Lazada: Safe and Convenient Online Shopping

Last Christmas, Lazada was my savior. It is where I bought the Christmas gifts for my godsons. I also bought a belated Christmas gift for my nephew and something for myself. I got my godsons origami sets.  My nephew got a ride along toy and I bought a baking pan for myself. I got all these at discount prices.


The cool thing is that I do not have to own a credit card to shop online. I paid some of the items through LBC and some through my ATM account.

I am subscribed to their newsletter so I get updates of their different promos. Just recently, the camera I was eyeing on (a Sony NEX-5N) went on sale. My budget did not permit for such purchase so I was hoping and praying nobody will notice that sale. Too bad, somebody beat me to it. Nevertheless, I am happy that they carry this brand because by the time comes that I have the budget, I’ll be watching their great deals like a hawk.

Some of my BCBlogger friends have appreciated my photos from my recent vacation. My heart leaps whenever somebody appreciates my photos. I own an 8-year-old Canon A510 point-and-shoot. It is not a fancy camera. This is the reason why I wanted to raise my photography skills to another level with an advanced camera.

To those who just want a no-nonsense camera like my Canon A510, Lazada has a Canon Powershot A1400 on sale! I checked the technical details for this camera- 16.0 MP, 5x optical zoom with wide-angle, HD movies 720p movie button, etc. This is way better than the camera I have. Imagine the quality of photos you can capture.  The best thing is it costs only a third of what my camera costs.

canon a1400

But wait … there’s more! (Bear with me if I sound like an infomercial already. This is really a good deal.) For this item, you get extra 10% off the price if you are going to use your Visa card.  Feel free to check out their range of products from Canon.  Lazada offers free shipping for orders Php 1,000 and up.

I think everyone should take advantage of the great deals and the shopping convenience that Lazada offers.  I think OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) can also take advantage of what Lazada can offer. Instead of trying to fill a balikbayan box and ship it to their families in the  Philippines, OFWs can just order from Lazada and have the items delivered to their loved ones.

Lazada was featured in Thumps Up TV aired on Studio23. Check this out!

Happy Shopping!

Get P300 off your next order at Lazada (minimum purchase of P3,000). Just use discount code: LZDbrDgr


*Source of images: Lazada

Are You Ready to Embrace Summer?


Summer is here and everyone is ready to experience the most fun summer! Summer is exciting but we need protection from the harmful UV rays especially our eyes. Sunglasses have conventionally been the ideal tool to prevent the fatal and life threatening UV radiation and annoying glare. This summer, there are fashion trends that you might want to watch out. Wraparound sunglasses are not only fashionable but they also give a better protection from UV rays. For the people who have vision problems, a pair of sunglasses is not enough. In this case, prescription sunglasses can provide an excellent defense against the sun.


Sunglasses can be expensive but they do not have to be. Where will you get sunglasses? Firmoo is  a great resource for sunglasses  because they are offering sunglasses with high quality but at a wholesale price. They have excellent designs  that are stylish and trendy that will make you stand out in public.

How about a rocker chic and bold sunglasses for summer?  These pair can easily match any type of outfit. Here are more of their stylish sunglasses:

All the photos above are from Firmoo+, the World’s NO.1 Eyewear Styling Community which focuses on the styling of eyewear and clothes, accessories, etc.  All fashionistas are welcomed to join in!

Firmoo is inviting bloggers to review their products for free, go to this link page to apply for Firmoo free eyewear free trial. Last year, I got my prescription sunglasses from them which I use outdoors to protect my eyes from the harsh sun rays. I cannot wear just any sunglasses. I need the ones with corrective lenses because I have astigmatism. All I did is to input my prescription into their system to get the right pair .

I know I do not look like those Firmoo models but can you see how I love my prescription sunglasses?

Hyaluronic Acid Uses and Benefits

Hyaluronic acid belongs to glycosaminogly family. It can be readily found in the tissues of the body and performs vital roles in the distribution of nutrients around. Primarily, it goes to be the one distributing the nutrients in the areas that are not actually supplied with blood like the cartilaginous parts of the body.

This type of acid works in two vague fields – medicine and cosmetology. In medicine, it works greatly in the prevention and alleviation of arthritis and other joint problems. In cosmetology and dermatology, it works to reveal youthful skin by preventing wrinkles and fine lines from appearing.

It is apparent that as a person ages, some of the bodily functions are reduced. One of the most noted problems especially to aging people is the occurrence of joint problems. This happens as a result of the reduction of the supply of lubrication on the area of the joints leading to problems like bursitis and arthritis. As you might well know, these areas need enough lubrication as it works with friction to facilitate movement. Pain only happens when there is not enough lubricant to maintain its movement. Since hyaluronic acid helps lubricate the areas of the body that are not actually reached by blood supply, it acts to give out lubrication.

Hyaluronic acid fairly helps in the achievement of youthful skin too. It has been noted to fight the signs of aging that are exhibited on face. Problems such as wrinkles, acne and blemishes can be addressed by this kind of acid. In fact, there is an injectable type of HA called the Restylane working to correct skin problems. Injectable HA comes to be expensive though and you will have to spend an amount for maintenance.

For those who are on a tight belt when it comes to budget, there are cheaper choices available. Lotions and creams containing HA can be a substitute to expensive treatments. These are proven effective but you need to be patient and wait for the results to finally take place. Results do not just happen overnight so your patience is requested.

Before trying the use of products with hyaluronic acid, you need to be mindful that there are side effects linked with its use. Though these rarely occur, you have to be knowledgeable about the signs to save you from rattling when it comes. For those applying topical creams, rashes and bruising may come as a side effect. Sometimes, these rashes would also bring pain in the affected area. For those taking it to treat conditions like arthritis, side effects such as sneezing, dizziness and swelling of lips and face may exist. Generally, the effects are more on allergic reactions. To avoid possible problems, check out wikitalks, it may be helpful

When taking hyaluronic acid, you should be mindful that there are drugs and products that should not be taken with it. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and Vitamin E are examples. While on the medication regime, make it a point not to use these drugs together to avoid unpleasant effects like bruising and the development of allergies too.

Hyaluronic acid may sound like not the usual supplement popularized in the market. However, it stands to correct a lot of medical conditions and even conditions related to aging. Surely, it comes with a lot of benefits. But before jumping in the conclusion of using HA, it is a must to check on your physician first. Surely, it serves to be beneficial but not all can enjoy the advantages it brings. There are people who are just allergic with it that it will bring harm rather than good. So to be able to fully enjoy its benefits, check its compatibility with your condition first.

Home Decor Inspirations for the Day

Early this year, I hoped that I will be able to learn and create more craft projects. A friend of mine is into quilting and I amazed what she was able to create. Another friend is into knitting and  as early as this month, she started knitting different items which she plans to give to family and friends on special occasions. It is quite precious to receive a gift from someone who took time to make the gift.  What amazed me more is that she is a busy scientist yet she takes time to do some crafts

I came across this cute idea.  Search ‘owl pillows’ on Google Images and you’ll get cute images on different pillows shaped into owls. I want to do this project this year. Here’s what the search results look like:

Aren’t they cute?

All the searching led me to look for other home decor ideas. The incessant rains last month made us discover areas on my roof that need repair. I got to thinking that if I will have the roof fixed, I also need to replace the ceiling because water seeped into the ceiling and warped the plywood. If I get the ceiling fixed, I also need to repaint it. Then, I had idea of repainting my entire bedroom.

I love blue for the wall color.
























However, I also love the burst of yellow in this design.


We used to have a reading nook in the house. Termites have infested anything that is wood which made my parents tear down that reading nook. For some reason, I want to have a reading nook again.


This is my reading area in my aunt’s house.

I have found a new nook in my own home.


I hope we have a large lawn to be able to accommodate this.

Source: via kat on Pinterest


Those who are looking for new homes might want to look for hunting creek homes for sale in your area. You can start with a home with the most affordable designs and renovate it later. You can apply some customization that will hep make the journey to home-ownership be a more pleasant one.

What is in the November BDJBox?

This is my first BDJBox*. I already saw the October box and I like its contents but I wanted the element of surprise when opening a new box so I skipped the October box and subscribed to the new box.  They started shipping the November boxes on November 29. Because of the long weekend, I expected the box to arrive on Monday. I was surprised it arrived today, Dec 1.  It was quite impressive because I live in the south.  When I say south, I mean Mindanao!

*(For those not familiar with these boxes. A BDJBox is a beauty box composed of beauty products chosen according to the subscriber’s beauty profile. The box costs Php480 for each month’s subscription. )

Let me show what is inside this box.

1. Garnier Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream  20 ml

I am not really a fan of creams. I am a lazy person when it comes to applying moisturizers.  I am also not a fan of whitening products because I love my brown skin.  Since this is already in the box, I might as well try it. This is supposed to lessen dark spots and even skin tone. I have a few pimple scars that need lightening. I hope this works on those. This promises results in 28 days. I already applied this one while I am typing this post so I hope to see results on December 29.

2. Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume 1.2 ml

I love this small bottle. I hope I will be able to refill this and use the container when I travel. I travel light so I don’t bring perfume bottles on flights so I am reserving the container for travels. I used to sign up for free perfume samples in the mail. What I usually receive is a moist gauze infused with the sample scent and wrapped in foil. I like that the sample perfume is in a tiny spritzer.

3. Nippon Cleansing Sponge  2 pieces

I really do not wear makeup so I do not know how I am going to use this. This might be useful when I travel to a place where water is scarce. 😀

4 and 5. Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam and Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist  24 Day Cream

Since I got two 7ml tubes of the cleansing foam, I am using the first one to test the product while the second tube will be reserved for traveling. I already tried the product today and  I little squirt on my finger is enough create a lather to wash my face. This is where the value of a beauty box comes into play. The 150 ml size of the cleansing foam costs Php1,850 while the 50 ml size of the day cream is P3,100. Personally, I do not want to shell out that kind of money only to test if the product works for me. By getting the sample size, I can test the product to see if it suits me without having to spend quite an enormous amount.

6. Physiogel Hypoallergenic Intensive Cream  50 ml

I got the 50 ml size which retails at Php517. This product alone exceeds the price I paid for the BDJBox. I am really getting value for money.  I gave this to my uncle. His dermatologist prescribed this product when he suffered allergic reaction to his heart medication.  The large tube costs around P800 and he was only able to buy twice because it is quite expensive to buy regularly for maintenance.  He went for an alternative treatment by using honey to treat his allergy. My aunt was happy that I gave this product to her husband.

7. Dentiste Plus White Vitmin C and Xylitol sample size

This is another product that will go to my travel kit. 😀

8. L’Occitane Extra Gentle Milk Soap  25 g

I think this is my favorite in the batch.  My friend gave me a L’Occitane lotion so I plan to use the soap and layer it with the lotion so I will smell fresh during special occasions. I was invited first Christmas party which will be in a few days. I will try this soap to feel fresh that day.  😀 The other soap? you know the drill, it goes to my travel kit. 😀

9. Yuka Non-Acetone Wipes 35 sheets

We were quite impressed with this one. We always use acetone to remove our nail polish. It is quite messy and the bottle easily loses its potency once opened. When my aunt saw this on my box, we immediately tried this on her two-month old pedicure. She has been wanting to remove her chipped nail polish but she often forgets to buy acetone. It only took one sheet to wiped off the nail polish on all of her 10 toes. Impressive!

10. L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Multi Action 8 Cleanser

I am giving this to my cousin.

11. Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream

I can give this a try when I use up my other Garnier cream.

But wait there’s more! There are stickers and discount coupons included in the package. I won’t be able to use the coupons because I live in the province. I am giving these to a friend. I so wanted to try that upper lip waxing at the Strip.

I am happy with November BDJBox that plan to get the December box if I still have shopping money left after Christmas. 😀

Here is the total estimated value of the November BDJBox:

Here is my wishlist for the December box in case the people behind the BDJBox are reading this:

1. Hair care

2. Facial wash, regular size

3. Lip balm

4. Face powder

5. Soap

I am really a low maintenance type of person. I want something I can use in the shower. The beauty products I really use are shampoo, soap, toothpaste and deodorant.  Haha!

Because, sometimes, this works on me.

Source: via Janet on Pinterest


To get your own BDJBox, visit

Note: This is not a paid review. I paid for my own BDJBox.
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