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Pinterest is a cool website which allows users to compile (“pin”) all their favorite photos from the Internet.  Before, whenever I see photos that I like, I save them on my drive. Pinterest organizes your favorite photos from the Internet without the risk of increasing your disk space.  It is the site where I compile all my favorite quotes and recipes from different sources.

It is where I found this cake design idea.

Source: flickr.com via kat on Pinterest

Just like before when I tried to replicate another cake idea, I had trouble with the frosting.  (I guess I never learned.  haha)

This is how my cake turned out.

I know. It looks different from the design inspiration.  I came prepared. I bought sprinkles for plan B.  Can you see how the frosting looks like it was melting?  I shared this on Facebook saying I am giving up frosting another cake. One friend asked if it was buko (young coconut) on top. Haha! However, my baker friends came to the rescue by giving me tips on how to do it better next time.  I guess I’ll give it another try.

This experiment came at the right moment when my favorite blogger, Lori Baltazar of Dessert Comes First (DCF) sponsored a blog contest.  It is a photo and caption contest asking readers why they love DCF.  This is my entry:

This is a voting contest so I asked my relatives and friends to vote for me. Many came to my rescue. Touching. This is the letter I wrote to them hoping that their votes will be enough.

On the first day of voting, another contestant already got three-digit votes. I knew I have to manage expectations. However, I already started this quest. I might as well give it my best effort by asking my friends from BCBloggers to click on this link:  DCF Photo Contest and click on the thumbs up sign under my photo (5th row, 2nd column).  Thanks!

I meant what I said that one of my dreams is to have Lori review (and like) my own cake creation. I might not be able to achieve that soon given that I always practice effortless baking (baking from a cake mix). Two days I ago, I baked from scratch with recipes from Kevin and Amanda  and My Mom-Friday.

This afternoon, I also made bread pudding with a layer of mango which I called “Baked croutons softened in creamy custard with slivers of mango”. haha Pretentious. 😀 This has yet to be taste-tested by my own highly-discriminating critic, my aunt. The other aunt has already given it a good review.

Right now, I am looking at another food experiment. 😀

Source: justfindit4u.com via kat on Pinterest



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  1. No matter what your cake turned out A for effort 🙂 good luck to you and I do love pinterest also 🙂 you might wanna checkout my pinterest http://pinterest.com/jhenztine/ have a great one 🙂

  2. Experience makes us perfect Sis! What you have done is good for a start. Eventually, you will be very good at it. 🙂

  3. Oh! Pinterest will surely try you one of these days and will surely follow you sis…

  4. Yes, I loooove Pinterest too. So many interesting things there. I can waste a whole day on Pinterest 🙂

  5. in our family, the only one who knows how to bake is my mom. I and my siblings never really learn to cook anyway.

  6. I am so drooling at your delectables. I bet you bake well. I love Pinterest too. 🙂

  7. Practice makes perfect 🙂 They may not be as appealing as it seem to be from your point of reference, it might be loaded with delicious taste. By the way, do you TLC? There is a show called “Cake Boss.” Their baked creations are just splendid. http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/cake-boss/videos

  8. The cake is so cute and I love it’s colors. Just practice more and you will do it best. Kakagutom itong post na ito. Hehe

  9. Is the contest already finish? I tried to find the thumbs up sign, but I could not find it.

    I don’t also like to join contest based on popularity.

  10. Sayang I failed to vote.
    Quitting is NEVER an OPTION! Never give up. And besides, bumpy roads make the ride worth while.

  11. I’ve always enjoy reading this post. Your passion for baking and cooking inspires me. I have a passion for that too but just can’t get the time to do so more often. Thanks for inspiring mt to go on. 🙂

  12. How I wish I can bake some goodies soon. Oven is not yet in our priority as of now.


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