5 Ideas to Try for 2014

I am doing well with the gratitude project.

I came across different ideas to jumpstart the New Year.   There is no harm in trying them. If you accomplish a thing or two, well and good. If not, 2015 is just around the corner. My point is that you do not have to stress yourself  and worry about not achieving anything. Just enjoy the journey. Sometimes when we over think things  and set our expectations high, we put ourselves up for disappointment. Just make an effort and find the thing that will motivate you to make this year the best year ever.

1. Self-improvement.  It is said that it takes 21 days to change a bad habit.  This means you cannot change something overnight.  I believe in taking things one day at a time. If you make small changes every day, eventually you will achieve the transformation you want in due time.



2. Self-Worth. I believe that no person completes another person. God already made us complete with His love. What we can do is love ourselves in a manner that pleases the heavens.



3. Live in grace. Nobody’s perfect so you have to stop trying to be one. Instead, try to live life with dignity and grace.

Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/77968637273056627/

Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/77968637273056627/

4. Exercise. This is something that is hard for me to do. I need to be motivated to do this regularly. I am getting there. I found this list worth reading to push myself to make an effort.



5. Save. We cannot predict what the future brings. We can surely prepare for it. Here is a saving scheme from Kuripot Pinay. You might want to try this one.

52 weeks

How about you? Care to share new ideas for 2014?

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  1. My friends are into saving as well. Me on the other hand will have 3 projects this year. In sha Allah God willing I will finish them all.

  2. Great ideas! The savings scheme went viral on FB. I hope this will motivate a lot of people, and me as well!

  3. What a great post and surely good things to try out in 2014, I will do my best – very inspiring! Keep up the good work!

  4. I love, love, love everything in this list! I used to be a perfectionist, but life became so much better when I allowed God’s Grace to work in my life. Also, I need to exercise! I haven’t exercised in 2 years! Plus savings is always a must. Let’s all make the most out of this year. 😀

  5. I like the 4th and 5th items on your list. I plan to really save more this year without hurting my budget for my weekly lakwatsa with my parents. This routine enables me to “breathe” from my weekly chores.

  6. I’m doing the 52 week money saving challenge too… 😉

  7. I love everything on the list! Exercise is hard for me to do as well, I love the savings idea, I’m gonna try to save as much as I can this year.. heheheh…:) Happy New Year!:)

  8. Yes. Save. I need that and I’m doing it now. I even wouldn’t allow a 5peso go to waste. I’m saving for the big day!

  9. Thanks for all of this and also for the savings thing- i have a worksheet but it is in dollars lol kaya tamang tama ito

  10. That money saving challenge inspire to really save. Actually, I do mine. Monthly naman sya, hehe. Plus I also add one for Matt. I am encouraging him to save as well. I’ll buy him a new coin bank. Matt kasi loves to pick up coins and put on his coin box. Kaya lng binuksan na ni Daddy A ung coin bank nya kaya bibili na lang ulit kami ng bago, and his special request is McQueen cars daw.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Great tips! I just read this morning a photo image that says, “Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy.” The “With” was slashed and so you should read it as “Be Someone Who Makes You Happy.” Make sense, right? Happy new year, to you! 🙂

  12. Dito pala nakuha ni mommy ung save challenge na gagwin namin. Thanks for the idea. By the way, I love the “Exercise” idea. I have to go back on my routine na after the holidays. hehehe

  13. Great list that you have. This year I am embarking on a few new projects too which will be revealed on the blog shortly 🙂

  14. for 2014, i will be more conscious on my health and to exercise more.. 🙂 i love all the things on your list..

  15. Nice words to live by for 2014. I like how it seems we’re given a fresh start again at things. Very tempted to follow that savings plan pero I’ll stick to what I started muna.

  16. Love your list! I made one for myself too and we’re the same on numbers 4 and 5. 🙂
    Good Luck Sis and I’m sure you can make it! 🙂

  17. I came up also with the 52 weeks which Kuripot Pinay based her savings plan. I will try to do that too

  18. Maintaining a spirit of gratitude is important to me; especially with all going on around me. I just plan to refocus and do the things that matter first.

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