Sunday Currently Vol. 3

I have two consecutive “Sunday Currently” blog posts. It only meant I have not been writing for a week. Where did the week go?  It is a good thing because it means I was busy. However, it is also a bad thing because I have not been consistent with my goal of writing more.   So here goes my week.

Currently missing

February is my parents’ birth month.  My mother’s birthday is a day after my father’s. Both parents are now in God’s embrace.

Currently working

I have been pitching in with cooking.  My aunt often does most of the cooking but I wanted to experiment on some recipes. The first one in the photo is a macaroni dish I made after I had leftover macaroni from cooking chicken macaroni soup.  On the right is a mango float but I used mango gelatin instead of mango because mangoes are expensive these days.

Currently learning

I have been updating my photo editing skills with creating snow and sparkles on an image using my friend’s photos in my file.  I am planning to do more because it is a lot of fun trying to create some scenes.

Currently planning 

I am planning on stuff I want to post on Instagram. I am currently enjoying this platform. I have been reading how to improve my feeds and I am quite amazed with the results.

Currently looking forward 

There are things I need to do and complete this week. I am positive that I can accomplish a lot this week. Let’s pray for that to happen!

How was your week?

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  1. I think I also need to learn about photoediting. There are so many apps and choices around but I cannot do anything but crop, rotate and apply simple filters. 🙂

  2. I need to work on my photo editing skills too. I hope your parents are smiling in heaven on their birthdays.

  3. May your parents soul rest in peace! I’m sure they’re happy to see your successes from the heavens! Going now to check out your insta!!! 🙂

  4. My week has been busy so far, but it’s a good kind of busy! 🙂 Are you addicted to instagram yet? I can see from your side bar that you’re really making an effort to curate your photos. Great work!

    • yes, I try to curate but as I see other people’s feed, there are so many ideas! I have not committed to a particular look. I am still experimenting.

  5. I hope your parents Rest in peace and i believe they’re in heaven right now ,having a plan for the future indeed a must to do ,nice post

  6. it’s amazing i would love to know more about how you did this editing

  7. I think February will be a particularly solemn month for you given that your parents are missed~ I like the snowy photoshopped one~ The other one’s outfit is a little off!

  8. Elizabeth O. says:

    your photo editing skills is just awesome! i like how you edit the photo

  9. a lot of things are happening during your week. thought i could say it was a productive one.. hope you always find time to rest and enjoy life too.. 🙂 an i bet you do! 🙂

  10. Such a nice subject of this post! I loved the currently missing section. I am sure they are watching over you…

  11. Hello. It seems like you had quite an eventful week. I adore the snow background on your photo. I`ve also just started posting photos on Instagram. I recently changed my username then decided I wanted to go back and use my old username again. I tried changing it back to the old username right after changing it. However, it won`t change because it says the username is already taken when nobody did! It`s been bothering me lately. Do you know why this happened? Have a wonderful week!
    ❀Grace ❀

  12. It is a good thing to write down our goals or plans and where we are already on those lists. I have noticed that you started this blog since 2011 and still working on it up to this time. Congratulations for having a well-maintained blog. It is quite challenging yet you are able to make it.

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