Aruba ACMP Certification Exam

The Aruba ACMP, which actually stands for Aruba Certified Mobility Professional, is a certification exam that allows you to demonstrate your expertise as an engineer capable of building and troubleshooting more complicated WLAN networks, including those that are in multiple controller environments with complex settings and functionalities. Mobile accessibility in complex systems is exactly what the ACMP certification exam allows you to document, and ensuring you have the skills, knowledge and abilities to not only implement WLANs in these more complex networking situations, but that you can maintain and troubleshoot the networks you establish for customers and clients as well.


The Aruba Certified Mobility Professional exam features questions on all topics pertinent to the building and implementation of complex WLAN networks for large-scale mobile accessibility projects. Questions include topics like design and networking topology, GUI and CLI interpretation, configuration and troubleshooting, and firewall topics. Additionally, you’ll need to understand the overall details of Aruba products, operations, and apps and solutions in order to successfully pass the ACMP exam.

Aruba recommended focused training through a formal, instructor led exam prep course called “Scalable WLAN Design and Implementation” class. You should also review the exam guide available on the Aruba website, and consider using self study programs, tutorials and practice tests made available through sites like, which can help you master the materials sooner and boost your performance on the ACMP exam.


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Practice tests are a major part of a successful exam preparation plan. They allow you to measure your testing readiness before sitting for the formal exam from Aruba. Additionally, practice exams can help you understand which areas of the covered materials you may need to dedicate further study time to and which portions of the testing materials you’ve already mastered.

On Being Informed

A friend of mine tweeted  that she is officially a fan of this new show.


It really piqued my curiosity especially at this time when my favorite TV shows are on a break. I am only watching ‘Suits’ now. I am open to any TV show suggestions. I am glad I watched ‘The Newsroom’.  The first few minutes of the pilot episode was riveting. Jeff Daniels is such a revelation. Good thing that I barely remembered him in ‘Dumb and Dumber’ .

There was one episode where Jeff’s character, Will McAvoy,  said something about what kind of news he wanted to deliver.

“From this moment on, we’ll be deciding what goes on our air and how it’s presented to you based on the simple truth that nothing is more important to a democracy than a well-informed electorate.  We’ll endeavor to put information in a broader context because we know that very little news is born at the moment it comes across our wire. We’ll be the champion of facts and the mortal enemy of innuendo, speculation, hyperbole and nonsense.  We’re not waiters in a restaurant, serving you the stories you asked for, just the way you like them prepared.  Nor are we computers, dispensing only the facts because news is only useful in the context of humanity.  I’ll make no effort to subdue my personal opinions.  I will make every effort to expose you to informed opinions that are different from my own.”


I wish I write that well. The show is written by Aaron Sorkin,the guy who brought us ‘The West Wing’. The funny thing is, I cried in one of ‘The Newroom’ episodes than in a movie with heartwarming, romantic love story that another friend recommended.

Maybe I am just a TV show kind of person, if there is such a thing. I can enumerate favorite shows in a heartbeat than favorite movies. Some people really love movies. I asked my cousin what her favorite movie is and she answered, “Titanic”. She thinks it was a great love story. She talked about how two people of different background can fall in love.  It is funny that she did not mention why the movie was called “Titanic”. I showed her Facts Barn because it has facts about the Titanic. Yes, Titanic, the ship not the movie. The website just started and it is slowly adding important facts about different subjects from animals to events to technology like facts on Facebook.  I like the list format.  I will visit this website from time to time for new factoids.

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TED Videos

Whenever I want to be inspired, I watch TED videos. (To learn more about TED, read here.)

I do not know how to swim or dive so it fascinates me to see the underwater creatures.  This video is a testament to the beauty of the ocean.

Here’s a story about a brain scientist suffering a stroke: It is an remarkable story because it helps us understand how our brains work during a stroke. Who is better to explain that than a brain scientist who experienced stroke and survived to tell the tale.



Frugal Living and Suze Orman

Spend less, earn more.

With so many attractive things in the market, who can resist buying new clothes, shoes and gadgets? I raise my hand up. I can!

This came in the mail today.

I did not request for one. It came with a booklet with terms and conditions.  Oh, come on!

If someone hands me a credit card where I do not have to pay annual fees (or beg for it to be waived), be my guest. For now, I love the feeling of real money in my hands. I had to call (at my expense) the credit card company to cancel the card.

This is the second time I received a credit card with my name in the mail. They came when I do not have a regular job. Ironic, huh? They want to take control over what little savings I have left in the bank by luring me with “freebies”. This is a trap. Who are they kidding?

Lessons from Suze

Suze Orman came to the Philippines through the invitation of BPI last February. Here are a few things she said:

“If you have credit card debt, what that says about you is that you are buying things that you can’t afford,” she said, urging banks to issue credit cards only to those who could responsibly use credit. (Source:

I am a responsible person with it comes to money but I think that the bank who issued the credit card just based their criteria on age of my account in their bank and the amount I have saved. I’ve been their client since 1997.  They did not even bother to check if I still have a job or not. I will never buy things just because I want to let people know I can afford them. (Say hello to my 7-year-old Nokia6230i and Canon A510).  I never cared for status symbols. I know who I am.

“Parents should teach their children financial responsibility at an early age…there’s nothing wrong in asking adult children who live with their parents to pay for rent or living expenses—even if the parents can afford to shoulder all household expenses.” (Source:

I lived with my parents even when I was already earning. (It is a common practice in the Philippines.) However, I was given the responsibility to pay the utilities (power, water, telephone, cable) when I got a my first raise. We all had jobs then yet I never complained. I thank my parents for that responsibility or else I will never know how to manage my money wisely.

“She reminded us that jewelry are actually bad investments and that people buy them only to impress others and not as a real investment.” (Source:

I agree. I know people who think jewelry can save them during rainy days. You can pawn them in times of need but pawnshops only pay a third of its value. You say goodbye to your precious jewelry when you cannot redeem them on time. The only accessory I like to wear is a watch. Now, I do not wear one.  (My cellphone has a clock.)

“…start teaching children about money the moment they are born… Kids do not listen to what you say, they do what you do.” (Source:


My parents always had a bank account even if it only contains a minimal amount. When I was small, they opened a bank account for me. ” It is for my future,” they say. When my grandfather needed money and they used the money in my bank account, it taught me two things: I need to save for the rainy days and it is okay to spend money for your loved ones in need. I should not be greedy with money if I have something to share.

With the help of compounding, she said a person who would set aside $100 a month starting the age of 20 would end up with $1 million upon reaching 60.  But if one waits until age 30 to start setting aside, the same person will end up with only $300,000 at age 60. This 10-year delay in starting an investment plan has thus cost the person $700,000, she noted. (Source:


I do not know how she got her figures or what investment scheme she is imposing.  This is something to be happy about. Say hello to me, a (peso) millionaire in 2037. HA! I started working at 19 and, like any employed Filipino, my contributions to SSS and Pag-Ibig are mandatory. I think the monthly contributions were more than Php100 a month. So following her example, we will have several Filipino multimillionaires by 2037!  By that time, rice might be P500/kilo and the millionaire label may not be worth anything. 😛

Crunching the numbers

I do have this excel table whenever I need to plan my savings.  I used this when I need to buy an expensive item. Please note that the amount is for illustration purposes. I do not have that money.

If you have 100K, and you save 1K/month, you will have P710,000+ in 30 years at 3% interest.

Now if you can find an investment channel that will give you 9%, you will have P1,936,235++  in 30 years.

If you double your monthly savings at 9% interest,  say hello to P3,131,000++ in 30 years.

This is quite a fun exercise but I do not get obsessed with it.

After all, money cannot buy happiness.


This is supposed to be Day 13 of the 30-day blogging challenge.


I love lists!

My father had a book that lists the “7 Wonders of the Ancient World”, “7 Wonders of Nature”, etc. Our conversations involved enumerating the seven wonders from memory. If you ask me now, I can name some of them: Pyramids of Giza, Colossus of Rhodes, Temple of Diana, Temple of Zeus, the Lighthouse of the Pharaohs, the Hanging Garden of Babylon and a mausoleum in Ephesus. I think I just named seven. Let us check Google if I got them right.

This is from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia screenshot: I got a few names wrong.

The Temple of Artemis is also called the Temple of Diana.  Artemis is a deity in the Greek mythology. The Roman counterpart is Diana.  (In the same way,  Aphrodite is to Venus as Zeus is to Apollo.)  The Lighthouse of the Pharaohs was in Alexandria so I think I got that right, too.  The Statue of Zeus was in a temple.  I got the mausoleum location wrong, though.

Don’t ask me about the seven wonders of nature. I think the Grand Canyon and the Amazon (rainforest, not the online store) are on that list but don’t trust my memory on that. We can always check Google to verify. 😉

Famous Lists

I came across a list of famous ghost towns. Sounds creepy, right? Number 2 on the list is Kowloon Walled City. I missed this in Hong Kong. I did some research and the area was already converted into a park in 1995. There are photos in the Internet of how the place looked before it was demolished. It looked scary.

One day, when I get the opportunity to visit Hong Kong again, I’ll have a park tour. Hong Kong has a lot of parks and gardens nestled between skyscrapers and I’ve only been to three.

Left to right: Kowloon Park, Hong Kong Park, Nan Lian Garden

Just for fun, I looked at the list of popular movie villains. The Joker played by Jack Nicholson in the batman movie first came to mind and he ‘s not on the list.  I guess some people find other characters much scarier than The Joker. (One commenter on the site agreed with my choice, though. ) Since the list is all about famous villains of all time, The Joker may have been less scary than the new ones that were created like Voldemort.

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