The New Look

The thought of redesigning this blog has been in the back of my head since I wrote about it last February. I never really had the time to sit and plan how I am going to go about it. I would have wanted to have an enriching experience learning how to do it on my own.  However, I never really had the time.

Whenever I came across a blog that I like I looked at what WordPress theme was used. Most often, I find blogs under the Genesis Framework to my liking. It is not a free framework and I still need to learn how use it. The best thing I can do is hire someone to do the web designing. Research led me to Fancy Girl Design Studio.  I love her sense of style  so I commissioned her to do my blog.

If you have forgotten how my old blog looked, this is the previous design. It was pretty plain.


Patricia asked me to answer some design questions to determine my preferred design. I wrote that I wanted a calm and serene look and picked these two color palettes from

Although pink is my favorite color, I specifically told her not to use pink or purple. She sent the two options.

I picked the first one because I want a cleaner look. I suggested a background on the post title.
katrina design 1b

I gave it a go. And now I have a prettier blog than before. It is minimalistic like the original but it already has some design elements that reflect my taste.

Thanks, Patricia!

3 Blog Redesign Thoughts

When I started this blog 19 months ago, I never really cared about its design. I chose the most generic one so I can easily incorporate some design touches into it.  If you look at my blog, I know what you are thinking. What design touches?! I know, right? I really did nothing, design-wise. I was busy filling it with content that the design took a backseat. At the start of the 2013, I thought about putting the blog redesign project as part of my goals for this year. I refrained from doing so because I did not like committing to something I did not think through. Lately though, I have been looking at fonts. I guess this is what I get for reading about Steve Jobs. He was obsessed about good design which made me rethink about my design choices for my blog.

I still cannot say with certainty that I will redesign my blog. For now, there 3 ideas that kept running in my head.

1. Fonts. I have read about people who are font snobs. What I learned from some of them is that Helvetica is a good font while Comic Sans is not.  I think  Helvetica is good because it is simple, clear and versatile. You can use it on formal documents as well as informal ones. Comic Sans looks like a child’s handwriting so it is informal.  Confession: I used to like Comic Sans for it childish nature but I stopped using it since I read about its design flaws.

There are fours fonts I want to use for this blog and I am still open for other fonts that might catch my fancy. I just learned about Google web fonts and I am still figuring out how to use them in this blog. Here are my picks from Google:

I do not know if these are good fonts, design-wise. One font will be used for the blog post title and another for the content. What do you think?

2. Color. My blog does not have color in its design. I make up for it through photos. For 2013, emerald green is the Pantone Color of the Year. I don’t think I am warming up to the idea of emerald green for my blog. I am more of a pastel kind of girl. I am taking cues from Pantone’s Spring Fashion Colors for 2013 instead.


I like dusk blue, grayed jade, lemon zest and nectarine.  We’ll see what I finally decide on.

3.  Mobile accessibility.  I really do not know how my blog looks on a mobile device since I do not own those fancy smartphones.  However, it does make perfect sense to create mobile website because there are millions of mobile users out there. Those millions of mobile users are potential blog readers. I learned about Mobstac when I browsed through different LinkedIn pages. Signing up is free. I will consider their services once I decide on items 1 and 2 above.

So far, those are the things I am thinking when it comes to blog design. What other things should I consider?

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