A dress to wear for the bride’s mother

All eyes are on the bride on her wedding day. Nevertheless, the bride’s mother still needs to look stylish, elegant and regal. It is a significant day for the bride’s mother as well since it is every mother’s wish to see her daughter walk down the aisle. It can be an emotional day for the bride’s mother and she should feel confident, special and look her best. Her choice of dress can add elegance to the occasion.

One of most important decisions for the bride’s mother’s dress is color. Sometimes the color choice is dependent on the motif and color palette of the bridal entourage. Nevertheless, there are so many options in market that color changes can still be accommodated. While it is less likely for the choice to be white and black, there are other color choices that are avoided. Red and gold are not very common choices as these colors are not often flattering to women of certain age. These are quite loud colors and can sway the attention away from the bride. The best preference will be pastel tones of green, blue, violet or pink. Those are often the option for the fall mother of the bride dresses.


The most fashionable mother in her daughter’s wedding should choose the color and tones that are popular this year among the world designers. Calm blue, matte or metallic grey and coffee colors are the ones that ruled not only this season but many ones before. Any woman will look stylish in those.

For mothers with slim physique, a long evening dress will be the best choice. The dress can show off the slender figure and her graceful shape. Curvy women can choose flattering cuts that show off their assets and hide their flaws.

Another option can be mid-length dress or something below the knee. Dresses which jacket can be a versatile ensemble because the attire will look formal during the ceremony. The jacket can be removed during the reception when everyone loosens up.

One should not forget that a bride’s mother can choose a formal evening dress from a selection of mother of the bride evening dresses. They key in making the dress comfortable is to choose the right cut. Comfort can help the bride’s mother enjoy the event without being bothered by how the dress fits. She should be able to move freely while wearing the dress especially when there is a lot of walking and dancing involved.


As you can see, the bride’s mother dresses fashion has a lot of choices. The selection is varied to fit different tastes, body types, age and budget. The range of possibilities can surely make the bride’s mother happy.

Small Doses of Happiness

My friend posted on Facebook that life is a series of small miracles. We just have to notice them. I try to notice them because I can get caught up in my own busy world and fail to realize the little miracles.  I have my own little doses of happiness for the past month or so.

1. The plans for 2016. My aunt has finally booked a ticket home next year so I will be a full-time niece for four months. I am still going to figure out how to plan my work hours so that I can spend time with her.

2. My mini-herb garden. I bought some herbs in July. When my aunt went to Davao, I asked her to buy me some more.  When she came home, we had to buy pots for the herbs. Both aunts went to buy pots and one thing led to another. They bought more plants.  My pocket garden now looks like this!


3. My loving friends. I was treated to dinner by my friend, Ernelyn. I was finishing work during my birthday that I did not have time to prepare a nice dinner for my friends. Ernelyn came to my house bearing gift and declared that she would treat me to dinner.  What a sweet friend! Other friends came to celebrate with me. I feel loved.


4. Victorias Sardines! I found these in Bacolod. I could have hoarded more but I have limited baggage. This was a dorm staple during my university years. My roommates and I would feast on these, paired with salted egg and green tomatoes.  This brand is no longer widely distributed.  Good thing I remembered to check the grocery when somebody mentioned Victorias, Negros Occidental. I write more about my trip to Bacolod. For the meantime, check out my Instagram (@katrinacenteno) for stories of places I have visited.


5.  Secret Garden coloring book. I finally got a copy. Thanks to my cousin who ordered for me!

FullSizeRender (5)

6.  Hello Kitty. Since my aunt is coming home from Canada, I also need to send something to my niece in Canada when my aunt goes back.  She is is fond of Hello Kitty and who would I have thought I can order them easily through ZALORA?   She would love all these Hello Kitty Merchandise!

These are just a few of life’s simple pleasures for this month and I am looking forward to noticing more of these doses of happiness in the future.

Homecoming Dresses from Tidebuy

In a few months, homecoming season starts. It is that time of year where everyone in school comes together to celebrate coming back to school. Also, it usually signals the start of the football season. There is a line up of activities for the week to celebrate the school spirit. One of the many activities that students look forward to attending is the homecoming dance.  Young women dress up in the fancy dresses and young men arrive in their sharp suits.

In many cases, young women worry what to wear. As much as possible,  they would want nice but cheap homecoming dresses.  There  is a nice selection one can find here: http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Homecoming-Dresses-4369/ Cheap homecoming dresses do not mean they were done poorly. If you read reviews from those who ordered from Tidebuy, you would find  happy and well-dressed customers who would never think twice about ordering from Tidebuy again. 

Let me show you three dresses that caught my fancy.

1. Simple Scoop Neck Lace Button Short Homecoming Dress.  I love the lace detail and the seafoam color.  The dress has simple silhouette and you can comfortably dance the night away without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

 2. Simple Cheap One-Shoulder Ruched A-Line Short Homecoming Dress. A-line flatters any body type and the criss-cross design on the bodice can create an illusion of a smaller waistline as it shapes the midsection.

3.  A-Line Appliques Long Sleeves Bateau Neckline Short Prom Dress. If you want bold colors to stand out in the dance hall, go for red.  This type of style still looks sweet for a young woman. There is nothing too revealing with the dress style yet it exudes so much confidence and allure on the one wearing it.

Check out their online store and look for your favorites.

War souvenirs are available

Whether you are starting a collection of authentic war memorabilia and battleground antiques, or adding to it, or looking for a gift for a collector, you are able to find a wide selection of quality items online. If a particular remembrance is not listed, you can have the owners search for it.

Current inventory includes historical Civil War artifacts and ones from other wars such as pistols, rifles, bullets, sabers, swords, bayonets, daggers, cartridge boxes, knives, and more. Other items for sale are uniforms, battle flags, coins, dollar bills, medals, lapel pins, buttons, photographs, newspapers, pictorial books, and other prized memorabilia.

Also available are full appraisal and documentation services as well as textile restoration and conservation. Whether the customer is a private collector or a national institution or museum, an authenticator/owner on staff is definitely an asset who can assure that the artifacts are genuine.

The other owner, who is an evaluator and appraiser of textiles from the early 1800s to the present, is also an important benefit for such a business. Conservation of military uniforms, vintage clothing, flags and quilts will restore and preserve your artifacts for many future years so that they can be passed down to the next generation by you or your gift recipient.

Walktrendy and My First #OOTD Post

Walktrendy asked me to check out their website. They sell trendy street clothes online. They offer free shipping worldwide. Sunnie of Walktrendy was kind enough to send me the dress I wanted. I got my package in two weeks. Well, if only the Philippine post office was prompt enough to inform me I have a package! I had to go to the post office to inquire after a month of not receiving any notice. I was too happy to receive the package that I did not rant about it anymore.

I chose this dress.


If you want the right size, you have to take out the measuring tape and check their sizing chart.  I can usually fit medium but in their chart, I am large. Ouch!  I ignored my ego and got the large one. It is easier to alter from large to medium than medium to large.


I have to come to the part of the post where I have to post how the dress fits me.  I would have taken a clearer photo but I couldn’t wait until somebody else could take my photo. So I settled with using the self-timer and doing the shoot indoors. Brace yourself for my first #OOTD post. This is difficult for me since I do not know how to pose. I just have to settle for that ‘faraway look’  type of pose.  Hahaha!


The dress was my size. No need to alter.


The hemline is just above my knee so my thunder thighs are hidden away.


Next week is my aunt’s birthday. I now have a dress to wear. Thanks, Walktrendy!