This place looks incredible! I love the beaches pics and the cave! I’m glad you had an awesome time =)

  3. What a beautiful area and that lagoon is something pretty special. I have seen other photos of it but never knew exactly where it was located. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. All the best.

  4. My best part was the swim you guys had at the Lagoon am very sure it was refreshing and love the surf boards the little kids made that shows a spirit of productivity

  5. you take really awesome photos! it looks like cortez is a must go for me now, those scenic pictures are breathtaking!

  6. Wow lucky you to have had such a fun trip! I need a vacation now after seeing these pictures 🙂

  7. Ancestral houses really are an awesome sight in every province in the Philippines. Glad you have fun in your Lanuza trip!

  8. It is indeed a sanctuary… The lagoon look so beautiful… I feel like going for a dip and find some peace.. it has everything I hope to do there…

  9. wow…. So nice to get free trip! Lucky u…. Awesome picture…

  10. omg it’s really a beautiful place! Wish to visit Lanuza in one day 😀

  11. really love all your travel photos. omg the waves crashed the rock at the first glance i thought it was waterfall.

  12. What a great place!! I loved all the pictures, you are so lucky !:)

  13. That is one amazing dish dryer! I love the old ways compares to the new technology. How I wish I could visit Surigao Del Sur.

  14. Wow another fun and exciting adventure Kat! kakaingit talaga!

  15. It’s looked so fun to travel in Lanuza. I’ve heard lots of great stories about the views there. Your pics are so beautiful! The monthly thingamajig is so annoying sometimes especially when it arrives on this kind of moment. Urrgh! hehe. 🙂

  16. Great photos! Your photos simply show how our country has a lot of great places to visit. We should continue to encourage our fellowmen to explore the Philippines more than going out of the country. 🙂

  17. eliz frank says:

    What a wonderful and scenic outing. The white house looks stunning and the beach and other nature spots are breathtaking. Your pictures are gorgeous.

  18. We had that same plate tooo!!! Now I wonder what happened to it. Anyway, Lanuza looks so scenic! I love all your photos of the bodies of water.

  19. I love the beauty of pristine nature in your photos, the grandeur of the untamed sea with all the motion of the waves. Amazing pics! And can you believe I have a plate with a similar drawing at my home, almost the same as yours!

  20. Oh Lanuza! Mas nauna ko pa itong napuntahan kesa sa Siargao. Natuwa ako sa ceramic plates .

  21. What a beautiful place! And oh… my childhood plate! hehe

  22. I would want to visit Lanuza too. Where is this in Surigao del Sur? Incidentally I was in Cagwait, Surigao del Sur during the holidays. This is how beautiful Philippines is. A lot of great spots to visit, and you couldn’t get enough of it. There’s just more and more discovered spots every now and then! I’m envious. Was also curious how it looks like to have several lanterns flown. I love the natural tourist spots of our country, and this right here adds to the list. 🙂

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