The preparations for my friend’s birthday kept me busy the week before the Holy Week. You see my friend, Ernelyn, was turning 40 and she dreamed of having an 18th birthday type of celebration. She had this dream written in her dream book! (This made me panic a little since I do not have a dream book!) Many of her dreams have already been fulfilled: having her own family, building her own home, buying her own car and having me as a friend (kidding!). Having this party was one of those dreams she wanted to cross off her list.

For those who know her, we all agreed that Ernelyn deserved this grand celebration. When you look at her life, it seemed that the odds were all against her favor (credits to Suzanne Collins). She was born out of wedlock. As a baby, her mother left her in the care of her aunt who raised her like her own but her aunt was not rich so they lived with meager means. She told me that she used to go to school without breakfast.  She did not even own proper school shoes. Yet, she survived it all unscathed. She graduated with honors: elementary salutatorian, high school salutatorian, cum laude in college. She passed the CPA boards. All her hard work paid off and she started to fulfill her dreams.

Even with all her achievements, she never forgot to give back and share her blessings. Her home is always open for her family and friends. I was one of the recipients of her generosity. I remember last year I was working during my birthday that I did not have time to organize even a simple celebration. She came to my house and told me to dress up because she was going to treat me to dinner. What a friend!

And since she asked that I take care of her slide show, I did the best I could. I am glad she was happy with what I did.  All of us, her friends and family, were there to support her.


Here we are with our party duties: Mitzi (right) is Erns’ best friend and she was asked to deliver a speech and Bobot (left) was one of the hosts for the program.


Jen (middle), Erns’ neighbor and bff,  was the official party photographer. Wela (left) and I (the girl with a poor posture) were on double-duty. Wela was one of the hosts and since we brought cameras, we also took photos . (Btw, I am using Wela’s photos in this post.)


These are some of our friends who each has a role to play in the party.  Left to right: Wela, Kikim (one of the hosts), Ernelyn  (the debutante. hehe), Teram (photobooth sponsor), Me and Mitzi (the bestfriend).


This is my photo with the birthday girl. Ernelyn really deserved this party!


If you have noticed,  I wore makeup. You can count on my two hands the number of times I wore makeup in my lifetime. Thanks to my friend, Teram, for insisting. Otherwise, I’d look like Cinderella before the ball. Haha Good thing, I bought a black and white houndstooth printed skirt from Zalora when there was a sale last December.  (Here’s a tip: Visit ZALORA’s wide range of plus size clothing if you want stress-free shopping.)

Ernelyn’s birthday was a party to remember. Looking forward to other birthday parties!

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  1. It is nice of you and your friends to put these all together for your friend. It seems that you all had a wonderful time. The birthday celebrant looks she has her grandest.

  2. It’s so wonderful that you threw your friend such a great party. You all look so happy! Great colors and photos – and to many-many such wonderful celebrations along the years!

  3. I love your photos. Everyone just looks so happy which is how it should be. Looks like this was one “Bongga” celebration. lol I think she’d laugh at that term, right? Oh well, that’s part of being 18 again.

    Your friend sure has an amazing story. Very inspiring. She definitely sounds like a friend to keep forever. Reliable, responsible and humble. Those are very important traits that a person must have…especially a friend.

    Belated Happy Birthday to her!!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. First things first – both of you look really young. I wouldn’t beleive if you said she’s 40!!! Happy Birthday to your friend…

  5. Bravo to this remarkable lady for overcoming all odds and triumphing over adversity. (I do not know why, but I personally do not like to celebrate my birthdays in a big manner though, even if it were a milestone birthday.)

    • Me, too! I have already declared that I am not celebrating my birthday this way. hehehe Just because I cannot imagine how much it would cost me!

  6. Awwwww! This is so sweet! I have never heard of a dream book before 🙁 Ernelyn is so blessed to have friends like you guys! From the pictures, i can tell that the party was a success!

  7. she looks good for 40! wouldnt have guessed 40 i do love how the theme is red.

  8. Elizabeth O. says:

    Just look at all those bright smiles. She definitely deserves a party like this and more! I hope she continues to get more blessings in life, it’s good to know that there’s a person like her in the world, they make this a better place to live in.

  9. Love the collection and all of you are looking fabulous in the same shades of red.

  10. It is good to celebrate birthdays…Such simple pleasures of life lift up your energies.

  11. It’s nice to finally see her succeed despite hard times. I’m a CPA myself and I know how difficult it is to pass the exam so cheers to her. We just become stronger everytime we are tested by challenges and time.

  12. Wow you are a great friend. Preparing for a party takes a lot of time and effort. Every little things counts. Hope that yuor friendship will grow and last forever.

  13. Leke Awonuga says:

    I love the radiant joyous faces. The red color seems to bond you all in love and support for each other. 🙂 Keep shinning with ease people!!

  14. You are so nice to throw a party like this for your friend! Everyone looks so happy and they look like they had tons of fun! 😀

    • I just have a role in the preparations. Actually, it was Ernelyn throwing a party for everyone to enjoy!

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