Remembering my parents

February is an important month for my parents. Papa was born on February 12 and Mama, February 13, 4 years apart. When they were both alive, we would be very busy with parties. I miss them.  I am lucky to have parents who truly cared for me.  One of my precious possessions are tape recordings of conversations with my father (with snippets from my mother). Even since I transferred the tape into a digital format, it has been a regular ritual of mine to listen to the recordings just to hear my parents’ voices.  The tape was not meant to get me to an emo-mode. On the contrary, it was quite funny to listen to it. I always laugh out loud listening to it. I was 6 and very precocious. I wish I can share them here but it is in Bisaya. I also think that only those who knew me personally will appreciate it.  I also made incriminating comments about a classmate. haha


In one part of the tape recording, we were busy making my grade one project. I realized how involved my parents, especially my father, with my schoolwork. No, he did not spoon feed me but he was there to teach me how to read, making sure I understand what I am reading. I enjoyed doing math with him and we always have fun geography quizzes. My childhood was filled with stories some of which he made up.  My father’s guidance was a good foundation in how I live my life even without them around. I spent 8 growing up years away from them but I survived because they have already prepared me (albeit unconsciously) of independent living.


Although I always do independent reviews in taking college entrance tests and in most tests that I need to take, I understand why some people get themselves gre tutors for graduate studies. Getting into a graduate school program can really have an impact in your future career. There is a certain prestige associated with people with a graduate degree. It is only wise to get nextsteptestprep updates to keep up with graduate school news.

How about you? What are the things you learned from your parents?

Finding Inspiration

Most of my blog posts end with a great quote so when blog visitors finish reading my posts, they leave my blog with words of inspiration.  The finest quotes are those that make you ponder about your choices and beliefs.

There are tenets that I follow for a long time. When I read someone with contradictory idea, I find it to be thought-provoking. I was reading some tweets from Teddy Boy Locsin and this one made rethink the path I am treading.

Since I am living an uncomplicated life, am I escaping from handling the complexities of real life? Of course not! I believe life is too short to dwell too much in complexities.  Why waste time on them only to end up being miserable? But I admit the tweet made me ponder and I like that.

As I continue to search for great quotes, I found out that there are quotes about blogging. If you also blog like me, we can be sources of great quotes someday. Who knows?  We have freedom to dream, right? I am only exercising my freedom to do so. 😀

Like I said, I often end my blog posts with a great quote. I’ll make an exception this time by sharing two quotes about education. Be inspired!

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