The Sunday Currently Vol. 2

A week has passed and a lot has happened. I have yet to note them down on my journal. This is the second week of The Sunday Currently series.  ( In case you have not read the first one, you can check it out here.)

Currently organizing

I want to update this small website of mine to something that looks polished and current. I have been reading tips from other bloggers on how to do it right.  I am still in the planning stage and I am having information overload. I have to take down notes and update whatever it is that needs my immediate attention.

Currently anxious

The southern part of the Philippines has been experiencing inclement weather.  We live near the river and the water level has overflowed last week that we have elevated our things in the house in order to prepare for flooding. Thank God  we were spared. Homes from other parts of the city were not as fortunate as us. However, with the unpredictable weather, we kept our things elevated until forecast says that sunny days are coming.  Currently, the house is still in disarray.

Currently practicing

I am glad I had the time to do some art practice. I am on the process of getting my art out there. I want to be able to put out artworks that I can be proud of so I keep on practicing.

Currently watching

I am a TV series kind of person. I prefer watching TV series than movies.  I am catching up on Modern Family Season 8 episodes. I am also watching the current season of The Big Bang Theory, Scandal and Homeland.

Currently thankful

I am thankful for freebies. I got some digital freebies from Free Pretty Things For You! And indeed, they are pretty. I was able to create the graphics below.  One day, I will give back by offering some freebies myself based on my watercolor artwork. Check out the link in case you are interested.

That is all for this week. Tell me something new in your life this week.

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  1. Loving those two art work you did. I used to do that kind of stuff way back. It relaxed me. I love the graphic too, Where did you get it at or did you create it yourself?

  2. Those art pieces are beautiful!!

  3. Good luck with organizing your website!!! It can take time but always worth it in the long run. Oh no to the crazy weather. That is never any fun! Stay safe! Your artwork is beautiful! Also I love Scandal!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  4. Kiara A Catanzaro says:

    I am loving Timeless and The Flash (I feel like such a nerd typing this but hey, what can you do, haha!) I’ll need to check out Homeland.

  5. Where do you get inspiration from the website design revamp? I think it’s best to choose one that will complement your style and personality. 🙂

  6. The mere fact that you’re taking several inputs for your website would really make it a good one. It may take more time but you’ll get the one you like.

  7. This is so beautiful.. I’m loving all your art pieces…

  8. I really really love the painting of the cactus! They’re so relaxing! 😀

  9. Love your paintings!!! You got so much talent!!! By the way, I love Big Bang Theory too!!!

  10. Hi Kat! Hope everything is ok in your place now.

    The “Currently” looks like a day-to-day journal of what your thankful for, and I like the idea of making/doing this kind of activities. It’s nice to keep positive vibes with our busy life – not to forget that we are still human! 🙂

  11. Hello. I hope and prayed that you won`t experience flooding in your area. Did you do those arts with flowers and plants? They`re really nice and pretty especially because I appreciate the beauty of flowers (hence my blog`s logo at The Graceful Mist). You said you`re a TV series kind of person, are you also interested in watching Korean drama series? I also watch drama series but I only usually watch Korean dramas. I have some spoiler-free Korean drama reviews posted on my blog if you want to venture out into watching some K-dramas. By the way, I like the theme of your blog. I`m hoping that I can also organize and change some things on my blog. What`s your blog post font? It looks like Josefin Sans* but I`m not sure. Have a great day, Ms. Kat! By the way, my first name starts with a “Kat” too although I prefer to be called Grace. Well, I hope to see you on my blog as well. I`ll be looking out for new posts from you.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  12. Elizabeth O. says:

    I hope you are doing great and your house is ok. You are creative and your works are beautiful.

  13. Your artwork about plants look very good and realistic. You should really continue practice your art and come up with one entire show soon. Are these paintings from imagination? or you had an actual model? or you had a photograph to copy?

    • Thank you, Fred. The succulent was based on a tutorial of Anna Mason while the bougainvillea was based from a photo. I often have to copy from a photo for practice.

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