Discipline Zone

Confession: I do not know how to cross a street.  My cousins laugh at me because I wait for the street to be clear of vehicles before I cross while they cross the street even if the approaching vehicle is 5 seconds away from them. I can't do that. … [Continue reading]

Boat Trip to Magallanes

Anticipating the 4-day weekend this August, we already planned to visit Magallanes weeks ago. A friend, who lives there, is also celebrating her birthday so we decided that on August 27, we will be there and she will be our tour guide. Magallanes is … [Continue reading]

Grammar and I

My friends found their way to my blog. Now, there is a teeny-tiny bit of pressure in my so-called unstressed life to check my grammar. I only told 4 people about this blog because I was not comfortable with my writing. English was not a favorite … [Continue reading]

Find your passion

The breaking news on CNN when I turned on the TV this morning was Steve Job's resignation as Apple's CEO. They showed clips of him in turtleneck and jeans, his standard attire whenever he is onstage introducing a new innovative product from Apple. He … [Continue reading]

Doppelgangers: Separated at birth?

Today, people have noticed that my right eye is red. I don't now what caused it. Can too much internet, too much reading or too much television have a such an effect on my eye? But I have being abusing the eyes for a long time and nothing bad … [Continue reading]