Room In A Cabin


If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to stay on your vacation, consider staying in a cabin in the mountains. There are often cabin specials where you can rent the building and have several amenities included. Instead of being in a cramped hotel room, you will have plenty of space in a house. There are various sizes of cabins that you can rent, making it easy to find something for the number of people who will be on the vacation.

A cabin is ideal for larger families so that they can all be in the same place together instead of getting two or three separate rooms, but you will still have your own private space as the bedrooms are apart from the others. Most cabins have a full kitchen that has a stove and refrigerator so that you can prepare meals instead of going out to eat all of the time. Most cabins have a full bathroom, possibly two, and there are some that have a hot tub on the back or front porch. While you are on your vacation, you will be closer to nature. You can usually relax while you are spending time with your family as you aren’t around the sights and sounds of the city.

Shopping for Clothes

It has been a month and a week since I quit drinking soda. I did not restrict my food intake though. I only allow myself to drink water and nothing else. Even when my cousin came home this weekend and the temptation to drink soda was high because we were always snacking, I still did not cave in to drinking soda. I hope I would be able to keep up with this until Christmas. I will reward myself with a bottle of soda on Christmas day.

Why am I doing this? I just wanted to take care of my health and at the same time look good wearing clothes I want to wear without worrying about the bulges in my midsection. I have received compliments that I have shed a few pounds already. I am flattered but in reality, I really did not lose weight. When my cousin came home this weekend, she brought with her some clothes she ordered from a designer who makes clothes that are sold by major clothing brands. Right now, I am giving up the dress she gave and hand it over to another cousin. I still have a long way to go in order to fit well into the dress.

This is the peplum dress I am giving up. Even though it looks like it is my size, the hemline is too short and the fit hugs my body at the wrong places.


It does not hurt that much to give up the dress since there are already a lot of shopping sites online where I can get great deals when shopping for clothes. Before even starting to browse for clothes, I visit for discount codes. Shopping for clothes is more fun especially when I get discounts. I always keep a measuring tape close to me when online shopping for clothes to determine whether clothes would fit me or not.

How about you? Do you shop online?

Cheltenham Gold Cup hospitality: perfect for clients and friends

Corporate hospitality options have become increasingly popular as ways of getting more out of an event that you’re attending as a spectator (for a price, of course), and a visit to the Cheltenham race course is no different. There are many different hospitality packages available for the discerning spectator to take advantage of.

Cheltenham will always be renowned as one of the biggest horse racing venues in the UK (and the world), with fans flocking to it every year for meets and races including the famous Gold Cup, which takes place in March and features twenty-two fences that have to be jumped by the horses and their jockeys. The 2014 race saw Lord Windermere, ridden by Davy Russell, come out victorious, beating a host of favourites and making those who put money on him very happy indeed.

With such a huge pedigree, spectators will always come to Cheltenham, and they will always want to spend a little more to ensure that their day is extra special. Private boxes with stunning views of the course are available to hire, with prices including fine dining options and other extras, such as TV coverage that allows occupants of the box to follow the action when it moves away from the grandstand area. It’s the extra kick you need for your day at the races to live long in your memory. Cheltenham Gold Cup hospitality is particularly popular, but you need to be quick to book it up because places go quickly!

Corporate hospitality has begun to boom in recent years, with options offered for all sorts of events (notably concerts at arenas like the O2 in London) but particularly sports – most Premier League and Championship clubs offer private boxes similar to those offered at Cheltenham, as do rugby clubs and other sporting venues like Wembley Stadium, the Millennium Stadium, Wimbledon, Twickenham Stadium and the Crucible (which hosts the annual World Snooker Championships) in Sheffield. Many companies and businesses lay it on for clients whom they are trying to sign up or build a solid relationship with – what better way to impress someone than by securing a box at the FA Cup Final or the Grand National with world-class facilities and food laid on?

 Cheltenham visitors can also take advantage of the special train that is laid on from the village of Gotherington to the racecourse itself, ensuring that they can skip the queues of traffic that are likely to have to wait to get into car parks. Corporate hospitality is pretty good, but when you combine with arriving in style and comfort on a train loaded with food and drink steaming through the beautiful Cotswolds countryside, it becomes even more special.


People will always enjoy luxury and, at sporting events where you don’t necessarily need to be down in the thick of the crowd like you might at a concert, it makes perfect sense to book a box, sit back and relax. Which option sounds better (especially when you step into the shoes of a potential client): crammed into the stands with a cup of Bovril and a pie or reclined in a private viewing area with a complimentary beer and a three-course meal?

Secured Premises with PERCo access control systems

I remember watching James Bond movies and the Jetsons cartoons and wondered if those nifty gadget would soon become reality. Slowly, some devices have slowly found its way to our normal lives. We can now communicate face-to-face (actually, screen-to-screen) in our mobile devices. We still do not have the Jetsons flying car though. That would have been a cool.

New technologies have change that way we think about accessibility. We have become more open and we reach so many people at the same time. Often, there is a thin line between personal and public lives. As we try to reach out to many people, we sometimes forget that we have opened ourselves to our own vulnerabilities. We must find a balance between accessibility and security.

The same can be said about the security of commercial spaces.  Businesses need to be appear inviting to the right people without appear closed and cold. Some times when you put walls and security personnel, the business space would look like a fortress rather than a cordial and welcoming space. To have security with without being obtrusive, there is the PERCo access control systems. For corporations, employees can have can access card which allows them to enter the premises easily. Turnstile systems can be equipped with cameras so you can monitor who goes in and out the premises. The company will have strict and tight security without having to appear cold and unwelcoming.

Photo from PERCo

Photo from PERCo

I Got Mail! Thanks, Lulu Swing and Momaye!

I talked about Lulu Swing last year but I never really ordered anything from them until I saw this on my Facebook timeline last month.

lulu swing

Photo from Lulu Swing.

Nothing motivates me to buy more than the word “sale”. Since I worked hard for the past few months, I felt I deserved two pairs of shoes.

I wore the first pair on that Cebu trip.


I have yet to wear these. Pretty soon! IMG_9639

Thanks, Lulu Swing!


Fellow BCBlogger, Maye, held a blog giveaway late June and the prize is a P500-worth of crochet products from her online shop. Yes, she (and sometimes her husband, Allan) made these products by crocheting.  The great news is that I won! I was thrilled.

When I found out that I won, I immediately checked out her Facebook photos to choose items I wanted made.  Last week, she finally finished what I had chosen.


Here I am trying to model the headbands. HA! I realize that it is difficult to get a selfie at this angle. headband3

Thanks, Momaye! Check out her online shop.

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