She said yes

Marriage proposal videos have been appearing in my news feeds.  I remember that two years ago I found this proposal cute. Although there were anti-climactic and cheesy parts, it is, after all, an amateur video.  The concept was novel then.

Early this year, this  proposal has gone viral. It is a 27-minute extravaganza with impressive special effects. It was quite amazing at first but then it dragged on and when I read about the fiance’s bio, I found out that he is a director. I thought he was stretching his 15 minutes of fame way too much. He  was almost in every frame like a superstar in this mini-movie.  Anyway, all is well. She said yes. If it were me, I would have doubted his intentions. He was begging for attention. (I can be cynical about these things. That is my excuse for being single. Ha!)

Quite recently, Filipinos have caught on with this trend.  Proposing marriage has now become a production number.  Take this hostage drama situation. Good thing that the acting was bad and the girl did not suffer a heart attack.  Otherwise, this proposal could have gone awry.

Then there is this flash mob proposal which I think is cute but in a situation like this, how can you say no? Everyone is looking at you and there was a considerable effort to make this proposal possible.

Another proposal video shows how musically gifted Filipinos are.  People bursting out into a song and dance number does not only appear in the movies but in real life as well. Ha!

Here’s another proposal that, I think, was well-executed.  It appeared like an ordinary day with a surprise proposal in the end.

And here’s another one where the girl really can’t say no. He gave her a car for her birthday and then he proposed in the end!

I do not know if these proposals put pressure to those who are in a relationship.  A wedding has become an expensive event. Years ago, pre-nuptial photo sessions were unheard of. Recently, it seemed that it had become a norm. Now, proposal videos have entered the picture. I wonder what’s the next trend.

I really wish they all live happily every after.

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