Do you still print photos?

I am always the photographer in group gatherings and family activities. I take hundreds of photos in every event.  However, my aunt often laments that she does not get to see the photos. Of course, I showed her the photos but she tends to forget I have taken those photos because she often forgets I had them. I post some of them on Facebook but she does not have Facebook and email.

These photos are from the recent family get together when my cousin came home.

These photos are from the recent family get together when my cousin came home.


When we went to the mall yesterday, we found those cute picture frames which can be nicely grouped in the wall.  I had my bedroom wall painted gray and the white frames would really stand out in my wall.  I am thinking of having my photos printed to black and white. The problem for me now is selecting which of the photos will I choose to have printed.

Also, I still have piles of albums from the time when we still use film cameras. It would be nice to put them all in one photobook for posterity. But that would be hundreds of photos since childhood. It is like printing a real book. It will take time for me to meticulously layout each page.  I am parking that idea on my head.

Producing a photobook can be expensive so I need to find something where I can save some money in printing.  In my case, I have two projects in mind- the photos I will put in the frame and the old photos I need to reprint.

Good thing there is ePhotoCouponCodes where all the discount codes for my photoprinting needs are all in one place. Everything is online so I do not need to drive to the printers. My prints will be delivered on my door step. That is so convenient.

How about you? Do you still print photos?

30 Reasons Why I had an Awesome September 2014

I love it when I do not notice the month passing by. This means I kept myself busy. September was my birth month and many of my friends were also born in September.

Here are 30 reasons why September was an awesome month:

1. Had some chill time. It was raining on September 1 so I stayed home all day. I napped. I seldom nap because I am a day person.

2. Send off party for our friend which turned out to be a surprise birthday for me and my friends. Our friend is leaving for Saudi Arabia after a month-long vacation and another friend is celebrating her birthday the next day. My wonderful friends made it a surprise birthday celebration for me and another friend, too. Sweet.

Look how surprised I was! Photo c/o Kit

Look how surprised I was! Photo c/o Kit

3. It’s my friend, Mitzi’s, birthday. It was an afternoon of joyride and foodtrip with her bestfriend and bestfriends’ moms. Yes, she has a lot of bestfriends. She is the friendliest girl in the world.

4. Sometimes the highlight of my day occurs in my head.  It is when I achieve clarity on things that have been playing in my mind lately.

5. I got confirmation about a job for the following day.

6. Treat from a friend. My friend, Dinah, treated us to dinner. She promised to have dinner with us in celebration of her new job.

7. My 37th birthday. I had a simple celebration with family.

8. It’s Mama Mary’s birthday. This is also the day I started my no-softdrink-drink-only-water diet. (Today is October 16 and I did not drink a drop of soda since September 8.)

9. The thought of the day was this.

10. Book list. My cousin tagged me in a Facebook post so I made a list, too.

11. Lunch with my cousin, Ghia. We have been exchanging comments on Facebook for years now and we live in the same city but we seldom see each other. Because this day was the birthday of another cousin in heaven, who was a big brother to us, we met for lunch.

12. I had time for art. It has been awhile. I wish I can do art everyday but I need to earn a living. One day, I hope watercolor art would be one of my sources of income. For now, I just need to practice.

13. Charity work by my cousin and his friends. I tagged along with my cousin and his friends as they gave snacks to street children and prisoners. I never thought my cousin had a compassionate heart. Mabait din pala. ;)

14. Appreciation of my art. My friend asked for my artwork and I am flattered.

15. Did my errands. I like it when I am able to settle bills before the deadline.

16. Got a visit from this cutie pie.

17. Uncle’s birthday.
18.  More fridge magnets! When I posted thus photo of my fridge magnet collection, friends abroad pledged to give me one from their place when they come home. Yay!


19. Another friend celebrated his birthday. It is another opportunity to meet with friends.
20. Party with my travel friends. Four of us have birthdays in September. To make the get-together a little more fun, we agreed wear a dress. Two of my friends did not follow instructions. :D

We changed clothes in the evening. :D

21. I got news from a client about a raise in my professional fee. I quoted a smaller amount but I was paid 60% more.

22. I have been planning a trip with a friend. We have agreed on a date and when to book the trip.

23. My cousin introduced me to SoundCloud and I recorded my singing voice! It was not meant to be heard by the public. I think I have a better speaking voice so I recorded this.

24. I was in a workshop about women empowerment. It is amazing to be around amazing people.

25. I went back to my exercise routine.

26. Scandal is back. It is one of my favorite TV shows.

27. I did the cooking because my aunt is not feeling well.

28. It is my friends’ 11th wedding anniversary. I was supposed to drop by their house to greet them but I had cook duties and I was finishing a report. Instead, I sent her a recording of me singing Christina Aguilera’s “I turn to you”. It was special and funny at the same time because I never sing in karaoke and I do not have a good singing voice. LOL!

29. I cooked arroz caldo with malunggay upon the suggestion of my aunt.

30. I know I am loved. Look at our guard dog. Always on duty! ;)


The 37 Things this 37-year-old Learned the Past 12 Months

I just celebrated my 37th birthday early this month. Thank you those who took time to greet me.

It has been a good year.  My heart bursts with happiness whenever I think about the blessings that came my way. God loves all of us and He has a way of making His presence felt in my life. I am sure He does the same thing to your life.

Last year I made a list of of 36 random thoughts. In the same spirit, I am writing 37 things I learned the past year. These are mostly things I learned about myself.  I have to review the recesses of my brain (who am I kidding?) Facebook posts to refresh my memory.

1. It does not matter whether you know the person long enough or not. When you are comfortable with someone, it just feels right. I welcome friendship at any point in my life.


2. You make time for people. I gained friends this way.

3. It is never awkward to randomly send a message to a friend to catch up on our lives.


4. A little sense of humor does not hurt.

5. Good food is a good thing.

6. It is never too late to learn new things.

7. Do not assume you know everything.

8. We all have different experiences. Sometimes you can also learn from the mistakes of others.

9. Falling in love may be a wonderful thing. It may not happen to you but you can always have a different kind of wonderful.


10. Even with unfortunate things happening in the world, you can still trust in the innate goodness in people.

11. It is okay to be nice.


12. You do not have to buy something you like just because you can afford it.

13.  You do not need to travel far to appreciate the world around you.

14. Create your own piece of heaven on earth.

15. I may be silent when around people. Sometimes I just do not have anything to say.

16. You can be happy with the success of others.

17. Prayer can change a lot of things- all for the better.

18. Surround yourself with people who inspire you.

19.  Family means the beings who are close to my heart. This includes the pets we have at home- Joaqui, Blessy and Peachy.


20. You do not have to have a witty retort on every unfavorable remark hurled against you. Silence can be your response.


21. Rediscovering your own talent can be a reward itself. Being appreciated for it is a bonus.

22. A genuine smile is a thing of beauty.


23. Welcome happy thoughts.

24. Give back in whatever way you can.

25. Do not work hard for just the money. Work hard for the fulfillment of something meaningful.

26. Listen to people of all ages. You can learn a thing or two from them.

27. A grateful heart is a vessel for joy.

28. I learn more about my friends when I travel with them.

29. I celebrate diversity. It is more fun to be around different kinds of people from all walks of life.

30. Never delay praises. When you like what you see, say it or hit ‘Like’ on Facebook. ;)

31. Make time for yourself.


32. Savor some of those moments of happiness alone.



33. Take care of your health.

34.  Assume the best in people. Sometimes they surpass your expectations.

35. Learn how to forgive. It is better to have a peace of mind that have the last say.

36. Enjoy whatever is in front of you.


37. Life is short  and it is not race. Just enjoy it.


31 Reasons I am Thankful for August 2014

August was a busy month. I did not have time to blog and if you look at my list of blog topics to write about, I have 12 items pending on my list. However, I promised myself that no matter how busy I am I should have at least one blog post a month and that would be the gratitude list.

A busy August meant I was productive. I thank God for the opportunities that came along my way. I thank the people who allowed me to be part of the projects, trips and gatherings for this month.

Let me run down the things I am thankful for for August.

1. Dinuguan. This Filipino food is one of my comfort foods. My late mother cooked a mean dinuguan and the person she taught how to cook visited so we took advantage of her being around and asked her to cook diniguan. Sorry I do not have a picture. It was that good that I forgot about everything. ;)

2. Meeting that went well. There was so much preparations I needed before the trip and I did not know if I was doing it right.  The meeting gave me a clearer picture of what needs to be done.

3. Report submitted as promised. I had a trip the next day but I was still doing the report for another client. It was crunch time for me since I still need to pack for a week-long trip.  In times like this, you just need to focus. It is not a good time to panic. You just have to do it and you will be surprised that things can get done.

4. Escaped Manila traffic. I arrived Manila during the day when there was an 8-car collision and every Manila-based friend lamented on  Facebook being stuck for at least three hours on the road. I traveled light so using the MRT was a breeze. What I did not escape from was the heavy downpour in the afternoon on the way to a meeting. Thank God, my boss fetched me near the MRT station.

5. Tim Ho Wan. My friend raved about  this 1 Michellin star restaurant that I just have to try. The pork buns are divine.


6. Visiting Myanmar. As of January 2014, Filipino tourists are allowed to entered Myanmar visa-free for 14 days. This is the view from my hotel room.

7. Stress-free day. I thought we had so much to do today but I did not experience the stress associated with it. I do not know about those in the streets. Myanmar is slowly developing and does traffic follow development?


8. Shwedagon. Myanmar is known for its political struggles, gems and pagodas. We visited the mother of all pagodas in Yangon, the Shwedagon. I walked barefoot in the rain (with umbrella, of course) to tour its vast complex. More stories about Myanmar in a future blog post.

9. Bogyoke. This is Yangon’s shopping area. I was able to buy souvenirs here. Oh my! Gems are also sold here. Those gems are beautiful. I do not wear jewelry but I love art so I saw intricate art when I looked at those pieces of  jewelry.

10. Yummy dinner. We had a lovely Chinese dinner courtesy of my boss.

11. Home bound. We went home thankful for all the experiences in Yangon. We are humbled by the strength and resilience of Burmese people.

12. Home sweet home. This greeted me home. Frozen durian tasted like creamy custard. Yummy.


13. Kare-kare. Lani cooked a mean kare-kare.


14. Viber. I now have Viber so I can regularly get in touch with some friends this way.

15.  Time. We did some prep work for the following day’s activity.

16. Generous friends. My friends shared their blessings with some orphans.


17. Road trip. There are 86 barangays in Butuan City and I have never been to each one of the them. My friends and I took a trip to one of those barangays. This is Tungao, Butuan City.


18. Fiesta. There was another reason to gather with friends.

19. Energy. There was a trip coming up and I needed to allot time to do errands before I leave

20. Perseverance. I had a deadline and I did not sleep the whole night. Maybe, I had some catnaps but I was up all night. I was glad I was able to finish the task.

21. Trip. It was the start of the annual trip with friends.

22.  Breakfast. After a plane ride and a long 11-hour bus trip, we arrived at Tuguegarao City. Our first goal was to eat Pansit Batil Patong. Their serving was huge. I was not able to finish my meal.


23. Palaui. The reason we wanted to go to Cagayan Valley was to visit Palaui Island. Beautiful place.


24.  Fun food. I saw this on my friend’s Facebook. I could not resist ordering the pair for myself.


25.Catching up with friends. I had one day to spare in Manila.  I used the time to meet with my friends.

26.  Home. I am always thankful that I got the opportunity to travel. It made me appreciate the world around us and the little place I call home. Home is the place I am most comfortable.

27.  Firefighters. There was a fire in one department store in city. The place burned down. Thank God no one was hurt and only that place burned down .

28. Art. I miss doing art so I settled for a quick digital art to allow my right brain for some exercise.


29. Surprises from nature. I saw this metallic bugs in a shrub near our house.  I found them interesting and pretty.


30. Movie time with Tita. It has been awhile since we last watched videos together. This was our setup.


31. New place. My friend invited us to their fiesta. We grabbed the opportunity to do so. This is Lawigan, Tubay, Agusan del Norte.


Thank you, God, for a wonderful August. September is my birthday month and I thank my BCBlogger friends for the early greetings. I will find time to catch up with you guys!


31 Things I am Grateful for July 2014

We are already more than halfway of August and I have not posted my July gratitude list. There is a lot on my plate right now and I am thankful for those. There are just opportunities that are hard to pass up and I sacrificed some things (like this blog). As a freelancer, there are lean months and busy months. I take advantage of these things especially if the work is fulfilling and I get a great learning experience.  July was one of my lean months but  it was as enriching as the past months.

July is a steady month and I am thankful for that because August is quite a challenging one.

1. Friendship. I found time to write about my friend, Ayet. I thank God for friends He sends my way.

2. Trust. When a friend confides to you, trust is given. I hope I was able to ease some of the worries bothering my friend.

3. Laughter. My cousin got into loom bands that she kept tagging me on her work on Facebook.


I was interested in this craft before but when everybody else is into this thing. My crazy friend got into the conversation and posted this.


I really had a good laugh. If you are a child of the 80′s in the Philippines, you know how to play with rubber bands. :D

4. Life. My mama’s friend succumbed to cancer. It is a sad day but I am grateful for the life she lived and how she was part of my mama’s happy memories.

5. Food experiment.  My friend was into overnight oats so I tried to make one, too. My uncle and I loved it.

6.  Art. I have time for art and it took me three days to finish all three.


7. Humbled. I saw a watercolor painting  by a friend of a friend on Facebook. It was beautiful. I have so much to learn.

8. Remembering my mortality. For some reason, this day reminded me of my own mortality. Life is really short and we have make the most out of it. We also have to take care of ourselves. I am amiss on that part. I have not exercised since May! Hope I find time to workout.

9. Nephew’s birthday.  He is now 3. How time flies! And finally, he got a haircut.


10. New art idea. My cousin forwarded me a video of a 3D art. I tried it on a simple object. It needs refinement but I was happy I learned how it was done.

At a certain angle, it looks like this.

  When it is drawn on paper, this is how it looks.



11. Errands. I accompanied my aunt in her errands. Transacting with government agencies can take some time. Good thing, the office had cable TV and magazines to entertain me.

12. Quesadilla. This is one experiment I enjoyed but I think I should have gone easy with the filling. I learned from Maan how to do it better.


13. Positive vibes. I took a selfie after months of not posting a photo of myself. I got a lot of ribbing from cousins who are selfie-addicts. It was fun but taking a selfie is not something I will do often.

14. Overwhelmed. I am grateful for the opportunities coming my way.
15. Space. The house was under repair and I camped in a small table in my aunt’s lanai. This is the day I regained my table.

16.  Yummy cake.  It was my aunt’s birthday and Red Ribbon’s celebration cake is cheap and yummy!


17.  Sacrifices. Art took a back seat as work was prioritized. Yay for work! It means I have something to pay the bills.

18.  Skype. I love how technology brings us closer. We have not chatted with my aunt in awhile.

19. Keeping cool. I overpaid the burgers I ordered. I ordered 4. The girl at the counter heard 6. I did not argue anymore. It is a she said/ she said thing. Pointless.  Hahaay.

20. Prayer. I released a prayer into the heavens.  Something was bothering me and I may not find the answer soon. I know God has something better for me.

21. Adobe Lightroom. I discovered this new tool and I used it on a selfie which I will not post anymore. It is on my instagram profile picture.

22.  Job offer. I got a call about a job! It was just a three-day gig but I was glad to do it.

23. Trip. I got the details of the upcoming work trip.  Getting some details will make managing time easier.

24. Instagram!

25.  Purpose driven life. I started reading the book with a friend.

26.  Roof overflowed.  I am not thankful for that. We just had it repaired and this happened. We had to call the carpenter to come the next day to repair it. Thankful that nothing was damaged inside my house.

27.  Blessings! I forgot where I found this poster but this spoke what I felt a that time.


28.  Tasks. Finishing tasks give me a feeling of accomplishment.

29.  Realization. Live life to the fullest. I lost a schoolmate to sudden unexplained death  (in Filipino term, ‘bangungot’).  It was heartwarming to read how he was admired by a lot of people. He lived life with zest.  We all should.

30.  Personal guard. Our barangay has this monument erected. Datu Silongan! Because it was near my house, I felt that I have a personal guard watching over us. hahaha


 31. Yellow wall. My aunt had my wall painted and it matched my yellow house shirt. Haha and this is not a selfie since I asked another person to take this photo.



Hope your July was a good one, too!

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