Let’s spread the good vibes

The four-day weekend is coming up and I do not have definite plans. I still am not over the huge blessing that fell on my lap. I am not done daydreaming. 😀 There is so much to be thankful for so I want to spread the positive energy to everyone.


I stumbled into another contest. I am starting to become a contest magnet.  HA!

The first person that I thought should join this contest is my cousin who is a great photographer.  The guy’s got talent in photography and beyond. He turned my otherwise so-so photo into a mouthwatering one.

I sent him the link to the contest a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I learned that he actually joined the contest. Yay!  To my friends from BCBloggers  who sent me good vibes when I joined a contest last month, let’s spread the positive energy to one talented guy named Bong. (Naks, hihingi talaga ako ng pasalubong nito. haha!) Click on this link and share the entries to your wall or simply ‘like’ his set of photos.

I believe in nurturing the talents that God has given us.


He is doing just that. He reads photography books, watches online tutorials and joins workshops. And this is just his hobby! Win or lose, he is already a winner. It takes courage to put your craft out there for others to judge. This is a win-win situation. Maya Angelou says so. 😉


Again, I am sharing the link to his entry for you to visit, share or like. Please let me know if you have done so so that I can thank you properly. If you are interested in this contest, you still have one week left to send in your entries. Two photographers and one writer will be chosen. Who knows?

Source: etsy.com via kat on Pinterest

The New Art Form

Understanding art is a complex process. A painting, for example, can appear profound to you but, for others,  it may look confusing.  Art also seemed elitist.  Paintings and sculptures can fetch quite a hefty price tag that only a few seemed to appreciate its value.  Even if I sometimes do not understand the value of a work of art, I agree to this poster:


I believe that art can be found anywhere. Oftentimes, I call a thing of beauty an art. From my point of view, beauty is art and art is beauty. That said, I still do not make an effort to do a regular beauty regimen. I read a Leonardo Da Vinci quote saying, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” I found myself agreeing to it only to realize that I agree to it because I found an alibi to my laziness.

My cousin who is in high school was enrolled in a subject called “Beauty Care”. They were taught skills for an alternative career. She learned how to do manicure and pedicure. For the past year, my aunts and I have been abusing her skills and enjoying the luxury of getting out nails done by her (at our beck and call). Hehe! She needs to practice anyway.


She is still a beginner so I help her find manicure tips on the Internet. Judging from the different nail designs I saw, manicure has been elevated as an art form. I saw different ways for which a person can embellish the nails.  I used to think having painted nails does not serve a purpose and I would rant about it.  Now, I no longer rant. I understand the how nail pampering can relieve stress and make me feel better.  I am currently looking at the beautiful colors available at Julep maven. These days, my nails still remained unpainted because I could not decide what color to choose!  I might venture with one of those nail art one day. I am still gathering the  confidence to pull it off.

Origami: Anti-Aging?

I recently read this New York Times article.

When it comes to mental agility, we’re more likely to think of crosswords than cross-stitch. But neuroscientists suspect that learning a challenging new skill — a new language, a new musical instrument — may be even more effective than mental games at keeping the brain sharp. And quilting is more complicated than it may seem.

Even before I shared this link, my friend already took up quilting as a hobby and her quilts are beautiful.

I do not have the drive to learn quilting but I wanted to learn other skills so I thought of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. This website showed step-by-step instructions. This is what I produced after 2 hours of folding. I used the pages from an old magazine.

From the top; left to right: rose bowl, day lily, lily, 8-petal flower, tulip, cornflower

 Here are some cute origami decors I found in the Internet:

Source: http://harujiondesign.blogspot.com/2011/04/modern-origami-wall-decor.html


Source: http://www.bloomize.com/origami-roses/

Source: http://onossocasamento.pt/forum/origami-1

Who wants an origami wedding bouquet?

Source: http://www.weddingoo.com/origami-wedding-bouquet/

Source: http://www.weddingoo.com/origami-wedding-bouquet/origami2/

I should start collecting cute wrapping papers (and quit doing sudoku).


This is supposed to be Day 21 of the 30-day blogging challenge.

Found my drawings

I learned how to draw in high school. Our art teacher was so good that when I went home for a vacation, it looked like I went to an art school and not a science high school. I had a better grade in art than in science.

I think my mother threw away all my artworks in one of her routine general cleaning. I still have my sketchbook from college. I used to draw when I got bored.


My roommate’s water jug.

This is my small chair, the first birthday gift I got  from my roommates. I still have this chair.

From my art class, I learned to sign my work.  (Yep. My age shows.)

This is supposed to be Day 14 of the 30-day blogging challenge.

From the Top

I found a new trick on my favorite photo-editing software. Sorry I can’t find another model.

Today is Day 12 of the 30-day blogging challenge.

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