5 Summer Ways To Have Fun With Your Golf Cart

We’ve all been waiting long enough. Summer is finally here! The time and money you spent on repairs and Yamaha golf cart parts was worth it. Now you’re ready to take the cart out for a spin with friends and family. Here are just a few ways you can enjoy your Yamaha golf cart this summer.

Beach Buggy

Now is the perfect time to take a family beach vacation. There are few activities more relaxing than enjoying the sun and surf, but just think of how much easier it would be to get everyone and everything to the beach and back with a beach utility vehicle! It can mean spending less time in transit and more time having fun on the shoreline.

Fishing Cart

Who doesn’t love an afternoon of fishing? The afternoon can be even better with your Yamaha golf cart to get you to the lake. Just load your fishing gear up and head out. Just leave room for all of the fish you’ll be bringing home!

Recreational Vehicle

School is out, but the kids still have games and practices to get to. Travel short distances with your golf cart, and you’ll have room for the kids’ sports gear and equipment too. It’s more practical than walking and won’t consume fuel like your car. Not only that, but it gives you a great place to watch the game from. Tip: On those super hot days, bring along a cooler full of refreshments.

Neighborhood Cruiser

Whether you have a play date for the kids, a pool party, or a backyard BBQ to attend, leave your car in the garage and hop in your golf cart. Cruising down the block to your destination will be an easy, fun ride.

Off-Road Golf Cart

Summertime is the best time to explore the great outdoors. Take your golf cart and head out on your next camping adventure. You can bring along the sleeping bags, tent, coolers, food, and more. All of your supplies will fit easily into your golf cart.

With all of the great ways you can use your Yamaha golf cart this summer, there’s no excuse to stay indoors this season. Time to pack up and head out!

Tinting The Home Windows

When you want to keep the home cooler without using more electricity, consider applying window tint. It’s similar to tint that you would see on a car and offers many of the same benefits, if not more. Home window tinting is an easy process to complete as the film is applied to the inside of the window. It can be removed at a later time if you no longer want it on the windows.

If there is nothing on the windows to block out the sun, then it can lead to health issues for those who are in the home. Sun exposure for long periods of time during the day, even without being outdoors, can result in an increase in skin cancer as well as an acceleration of the aging process. Wrinkles might develop sooner, and you might notice spots that begin to develop on the skin.

Sunshine coming through the windows can begin to fade the color of the furniture. Even with drapes and curtains on the windows, unless you keep them pulled to the side for periods of the day, you will begin to see the colors fade on the material. The tint will protect the furniture and other items in the home by not allowing the direct sunlight from reaching them.

You can save money on cooling cost as the tint will reflect the amount of sunlight that enters the home, which will keep the home cooler. It will also help trap warmth in the winter so that you don’t have to use as much electricity heating the home.

Another reason to use window tint that you might not think about is to maintain your privacy. When there is tint on the windows, it makes it difficult to see inside the home. You can see outside, but the darker surface of the tint usually faces outward, making it harder for others to see what you’re doing during the day and into the evening. This can be a deterrent for those who might want to try to break into the home. The tint can also be added to the home for decoration as it can create a modern and sleep appearance.

Warby Parker: SunCollective

We need to protect our eyes from the harsh sun rays and we can do that in a fashionable way.  Warby Parker released its first sunwear collection for the year with a bunch of familiar frames but with some stylish spin into the design.  Warby Parker retained its classic silhouette but with a new lens shape. You have to see the designs to appreciate its beauty.

This is the Laurel 16 Bellini.


This is the Downing 16 Lemon.


Classic mainstays- Haskell, Barkley, Piper-have been updated in new custom color combos, plus fashioned with crystal embeds along their bottom rims.

Vanessa is wearing the Haskell Pearl Horn.


The Barkley Striped Beach looks good on Armando.


Vanessa looks gorgeous wearing the Piper Digital Horn.


Co-founder and co-CEO, Neil Blumenthal says,

“These six frames are some of our bestsellers for a reason—their fit and shape look great on so many people. With this collection, we wanted to inject some freshness into them without compromising their original appeal. Our design team experimented with a handful of new constructions, updating the lens shapes with a few frames and embedding a sliver of crystal in custom acetate with three others.The result is a group of glasses that look as playful and modern as they do classic.”

Sun Collective frames are crafted from premium acetate and start at $95.As always, for every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. Check out warbyparker.com/sun-collective to view their complete collection.

Make Your Own Mehndi Dye

Mehandi design is a popular form of body art that has deep cultural significance going back for centuries. There is some dispute as to its origins; In Egypt, mummies with Mehndi-like henna designs on the hands and fingernails have been discovered, and in ancient Vedic texts, it’s described as turmeric-based dye that’s used as part of wedding and other religious ceremonies and festivals.

There are kits that contain pre-filled Mehndi cones, but brushes or the type of plastic bottles used for fabric paint are common also. If you want to do it the organic way, here’s a simple recipe for home made Mehndi dye that will give you the basis for a lasting, vibrant design.


To make a home made henna dye, you’ll need:

Henna powder, available online or an an Indian grocery
Lemon juice
Essential oil; most use teat tree, lavender or eucalyptus oil (it helps make the stain darker)
Small mixing bowl and spoon, non-metallic for both
Plastic wrap


Sift about 1/4 cup of henna powder into a bowl, and then add 1/4 of lemon juice. Make sure to stir it as you add the lemon juice to remove all the lumps and get a nice, smooth paste. Add 1/2 teaspoon each of sugar and essential oil; this should give you a nice, silky paste. The last step is to cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let the mixture ‘mature’ for 24 hours. Temperature can affect the quality of the dye, so place it someplace that’s not too hot or cold.

When you purchase henna powder, make sure that it’s a nice, even shade of greenish-brown; if it’s too far on the brown side, that means that it’s old and won’t stain well, and too green = ‘doctored to look fresher’ or it’s from a less mature plant; extra powder can be stored in a zip-lock bag in the freezer.

Henna dye can be applied to almost any body part, but it’s traditionally used on the hands, feet and fingernails in the cultures where it originates. There are also a variety of simple mehendi designs that are used in Mehndi, each with its own special meaning.. You can find more information about this tradition, as well as templates for designs and what each one means, online in places like Craftsvilla, YouTube and on cultural websites.

Cocomelody: Open Back Wedding Dresses


I received some good news recently. A good friend who has been single for some time now has a new love.  It might be too soon to think about weddings and marriage but since I have a blog and I do not want to preempt anything, allow me to just write this post without naming names. Hey, I am a single woman and I usually try to live vicariously through friends’ love lives so I get to do this albeit anonymously. I  am also dreamer so let me choose a nice wedding dress for that hypothetical dream wedding for my friend. If the relationship gets stronger, I think they are headed for marriage anyway.

My friend is pretty straightforward. I think she would prefer simple dresses that would accentuate her physique. Besides, if she is going to get married, I  think it is going to be a fun wedding where there would be a lot of singing and dancing so a dress she can wear comfortably while dancing would work best for her.   This Cocomelody ivory dress v-neck dress would be perfect for her.


The open back design would show off her toned back. Backless wedding dresses are flattering.


There is also another design I saw that my friend may want as an option. My friend has a romantic bone even if she denies it. She is one of the sweetest friends I have so I have picked this sweet and princess-like cap-sleeved dress with appliques.  It has a simple silhouette with a romantic flair.


I can imagine her dancing in this open back wedding dress. The details at the back would look divine on her.


Cocomelody has a collection of beautiful wedding dresses for that special day. Take advantage of their promotional offer below.

Wedding Dresses

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