Food Experiment: What to do with juicer pulp

I have friends who are into juicing. I wanted to do the same. I seldom eat vegetables. They say that if you can’t eat them, drink them.

In this experiment, I used three carrots, two cucumber and 1 apple.


It yielded this amount of juice and 2 cups of pulp.

I also tried juicing last December and I was left with pulp that I made into carrot cupcake. Since I broke my oven, I can no longer use the pulp for cupcake.  I decided to make fish balls!  I grated two strips of broiled cream dory and mixed them into the pulp. I added one egg, around 3 tablespoons of flour, salt and pepper.   I used my clean bare hands to combine everything well and started to roll them into balls.


These were deep fried and skewered on a stick.

Eating fishball is not complete without the sauce. It is not just any sauce. It must be manong’s fish ball sauce. I found the recipe here. Dig in!


The verdict:
1. My aunts love the fishball but it is a little soft. They said I need to add more flour or something to keep it firm. Bread, perhaps? Fish, perhaps? There are more carrots than fish in the recipe.
2. The sauce is a little watery. I wanted the stickier one. Maybe I should add more cornstarch or cook it longer. I think I have been simmering it for more than an hour already.


I wonder what the fishball would taste like when I start juicing ampalaya. Hehe!

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  1. I love your idea this is indeed a very creative way to go.

  2. I feel there is too much extra effort if I juice the fruits or the vegetables, anyway, I like to eat it as it is. But this is so interesting to have the carrot pulp for the fishballs!

  3. hehehe.. a bittersweet fishballs I’m sure.. 🙂

  4. Oh, manong’s fishball sauce is love. LOL. Great idea with using the leftover carrot pulps. I will have to try that one day. My son hates vegetable and your idea just might work with him.

  5. Good idea about the fishballs- a healthier version. I also like making carrot cakes and I haven’t made some for a while.

  6. Very creative! And nothing was wasted with this fishball dish. I’m sure, nothing beats Manong’s sauce. Spicy ba?

    We love juicing at home too and once, my mom concocted beets, apple and broccoli. I was full the entire day after having a huge glass!

  7. very innovative and healthy too 🙂

  8. Might be bitter fishballs, hehe! Anyway thanks for sharing the juicing…I was preparing nanay’s osteorized food this morning when my son got a taste of it and felt in love with the taste! Haha, so I’m thinking of making vegetable and fruits smoothies for him because he doesn’t eat vegetables. I like to do this juicing in the future for myself and the husband once we have our own juicer.

  9. what would you recommend for a non-cucumber fan? What can I use to replace the cucumber in this mix? I am very interested in juicing. <3

    • Juicing is my way of eating veggies I do not like. In your case, it is the opposite no? Try pineapple, pears, celery, radish, lemon. I think you can juice just about any fruit and vegetable.

  10. I eat naman any veggie but I am also curious about this juicing thing as a form of diet. I’ve gained so much since I gave birth, and whoa! My baby is already 2yo and I still haven’t lost all the weight I wanted to lose. huhu. Anyway, your idea is really good, walang sayang. Lahat nagamit. 🙂

  11. I love the idea of juicing the vegetables. Its look so refreshing and delicious and also other uses of vegetables. Love it sis:)

  12. This is interesting! The fishballs with pulp, I mean. Can it be used as extenders? 🙂

    • Hi, Cym. The pulp is a little bet wet. It is more of a filler than an extender. I am thinking of adding bread crumbs next time.

  13. Now Im craving for fishballs. What juicer are you referring to?

  14. This is a very good way to use the pulp after juicing instead of throwing it in the trash. Healthier pa since you will get all the fiber of the fruits and veggies.

  15. ampalaya juice anyone? try banana + chocnut for a cheat day 😀

  16. That looks yummy sis. Sayang nga naman kung hindi magamit 🙂

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