The Memories I Treasure (July 2015)

July has brought me joy and pains. Life is a journey and it is not always a smooth ride. I am thankful for friends who were there to ease the pain and made life a little brighter and for my  family who always had my back.

I welcomed July full of hope. My nephew celebrated his 4th birthday. We brought him to a pool. It was a simple celebration but seeing the smile on his face brought joy in our hearts.


On the second Saturday of July, I received a devastating news. My college roommate, Odessa, lost her battle against ovarian cancer. She was 40 and full of life. I was able to visit her during her second session of chemotherapy last March and she was doing great. Her positive spirit radiated.  My other roommates, common friends and I were all heartbroken with the news. We consoled each other virtually because we lived far apart.  We were comforted with all the Facebook messages on Odessa’s wall- it is amazing how she touched a lot of people in her short time in this world.  This experience brought me to a realization that life is unpredictable. Even if we look after our health, there are several factors that affects its longevity.  There are just things beyond our control. The best thing we can do is live life to fullest and let our loved one know how much we love them.

So as much as possible, I make time for family and friends.

I met Grace and her family.


I had a meetup with my cousin.


I had dinner with friends after watching a movie with them.


My aunt also celebrated her 60th birthday. We had a simple celebration. Her colorful cake only cost us Php200 (around USD 5).


We also went to meet relatives. They were staying in a hotel in the city.   I took these photos in the hotel grounds.


I also watched a movie with my cousin, Ghia.

In July, I had the chance to explore remote places in the region.

This is in my father’s hometown in Santiago, Agusan del Norte.  I have to been to Santiago several times but not in Barangay Pangaylan. It was only in the past year that  four-wheeled vehicles can pass this area.  I  am thankful that we still have thick forest cover in this area.


I also went to Brgy Casiklan in Las Nieves, Agusan del Norte. I remember that our vehicle was moving uphill then we reached this clearing. I did not see any mountain. Does this meaning we are already on top?

050 (2)

Oh, I now have a mini- herb garden. I was able to buy the plants when I went to Dahilayan with Grace.


I cannot survive the month without doing some art.  I tried drawing with ink, sent some mails and painted a realistic leaf based on an actual leaf.


 I also made some art at the request of friends.  I am thankful for their trust in my skills.


This is how I lived my life the fullest.  I embrace the ups and downs. Say my prayers and just live like I mean it.

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  1. You have a wonderful July to spend for your family. The month is so favorable for your and your family. You are too fortunate then. I know God so provides all these things for you.

  2. I was shocked to see the price of the cake! 200 lang? wow!!!

  3. You had a great July sis. Full of memories indeed. I had a good July but now I am having a very stressful August. I badly need some rest 🙁

  4. You’re really good at art Ate Kat! So jealous of you! Hehe. I hope one day, I can own a piece of your art. :p Reading through your post made me think what happened to me last July? It’s sad that I don’t really have much things to share except for the events I have attended. I guess, I should start doing something memorable or at least notice the little happy moments that happen.

  5. I’m so happy that your month has been so fulfilling! May you have many many more to come! 🙂

  6. wow nice pics you have in treasure July, love you art too. The ice cream in hands I saw before here, but it’s not cheap so I did not buy to try. Are you going to blog about memories you treasure in August?

  7. Looks like you had a very eventful July. I’m sorry about your friend though, a lot of cancer patients do die due to chemotherapy, not the cancer itself. I know a lot of survivors who opted not to take the treatment and are still alive today, they just chose to change their lifestyle to a healthy one and it worked. Too bad for your friend though. Still, you have a lot to be grateful for last month and everyday. God is good. 🙂

  8. I liked the cake’s frosting! Is it boiled icing? 🙂

  9. hannah gee says:

    Such a sad occasion we too have experienced this recently. However the children in our lives definitely bring an element of joy helping you see the light in times of trouble. I hope your nephew family and friends can do this for you aswell. Yay for celebrations, So pleased these have filled your month of July.

  10. What a fruitful month indeed! I bet there’s no sad news in here. Your friend’s loss to cancer is her victory in heaven. It would have been more painful to see her suffering. But I definitely understand the pain. I myself just lost my father last June. But the thought that he is with God now, gives me comfort. God bless you.

  11. Elizabeth O. says:

    Looks like you had an awesome time last month! You look so happy and the kids too. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  12. Cancer is never an easy thing, so unpredictable. You can be doing so well, but things can turn bad anytime. You never mentioned the two movies you watched and how you liked them?

    • It was the Sarah and Piolo movie and Paper Towns. I am not really good in giving reviews. Both movies are okay. I was not thoroughly impressed but I was entertained.

  13. My sympathy and condolence to the family of your best friend Odessa whose battle against a treacherous disease took her life.

  14. Pooja kawatra says:

    Good to read that you had a beautiful month of July and definitely lovely to capture them to sum up as a post.

  15. Such a busy yet enjoyable month for you. 🙂 Your painting/drawing stood out for me. You are a very good artist! Amazingly talented 🙂

  16. I am sorry for your lost babe, losing an old friend is never easy and 40 is young. I am glad though that you choose to embrace all the other happiness that came your way.

  17. It’s nice to see that your father’s hometown is still heavily forested. That would just give you all the great view each time you visit.

  18. July had been so good to you.. you have much time to mingle with old associates. wish that August bring more joy and blessings to you and your family.

  19. I had a double take with the photo of the animal… lioness? Thought it was real! You got me there!

  20. You remind me to plant my own herbs at home. I bought a few packs of plant seeds, soil and pot. I have not had the time to put together yet.

  21. I love the simple cake for 200 pesos?? Seryoso? Where did you buy that??? I also like the leaf painying you did

  22. Truly a memories to be treasured and forever be remember, sarap ng mga happenings, food and cake. I love this kind of bonding, miss ko tuloy family ko hehehe. Thanks for great photo Sis

  23. I guess you really had a great time. At first I thought the tigers are true. hahah

  24. I really love how you live your life Kat.. You spend more time with family and friends, enjoy the gift of art and of course all your travels and adventures. You are truly blessed Kat… I wish you more blessings in life.


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