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I wrote about my Zalora wishlist last May. In the spirit of full disclosure, it was my entry to a contest sponsored by Zalora through Nuffnang. I did not win the contest but I was happy with my order. I wore my P136.50 shirt in my trip to Singapore. Last week, I got this email from Zalora.

So I had this clever idea of ordering something that costs Php250 or less. (I know. I’m kuripot.) I fancied another shirt similar to what I have ordered before that costs Php175. I hurriedly placed an order and entered my coupon code. I got an error while trying to proceed with the checkout. I tried to order another item with the same coupon code but the system won’t accept my order anymore.  I gave up my quest on completing a successful order. I assumed that the offer already expired or the offer may require at least P1,500 purchase. Less than an hour later, I got a call from Zalora. Yes! They called from Manila to my home phone in Butuan! Zalora confirmed my order and my shirt will be processed for shipping. Thank you, Zalora!  I did a happy dance in my head while I smiled from ear to ear.

My order arrived last Friday. I was not around to receive this order.

I was on field work when the order arrived.  Thank you, Zalora! By the way, this happened to my shoe while on field work.

I had to wear slippers the next day. This experience reminded me of the first item on my Zalora wishlist: hiking shoes!

I am sending my wish out to the Universe and others…

Source: Uploaded by user via kat on Pinterest


LOL!  I am imagining my feet in these shoes.

Source: Uploaded by user via kat on Pinterest


P.S. Although I got a free shirt, Zalora did not ask me to write this blog post. I am just a happy freerider customer.

My ZALORA Wishlist

Online shopping is here in the Philippines! I know. Online shopping has long been in the Philippines but I think this is the first website that sold thousands of items  in different brands.  I wanted to test its service so I ordered my first item. I found this cute top for only P136.50 and shipping is free! I like that I was able to use Paypal to pay for this item.

Actually, I was looking at a short-sleeved top but I think somebody beat me into ordering so I end up with a sleeveless top. I was worried that the top might not fit me because the model looked thin and there is only one size of this product.

This came in the mail this morning.

This is the top I ordered. Thank God it fits me!

My first online experience with Zalora was a success so I made a wishlist.

My wishlist consists of the following:

1. Athletic shoes. I walk the dog in morning and afternoon. That is my form of exercise. I want to up the ante by choosing a longer route and incorporate some running. Walking will be a lot of easier with good shoes. With our hyperactive dog, it is uncomfortable to run with flipflops.

2. Tote bag. I am partial to shoulder bags but I learned from traveling that I can only pack a few items in it. I need a bag that is roomy enough to carry the essentials and some shopping.

3. Tankini Top. I am quite conservative when it comes to swimwear.  My love for good food is reflected in my body size. (Ha!) Thus, it limits my choices. With summer almost over, we hit the waters recently and I found myself wearing a tight fit shirt for my swimwear. (Very lola! No offense meant to lolas) Suffice to say, I need a decent swimwear.

4. Board shorts. I need something to pair with the tankini. It does look like the tankini and board shorts do not match. I have no choice. Zalora’s items are selling fast! The board shorts I was spying on sold out.

5. Comfy flats. Whenever I travel, I wear slippers so it is easier to slip in and out during airport check-in. Slippers looked too casual, I must admit. I often say that no one deserves the horrible sight of my big toes so comfy flats are my solution to such an unpleasant sight. 😀

I also have another set of wishlist in terms of Zalora’s services.
1. I hope they expand. I hope they will have books, records and toys in the future.
2. I hope they will have a reseller program where entrepreneurs can sell their products through Zalora.
3. I hope there will be an affiliate marketing program for online marketers.

What is on your Zalora Wishlist?

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