A Weekend in Carmen

One fine weekend in June, work led me to a small enclave of a paradise. How lucky was I to be working on a weekend and waking up with this view!


This is in a private rest house. The place is beautiful that it makes me want to work hard in order to afford a little place of paradise for myself one day.

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The place is in Carmen, Agusan del Norte and it has access to a beach.  The beach was rocky. Although you need beach shoes to wade into the water, the water was so clear. I can see the fishes.

FullSizeRender (9)

I did not bring swimwear so I hang out on those rocks.  I saw this fisherfolk in a boat made of 3 halves of a plastic barrel. He said that the simplest boat would cost Php 5,000 (approx $110) and that is pretty expensive for him.  This is Filipino ingenuity.  This boat may not be seaworthy but it is enough for the fisherfolk to get a day’s catch for the family and more.

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Our host’s neighbor had these huts and tree house.

FullSizeRender (2)

Farther left was this view.

FullSizeRender (1)

What a weekend!  I would not mind working again like this: perfect views, great people and full of hope for the future! Even the food was great!

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  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    It’s such a relaxing place to go to for work! I doubt I will be able to focus on my work with a view like this, but it’s definitely a place I’d enjoy! I really like the breathtaking views!

  2. Beautiful scenery. I prefer staying on the shore when I go to the seashore, not swimming. I had never been to Agusan del Norte, looks so quiet and remote.

  3. It would be difficult not to have a fantastic time in a place as beautiful as this! I really like the pictures that you took it captures the serenity and the peacefulness of this place.

  4. The placid place is really fit for you and also the food – as what you posted. Well, this is it where you can stay for a while and do your work.

  5. Nice reading such a great post. It is a great experience with such great article

  6. Carmen seems so calming and beautiful! Your photos are also so lovely! 😀

  7. the place looks like the perfect place to chill and relax! the scenery looks so tranquil and peaceful and even the way the watermelon is cut up looks so pretty!

  8. It’s such a very serene place. I’d also want a paradise of my own, such as this one. I haven’t visited Agusan del Norte yet and I hope to be able to explore that part of the Philippines someday.

  9. Carmen is a beautiful town. The improvised boat is a really smart idea.

  10. The weather has been really hot recently and the watermelon definitely looks enticing, especially if it’s very cold! Chilling watermelon will be great and healthy~

  11. Such a refreshing view! Totally relaxing as well. That watermelon is so yum yum yum..

  12. Wow. The place just looks incredible. A weekend away from the buzzing city to here is all anyone needs.

  13. Carmen is a beautiful place and away from the hustle bustle of fast city life. Your photos are already making me feel in that serene place.

  14. Awww, how come you didn’t bring your swim wear? But overall I think you still had a great time!

  15. It’s always good to have a relaxing weekend at the Beach. I’m hoping to do that soon.

  16. Ugh! THis is a perfect place to destress and unwind!!! sigh! It’s always great to be with nature. ♥

  17. This looks like such a nice place to spend the weekend.. I can spend hours just looking at that view.

  18. What a wonderful escape. Only if you don’t have a work in hand. I hope I can have some time to explore places after I gave birth.

  19. The place is so nice, I think pag ako nandyan I just want to feel the place baka tamarin ako mag work

  20. The place looks so peaceful and calm. I would love to give it a try soon 🙂 I think i would love the ambiance here!!

  21. The view indeed beautiful! nakaka inspire, siguro I’ll finish my work quickly and enjoy the beauty of the place has to offer afterwards. Love all the photos posted Sis, ganda ng Pinas!

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