A Roadtrip to Roadtrip

My aunt came home one afternoon from a get-together with friends. She told us they went to a new cafe along the diversion road in the city. She said that the food was good. It was not accessible by public transportation so when my cousins invited me to go with them, I dropped everything. I cannot pass up the opportunity.

The cafe is named Roadtrip. It is a both a carwash and a cafe. So while you wait for your car to be washed, you can dine in their cafe.  The cafe was cozy and breezy with all the open windows.


I love the stairs.  They are made of old tires that are filled with concrete.

12472239_10156491756605253_5327336555342339017_n (1)

The cafe is pet-friendly. We brought my cousins’ mini-pinscher  and she felt at home.


There is also a backyard with ducks. ( I was only able to capture one duck in the photo.)


This is what we ordered- longsilog (longganisa, fried rice and egg) and bacon cheeseburger.

12472239_10156491756605253_5327336555342339017_n (2)

This is the bacon cheeseburger upclose. It was delicious.  (Disclosure: I went back with friends. Twice.)


Since we went to the Roadtrip Cafe early in the afternoon, we went to a roadtrip (literally!). This time… to the beach!


I sometimes forget that we live near the beach.  One can just rent a cottage here for P50 (~$1).


My cousins’ dog went for a swim.


On the way the beach, we crossed the Masao bridge. The bridge crosses the Masao river.


There are people who make a living from the river.


We also went to the nearby barangay, Lumbocan, out of curiousity. We found this beautiful fishpond.


 Oh, we passed by the area where pots of bougainvillea were sold. I love bougainvillea.


We called it a day since our youngest roadtripper was already tired.


Have you explored your hometown lately?

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  1. Hi! It looks like a good place to just relax.

    Your place looks good too! Where are you from by the way?

  2. I love the idea of having a tire stairs…hahahaha…very original! And the place is so relaxing.

  3. Pooja Kawatra says:

    What a gorgeous place and that thatched roof kind of place with steps(which i felt are made with tyres) looks awesome.

  4. Wonderful Roadtrip I must say! Pets are allowed too in the cafe? That is good…Your photos speak a loads.

  5. This looks a nice place to spend vacation and just relax.Seems you had pretty great time there.Those foods are also looking awesome.

  6. Wow, you can do many things at the roadtrip cafe at the same time. It’s a wonderful concept! Is the beach just nearby?

  7. Wow, what an awesome car wash. And you can rent a cottage for $1 USD?!?!? What!!!! That’s awesome. This place really looks magical. I hope you start enjoying the beach more. I spent part of my childhood living in Hawaii and rarely went to the beach. Now I miss it so much and wish I hadn’t taken it for granted. I’ll be moving soon to a place near the beach and I plan to take full advantage of it this time!

  8. What a great place to get away from the city! I hope I get to visit some day!

  9. I love how rustic the place looks! Sounds like a nice little getaway.

  10. Nah, I have not done anything exploring ( of my hometown ) lately. Traffic here is terrible so I either have to wake up early and go out or not go out at all. Butuan is lovely and I hope I can go there in one of my future trips.

    The cafe has a nice concept, not the usual car wash if you’d ask me but I totally see why it’s worth visiting.

  11. This is so picturesque and so beautiful. The cafe looks so serene and peaceful. The beach is spectacular….

  12. What a cute name! And it’s indeed beautiful! I love your photo of the sea, although the western food is not my first choice~

  13. Elizabeth O. says:

    What a trip! I love the cafe’s concept and the ambiance is just so relaxing. You’re lucky to be living near a beach, that’s really awesome. I’m glad you had a fun day!

  14. That looks alike a great place for a short weekend getaway, wish they have places like this in Malaysia that isn’t too far out of the city. Traveling can be quite tiring especially if it’s a short roadtrip.

  15. What a nice name for this place 😉 And it’s great that it is pet friendly. Plus, the view is amazing and, indeed, the stairs are truly inspired! I’d definitely try it when in the area!

  16. I like the concept of the road trip cafe. and they do have good meal alternatives. It’s really nice to explore one’s hometown. I always get to know more of my hometown every time I visit.

  17. Where is this place? You did not mention the address, I think. You describe the burger so temptingly. That sauce looks so tasty.

  18. Yah! I just went back to my hometown during chinese new year. There are lots of changes and development. I am happy and sad at the same time. Happy that there are more shops and facilities. sad because some of the old spots and places were demolished for the development.

  19. Where exactly is this? Clean beach. Beautiful view and so peaceful

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