My 2016 Goals

I wrote a long list of plans last year. I only achieved 11 out of the 25 things I planned to do. One would think I would stop making a list.  No, sir. Here I am again. I have learned my lesson and settled for five goals for this year.  I got the idea from Lindsey of The Postman’s Knock. She posted a challenge to write one’s goals in a creative manner- something that is display-worthy. So I came up with this.


 Let me expound my goals further.

1. Create more art. I have enjoyed doing watercolor art for more than a year now after picking up that brush again. I still have a lot to learn and a lot to practice. Friends asked me to make them some artwork and I accepted their requests as a challenge. Yes, they paid me! I am now in process of creating my Facebook page for my art and other future projects.  I will start accepting commission work from those who are interested in owning a watercolor artwork from me.  I will blog about it soon.


Commission work I did last year.

2.  Write more often. Technically, I write for a living. However, when I say ‘write more often’, I meant that I should blog more and write about my experiences. I am often tempted to just post the pictures on Facebook and just let the photos tell the stories.  There are experiences that are best described using words.  I wish I can do more of that this year.  It is when I write that I get to process my thoughts better and polish them into something that is worth reading (I hope).

3. Make time for personal reflection.  I wish I can say that I pray a lot. I do not. I try to be a good person but I do not have that regular routine where I take time to meditate and reflect on the what happened during the day. I want to enrich my day with daily reflections, meaningful prayers and words from the scriptures.

4.  Do more kitchen adventures.  I cooked some pork ribs with sauce last December. My aunts liked it that they requested I make it for Christmas lunch. I should do more of such kind of cooking this year. My aunt from Canada is coming home and I want to cook nice meals for her. Plus, my aunt is getting an oven this year so I will embark on more baking experiments. In many of my daydreams (hahaha!), I own a bakeshop where the shop is adorned with my art. I would offer baking and art classes every month and hold afternoon tea parties for friends. Hey, daydreaming is free!


Pork ribs in Korean Barbecue Sauce by Kat

5. Keep track on finances. I did my taxes yesterday. I realized I did not earn that much last year. I am a freelancer. The projects I get are unpredictable. However, I did not realize that I was already taking a dip on my savings and it created a dent on my liquidity.  The plus side, I am not in debt but I felt poor. This year, I will try to keep track on my expenses and earnings so there will be no surprises for me.

Do you have goals for 2016?

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  1. Great plans! I pray you keep them and excel on them! 2016, pls be good to us all! 🙂

  2. I have yearly goals and I felt fulfilled every time I crossed them out from my list. Push mo yang FB page mo because your artwork is really nice.

  3. Hi Kat! It’s better to shorten na lang our goals, it’s so difficult to achieve all of them kaya, I have shorten mine na pud. hehehe.. More art, more art. I love looking at your drawings I wish one of your creation will fly to Cagayan de Oro and land on my desk. hehehe.. Happy New Year Kat!

  4. Me too, one of my goal for this year is to write more. At sana di masyadong tamarin sa pagsusulat kasi gusto ko pang mag explore sa pag susulat.

  5. Great Artwork! You should have created a portfolio for these great pieces but put watermark on it for protection =) You are such a talented person….

  6. 11 out of 25 not bad. At least you fulfill some of your plans last year and you have another year to do those in the list.
    For 2016, great plans. For now, I don’t have that specific plans but I have a list of things to do. Minsan sa sobrang dami hindi ko alam ang uunahin. I think I have to list it like the way you made your list.

  7. My plan this year is to just enjoy each and every single day. I hope that 2016 will be an amazing year for you and your family!

  8. I am still thinking of what to achieve this year. One this is for sure, saving and smart spending is part of that goal. Daddy A and I are talking about fully paying our house MA since two years na lang naman. Like you I will focus on few goals lang muna. May God guide you to reach your goals.

  9. I do have goals for 2016 and have them down on my blog. I hope that you be able to achieve all your goals this year 🙂

  10. Kat, I was smiling while reading your post. It rings true to me too — that daydreaming about the bakeshop… 🙂 🙂 And also about finances, parang almost lahat ng sinabi mo pwera lang sa artwork. Pero I’ve set my prioritized goals for this year, and the bakeshop can wait next year maybe. Hehehe…

  11. Good thing for you were able to do your 2016 goals, I also have so many goals and plan this year

  12. Your Korean Pork Ribs are amazingly delicious, Kat. Invite me to come over, lets cook together! kakagutom naman. Goodluck on your 2016 goal Sis,:)

  13. Nice and sweet short list. It’s short but very full. Looking forward to seeing 2016 unfold for you Kat!

  14. Good luck to all your plans! My goal is to write more too. 🙂

  15. Awww. These are really nice goals to make! Ako naman, I want to make more memories with Nate. 🙂

  16. I love that you’re sticking to less goals but are more elaborate. I think goals are more achievable when you can focus more on them.

  17. Very comprehensive. I was also planning to make a 2016 goals. I already have some but I haven’t posted it yet (I am making sure Blood Donating is one of it) 😉

    God bless on your undertakings.

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