OPPO F1s: Summer Destination

Summer is almost here! While I love the cool weather the past month, it comes with a nasty rain (read: floods). I cannot help but dream of sunshine! Once in a while, Mr. Sun gloriously shows himself teasing me of what lies ahead. Good thing my plans for an early summer wanderings are almost complete.

You see, my friends and I have this annual trip. We’ve been to Bicol, Sagada, Ilocos, Cagayan Province and Coron. We book for airline seat sale a year before a trip with a particular destination in mind. Last year, we booked a trip to Manila hoping we will be able to get Batanes tickets on sale. However, discounted tickets to Batanes were elusive so the plan did not push through. Two of us already have tickets to Manila and we were clueless where to go until last week!

And I am pretty excited! We are going to Bataan! This place was off my radar until my friend showed me some videos and photos of the places we are visiting. I am floored at the nature’s beauty, historic sites and delightful scenes presented before me.

I only have this lettering practice to show for now. In three weeks, I will have the photos and stories to tell! And it would be nice to have a reliable device that I can use to show you the beauty of Bataan.

I have heard good things about the OPPO F1S. I want to use that 13MP rear camera for night shots. The plaza at Balanga City lights up at night with illuminated fountains. Its backdrop is the charming facade of centuries-old style of architecture. To capture the magnificence of what my eyes can see would be such a delight if I have the OPPO F1s.

Screencap from the OPPO website

Its 16MP front camera allows in more light for that perfect selfie. I need all that help in that department especially that there are only two of us travelling together this time and I am really awkward with solo poses. There is also a selfie panorama feature. This device not only takes a photo of us but also of the striking landscape around us. It helps that it is a smartphone so I can still keep in touch with family back home. They can virtually travel with me!

Screencap from the OPPO website

I am stoked! See you Bataan!


More information on the device can be found on their website: OPPO Philippines. Do not forget to like or follow them on their social media accounts:

Twitter: twitter.com/OPPOPhilippines
Instagram: www.instagram.com/oppophilippines
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/OPPOPH


*This is a contest entry for Nuffnang Philippines.
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  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to see your pictures and blogs from Bataan!!! I’ve heard so many good reviews of Oppo F1s phone. Looking forward for your hand on experience.

  2. Goodluck with your next summer destination at Bataan.

    I’m looking forward to your Bataan Summer Vacation post.


  3. I am a Nuffnang Blogger too and I don’t know they have this contest. Haven’t got an updates from them about contests, though. I hope you can make it. May you have more enjoyable memories on your next trip. Haven’t been to Bataan, yet. Looking forward for your travel post in Bataan.

  4. I was choosing between Oppo F1s and its Vivo counterpart for my wife’s birthday gift — almost exactly the same specs! As far as Bataan is concerned, we always pass through Dinalupihan enroute to our home province of Zambales. But this year, we are also set to go to Las Casas.

  5. Oppo is really impressive with the resolution of its camera. It can really be a good travel camera.

  6. I’ve read so much raves on OPPO F1s, so much so that I’ve gotten myself OPPO R9s (their latest one currently launched in SG). But i’m sorry to say, I’m not sold. Kind of regretted my decision, should have stick to samsung (i retired my samsung note 4) despite their exploding batteries. But anyway, hope you’ll have a great time in Bataan!

  7. I love the front cam of the F1S! This is such a great place to bring a phone like F1S! Perfect for taking memorable photos! 😀

  8. Have seen this phone and it looks awesome! It almost looks like iPhone…Camera is great.

  9. Elizabeth O. says:

    F1s is really a beautiful phone to have, It is combination of Apple and Samsung.

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