The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

Stock photo by Freddy Castro

My friend, Grace, started this type of blog post that updates her readers about the things that are currently happening in her life. She gets her blog prompts from here. I am following her lead. This would help me keep up with one of  my plans for the year: write frequently.

Here’s my version:

Currently considering

My friend will be taking up an online entrepreneurship course and I was thinking of taking the course with her.  I am hesitant because the deadline for enrollment is next week  and I have not really thought this through yet. I might not be able to keep up with the schedule. I am also thinking of taking a free online course through edX.

Currently trying

I have gained inches and kilos the past year. I am trying to follow a workout schedule which I have been skipping since the start of the year. I have already plotted the schedule on my journal. I am done with day 1.  I have 38 days more to go before I change the schedule.

Currently collecting

Last week, I learned about this awesome site, Unsplash. It is a website where you can download beautiful stock photos for free. I got my title image for this post from there. I have downloaded 42 favorite images and I plan to update my files often.

Currently reading

I have 16 books to read for the year and I am still on my first book. I am reading Mia Alvar’s In the Country Stories. It is a book with different Filipino stories of struggles and realizations. It is a book which I wish I wrote.  I often find myself thinking, ” Why can’t I write like this?”

Currently happy

Roger Federer won his 18th Grand Slam title by winning the Australian Open finals against Rafael Nadal just a few minutes ago.  I am a Federer fan although I stopped watching tennis after my father died. No one will explain the game for me anymore.  Around this time of the year, I used to talk about tennis based on these reminders from Facebook.

I’ll just end the post here.

Share what is currently happening in your life. Leave a comment or link to your blog post.

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  1. Hi Kat! Thanks for doing Sunday Currently with me. It will help with the blog lull 🙂
    About going back to exercise, it’s always better you’ve decided to tackle “Day one” than just wishing “One day…”

  2. Wow 16 books to read. That is awesome. I love this currently list. I might try it. MAkes you really look at where you at and where you are going. I love it. Stay on track love. Awesome!

  3. Unsplash is an amazing resource! I love their photos! And even though I wish ALL of my photos where my own on my blog, I am glad for Unsplash for providing pictures for me to use!

  4. The entrepreneurship course would be a nice learning experience. Good luck also on your fitness goals.

  5. It is good to get to know you better. I am trying to lose some inches around my waist myself and would love to know more about your progress and tips on your blog 😀

  6. Omigoodness! Your blog sounds like something I would write as well because we have similar stories. Your currently considering, trying, collecting and reading are stuff I have done last year. I am still using Unsplash for a client and my own social networks as well and I still have a neverending list of books to read and sort. For the last part though, I was rooting for Nadal because one of my best friends like him and I don’t really watch tennis, hehehe. maybe I should do a similar post sometime soon. 🙂

  7. I’ve read some Sunday Currently in some blogs, too. I think, apart from the fact that it provides something new from the lull in blogging, it is also a great way to just express yourself and update your readers.

  8. It’s actually a nice blog topic because it brings you closer to your readers when you update them regularly. The Sunday schedule is good too since most people catch up on that day too.

  9. Cool. I like the concept of your post, like giving an insight into your life to your readers. Btw, I”m happy too on Federer’s win!!! Yippeee!

  10. I am happy to know that you are also a Federer fan. That match may have been the last Fed-Rafa finals match ever — history! Nice blog concept in this post.

  11. 16 books seem like a lot but then it’s always good to learn more to feed the brain. Tracking your weight is a great way for self motivation. I also need to work out to grow some muscles. 🙂

  12. I love this idea and was thinking of starting it as well. but I think you need to be more disciplined. Looks like a fine plan to me .. good luck with all your goals!

  13. Everything was fine until I read that you are a fan of Federer … (I am Spanish, so for me Nadal deserved to win). But leaving aside the sports issue hahahahaha I am now just like you with respect to exercise, I also gained a few kilos last year …

  14. Currently trying to catch up with backlogs and blogs while thinking of resolutions and goals for the year!… I know, February is here and halfway through~

  15. Your journal is so nice. I love the flower details. May I ask what journal you use? I simple use a journal with Paris as a theme.

    ❀ Grace ❀

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