Favorite Forensic Shows on Today’s TV Lineup

Online criminal justice schools have an odd source to thank for a rise in popularity, television. Several forensic science shows have made what was once a relatively obscure occupation look cool and adventurous. Of course most of what you see depicted on the television is nothing like reality. Despite the extreme and unrealistic circumstances of what the shows depict as forensic science, there are elements of truth, which has helped younger generations see criminal justice in an entirely new light.

Here are some of the most popular forensic shows that have helped to increase the number of potential students who are looking into online criminal justice schools.

CSI, or Criminal Investigation Service, has been so popular that it has several related shows by similar names, such as CSI: Miami and NCSI. These shows are favorites because they draw you into the lives of a close-knit group of crime fighters. They are seen as humans with real lives who are just doing their jobs. While the shows are very engaging and entertaining, when it started in 2000 you would not have found very many forensic scientists who had lives even remotely similar to these stylish characters.

Law & Order
While the original Law & Order is no longer making new shows, the franchise is very much alive and thriving through shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The shows focus on the legal aspects of crime, relying heavily on what the scientists can determine from the scenes and patterns. There is very little cross over between the different forensic areas. You specialize in a field and you won’t be out pounding the streets looking for answer. Unfortunately, the lab is where you will get most of your work done. Much less glamorous, but far safer.

Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds takes a much closer look at criminal psychology and the forensic field that deals with thinking like a perpetrator. The show is thrilling and often leaves you feeling anxious for the characters. In reality, anyone is this field will be more like a typical psychologist, not an “out on the streets” crime fighter.

Even though it only produces three shows a year, Sherlock has brought modern forensic science into an entirely new light. From the first episode where Sherlock took two minutes to fully analyze a woman and determine nearly all of the important facts needed for the case, you feel absolutely captivated by this remarkably intelligent character. In reality, science takes more than just a quick mind; it takes analysis and testing, scientific requirements that take time and patience.

These shows have helped bring attention to a once obscure field. Thanks to the popularity, more students are considering getting a degree from online criminal justice schools. The shows are very entertaining, but in reality, what you can expect as a forensic scientist will be much tamer and you stand nearly no chance of encountering a life-threatening situation at work, and certainly not one every week.

On Being Informed

A friend of mine tweeted  that she is officially a fan of this new show.


It really piqued my curiosity especially at this time when my favorite TV shows are on a break. I am only watching ‘Suits’ now. I am open to any TV show suggestions. I am glad I watched ‘The Newsroom’.  The first few minutes of the pilot episode was riveting. Jeff Daniels is such a revelation. Good thing that I barely remembered him in ‘Dumb and Dumber’ .

There was one episode where Jeff’s character, Will McAvoy,  said something about what kind of news he wanted to deliver.

“From this moment on, we’ll be deciding what goes on our air and how it’s presented to you based on the simple truth that nothing is more important to a democracy than a well-informed electorate.  We’ll endeavor to put information in a broader context because we know that very little news is born at the moment it comes across our wire. We’ll be the champion of facts and the mortal enemy of innuendo, speculation, hyperbole and nonsense.  We’re not waiters in a restaurant, serving you the stories you asked for, just the way you like them prepared.  Nor are we computers, dispensing only the facts because news is only useful in the context of humanity.  I’ll make no effort to subdue my personal opinions.  I will make every effort to expose you to informed opinions that are different from my own.”


I wish I write that well. The show is written by Aaron Sorkin,the guy who brought us ‘The West Wing’. The funny thing is, I cried in one of ‘The Newroom’ episodes than in a movie with heartwarming, romantic love story that another friend recommended.

Maybe I am just a TV show kind of person, if there is such a thing. I can enumerate favorite shows in a heartbeat than favorite movies. Some people really love movies. I asked my cousin what her favorite movie is and she answered, “Titanic”. She thinks it was a great love story. She talked about how two people of different background can fall in love.  It is funny that she did not mention why the movie was called “Titanic”. I showed her Facts Barn because it has facts about the Titanic. Yes, Titanic, the ship not the movie. The website just started and it is slowly adding important facts about different subjects from animals to events to technology like facts on Facebook.  I like the list format.  I will visit this website from time to time for new factoids.

Source: cafepress.com via Marci on Pinterest

The TV Girl

I love watching TV.  I watch a lot of TV shows than movies.  I have a backlog of movies to watch yet I am up-to-date with my favorite TV shows.

This is a post-it near my work area I posted last August in anticipation of the start of the new season. The post-it still hangs in my work area.

I have added more shows on that list: Smash, Suits, Game of Thrones and New Girl, to name a few. I also watch NatGeo, CNN, ANC and Lifestyle Network. I already skipped the teleserye in local television because I still get updates from my aunt anyway.

My aunt and I love travel shows. I’d be doing something on my computer and I’d drop everything when she calls me to checkout some travel show. One of our favorite shows is Susan Calo-Medina’s Travel Time. “Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan”, she would often say. (Don’t be a stranger in your own country.) I am still a stranger in my own country but I already started exploring the archipelago.  I’m taking a step at a time. I started with my own city and continue to do so.  My cousin and  I took a tricycle ride to one historical site in the city and enjoyed our afternoon adventure. ( I will write another blog post for that.)

Agusan River

Another TV show that I like is Urban Zone.  My mother would have loved this show.  I am a morning person and I really have to hit the sack early so I was not into the show until I got iWanTV. Good thing Daphne Oseña-Paez has a blog so I still get updates even if I miss the show (or when the Internet lags).  The show bade goodbye early this year. Or was it last year?  I am glad to learn that Urban Zone will be back in another format. I think it is a progressive thing to do: use the Internet as a medium.

I am really a TV girl but I think I am turning into an Internet girl.


Today is Day 7 of the 30-day blogging challenge.


Neil deGrasse Tyson

I came across this video.

Man, how I miss science! I am a daughter of an engineer so I get a good explanation of anything that fascinated me. My father explained why airplanes fly (aerodynamics) and why a heavy ship does not sink (buoyancy).  Plus, I went to a science high school where my classmates seemed to be really interested in science. Somewhere between trying to pass my subjects, my love for mathematics, surviving college and facing the real world, science took a backseat.  The idea of wracking my brain on complicated subjects deterred me from digging deep into the exposing myself more into scientific endeavors. Today, there is no pressure for me to impress a teacher or get good grades. I am just trying to learn because I want to.

When I saw this interview by Stephen Colbert on Neil deGrasse Tyson, science became fascinating again. It helps that Stephen Colbert is an intelligent and witty interviewer and Neil deGrasse Tyson is a passionate speaker who can easily convey his message across. If you have time to spare,  watch the video. I don’t want to write spoilers but Neil had a funny story about Titanic and James Cameron.

By the way, Neil deGrasse Tyson is the guy who demoted Pluto from being a planet.  I just found out today that he appeared in an episode of one of my favorite TV shows, ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Check it out below:

Neil deGrasse Tyson on ‘The Big Bang Theory’

In case you are interested, Neil de Grasse Tyson wrote the books below.

Or follow him on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/neiltyson     He is listed as one of the Time’s 140 Best Twitter Feeds. This is one of his twitter posts yesterday.

Interesting, eh? I’m going to watch more of his videos.

Doppelgangers: Separated at birth?

Today, people have noticed that my right eye is red. I don’t now what caused it. Can too much internet, too much reading or too much television have a such an effect on my eye? But I have being abusing the eyes for a long time and nothing bad happened, what stimulus could have caused this predicament I am in? I am thinking I might have rubbed my eyes after I held the dog.  Who knows what irritants lurk in his fur? Mental note: never rub eyes. The red eye did not deter me from noticing celebrities who look alike.

Ryan Murphy and John Malkovich

I was watching ‘The Glee Project’, a reality tv search for a glee role. Ryan Murphy, being the show creator, sits as one of the judges. He looks like John Malkovich. The role of John Malkovich in the Clint Eastwood movie, In the Line of Fire, is what I remember him most. He was the antagonist in that movie and was quite creepy. Come to think of it, most roles John Malkovich play are the creepy types. He has this monotonic way of delivering lines and his face shows no emotion.  Ryan Murphy looks the same way in the ‘The Glee Project’. Add to that his unpopularity with Glee fans when he told the press that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer will not be coming back for the 4th season before these actors were informed personally of such move. He just assumed that these actors understood the circumstances of their roles.  Because of that, he was seen as  the “villain” in the eyes of some Glee fans. So, the John Malkovich similarity strengthens. 😀

Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy

John Malkovich
John Malkovich

 Chris O’Dowd and Josh Groban

I watched Season 1 of The I.T. Crowd recently. This British sitcom is about an I.T. department of some British company. It is a funny show. It hits close to home because I used be a part of an IT Department of telecommunication company in my previous job.   IT stands for Information Technology.  One of the main characters is played by Chris O’Dowd. For some reason his wavy hair, physique and some facial feature, reminds me of Josh Groban.  I am a Josh Groban fan. In his concert and guest appearances, he showed his funny side and sense of humor. In some ways, Josh Groban appears geeky like the character Chris O’Dowd played in this sitcom.

Check out the videos below for comparison: (P.S. Video credits belong to the owners of such clips.)

Scene from The I.T .Crowd

Josh Groban

I should sleep now to rest my eyes. Till next post!

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