10 ways to celebrate summer the whole year round

The whirring of the tricycles in the streets signals the start of schools. When early in the morning children are ushered off to their schools, summer is officially over! But does it really have to end? We can extend the summer by getting involved in fun activities that remind us of summer.  This is a self-serving list because this documents what happened this summer- my summer.

If you have read my previous blog post, you know that have lamented over having a busy schedule. I reminded myself of what matters most: people. If somebody needs my presence, I try to be there. Nobody ever regretted not having time for work. Even with a full workload, I try to make the most of summer. These are the things I did last summer which are not really season-dependent, these things can be done all year round.

1. Take the road less traveled.

My cousin came for a visit and we went to visit her parents.  The house is located in an unpaved area of the city where tricycles refused to go so we just walked.

I welcome the green scenery and we found friends.  Quack! Quack!

2. Explore you  own city. 

This might be difficult to do in the streets of Metro Manila as pollution and traffic can easily wear you down. Try UP Academic Oval, Quezon Memorial Circle and La Mesa Ecopark. 😀

The ubiquitous orange tricycle is the king of the road in my city.

The ubiquitous orange tricycle is the king of the road in my city.

3. Enjoy the burst of colors in flowers.

Can you see the eensy weensy spider?

4. Chomp on street food and summer coolers.

Making tuhog2x the fishball. HA!

This is the ultimate summer food. Halo-halo!

5. Play with cute kids. My nephew grew fast.

6. Visit nearest pool.

We were back at Sprinkles and they have installed their water slides which gave us the license to act like kids. HA!

7. Attend a town fiesta!

May is fiesta time in Butuan and Gingoog! Yes, we were in both fiestas- the first one as a host and the latter as a guest.

This is the simple fiesta menu at home.

This is the simple fiesta menu at home.

  This is part of the dessert table at my aunt’s house in Gingoog.

 8. Vote!

I know you cannot vote all year round. heheh However, you can actively participate in the different issues in the country by letting your voice be heard even through social media.

9. Hit the nearest beach. In our case, we went out of town to… Camiguin! I will blog more about that trip. On the foreground is Camiguin’s White Island where you have to ride that boat to reach the island.  The volcano in the background is Mt. Hibok-Hibok. IMG_8370

10. Listen to music.

When it comes to music, I always ask my friend, Gail, for suggestions. She knows what’s hip (and not necessary popular). She mentioned this excellent guitarist, Igor Presnyakov. Nice!

Here he is playing my favorite, Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

How was your summer? summer

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  1. Your list is awesome. I also love your picture especially the Camiguin.
    I think I should also write my top 10 list to remember this summer.

  2. great list, those places in #2 are adjacent to my place haha

  3. I like rainy season more than summer. But I must agree, there’s so much to do during summer.

  4. very timely list of things to do for the whole year now that summer days are over 🙂

  5. I love street foods! But manong squid balls seldom visit street. His sauce is to-die-for!

  6. I love Canon in D!!! My hubby and I made sure we used that for our wedding march, I think. Have you heard the rock version? 🙂

    Nice list! Camiguin looks splendid!

  7. Nice list sis. I love the ducks. I missed seeing ducks actually. When I was young, I always see them at the fields. Also, I like the orange tricycle, hehe. The food pa. I love all the photos actually, hehe.

  8. I love your photos! The colors are so vivid. Do you mind if I ask what camera do you use? 🙂

    • Hi, Rose.

      I have an ancient camera (Canon A510) but I was so familiar with the settings that it gives me great photos. Plus, I edit. I use Photoscape and rely heavily on increasing saturation.

      Hope this helps.


  9. If we knew each other so well I would say ” Isama mo naman ako sa bahay ng auntie mo pag fiesta pleaseeeee.” Everything looks so beautiful!

  10. Lovely list, I love everything on the list, the food, tricycle and the most thing I’ve missed so far is the fiesta. Thanks for sharing:)

  11. I agree with the fiesta thing. There are lots of fiestas during summer. Nalala ko tuloy nung OJT kami. Weekly may fiesta kaming pinupuntahan. hehehe

  12. Ang ganda ng photos! Sorry, off topic, did you attend photography workshops? Pang pro talaga ung mga shots. 🙂

    • Uy, thanks, lady! I have a 3MP point-and-shoot canon that I have been using for more than 7 years now. I try to get inspiration from other people’s photos. I really maximize the use of my photo editor (Photoscape). Dinadaya ko. hehe Planning to get a better camera this year.

  13. i think i almost did the things on you list! yey! i did enjoy the summer season except the heat of it..

  14. oh, i never eaten a halu-halo this summer; wala ang mga anak ko eh
    that’s a nice list

  15. this post is timely as summer is official over, i like your first and second photos

  16. Those are certainly good ways to enjoy the summer. lovely tips and great pictures.

  17. Cool! I honestly did not enjoy this summer. But I am still thankful on a lot of things.

  18. Wow! You did have a great summer ha. And grabe I appreciate the photos! Ang galing ng pagkakuha! Wishing for a DSLR!

  19. I still feel quite bitter about being on leave but NOT on vacation, you know what I mean? I’ve spent a week at work so far and already I think about how I can make up for the summer that I lost. You’re right, we can have summer year round, we just have to be really creative about it. 🙂

  20. I love everything in your list too especially the fiesta, the foods OMG! fiestang Pinoy talaga!

  21. I love the fiesta pictures. We don’t really celebrate fiesta here in Baguio, but I was once invited to a fiesta in Batangas. Grabe, food all over the place and you have to go to each and every house kasi magtatampo sila if you don’t try their handa hehe

  22. love the photos! and i love summer, too! anyway, i miss walking my way home from school when i was in elementary, hihi! 🙂

  23. My summer was great because I’ve spent most of my time together with my family and friends. Love it!

  24. That was definitely one awesome summer! I miss going to a fiesta this year, but it’s always a fun event . Hehe

  25. I would say that you were able to get the most out of summer! Your activities maybe simple and basic but those are the activities that really spells F-U-N…….I agree with them…really nice shots!

  26. I think Sprinkles is the best summer cooler in your list. The next delightful option is the halo-halo.

  27. Ang ganda at ang ayos naman ng tricycle sa city nyo…uniform look ba…I like that. Halo-halo! yes! Who says pang summer lang yan hehehe…

  28. I love this post, Kat! Mukhang dumaan lang summer ko eh, I didn’t do anything interesting at all! Pwede pa bang bumawi sa rainy season? 😛

  29. Inggit ako. For this year, I never experienced traveling without working. Summer came and was gone so fast before I can say Wazzzup?!? in the most annoying way (obviously, idol si Annoying Orange). Kapuy magbyahe na hindi R&R. hehehe

  30. Naalala ko…the best field work I did was in CARAGA in 2006 (traversing the 2 agusans and 2 surigaos. It started with a fiesta and ended in another fiesta! hahahaha

  31. id rather rain than shine…but after seeing these suggestions,i might enjoy our tropical weather more 🙂

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