Of Flying and Airports

I'm afraid to fly and I don't know why. Yeah, I borrowed the lyrics from a song. I have fear of flying. Traveling by plane, to be precise.  My first plane ride was in college. I wanted to go home one semestral break and my friends weren't going … [Continue reading]

Spring Cleaning in November

Among the many things that my mother and I never had in common was being a neat freak.  More like clean freak. My father and I were neat but we seldom clean. I am more like my father. We kept things in order but we seldom dusted the tables or mopped … [Continue reading]

Because I love to eat!

I love food. It is the reason why I have failed miserably in trying to lose weight.  I know, I know. Excuses, excuses.  As luck would have it, my mother did not want a skinny child. Her idea of parenting is to have a chubby kid. This would show that … [Continue reading]


I checked how to write joyride. Is it joyride, joy ride or joy-ride? If Wikipedia is to be believed, joyride is a crime of stealing a vehicle with no particular destination in mind.  This post is not about that. When I say joyride, it is riding a … [Continue reading]

Bicol Food!

As I am writing this post, it is raining. Typhoon Ramon hovers over Agusan and nearby provinces. Rain has a comforting effect on me that it makes me crave for food. We had arroz caldo for lunch and  champorado for dinner. Nothing brings comfort than … [Continue reading]