Frozen Dessert Goodness with Inipit! #NoLimitWithInipit

Summer is intense this year. Any cold dessert is a welcome comfort to make the heat bearable. I am sharing with you two cold dessert recipes that were hits with my family. Both recipes are easy to make and you can even get your kids to help you prepare them. I used ingredients that are easy to find in the grocery.. or even in your nearest convenience store!

Mangoes are in season. In our place, they are sold at Php40 per kilo. So cheap! I had to incorporate them into the dessert. You can always replace mango with any fleshy fruit available in your grocery. You can substitute canned fruits if you cannot find mangoes in the grocery.

Mango Inipit Popsicles

You will need 2 ripe mangoes, 6 individual packs of Lemon Squares Inipit and 1 big can of evaporated milk.  If you want a sweeter dessert, you can add sugar to the ingredients.

IMG_0689 To create the dessert, cube the Lemon Squares Inipit and soak the cubes in the evaporated milk .
IMG_0691 Cube the mangoes.
IMG_0695 Layer the mangoes and Inipit into the popsicle mold.
IMG_0696 Repeat the layering process until you fill the mold.
IMG_0699 I got the Inipit pack with assorted flavors.  In this layer, I used the ube variant.
IMG_0700 This recipe yields 8 popsicles.  This is how it looks when frozen.

IMG_0768 The heat is a little bearable with this frozen dessert.


Here’s the recipe:

Mango Inipit Popsicles

2 ripe mangoes
6 individual packs of Lemon Squares Inipit
1 large evaporated milk (Optional: Sugar)

1. Cut Inipit into cubes.
2. Soak cubed Inipit in the evaporated milk.
3. Cut mangoes into cubes.
4. In the popsicle mold, fill up with layers mangoes and the soaked Inipit.
5. Pour in the excess milk to fill the mold.
6. Freeze the popsicle container overnight.
7. Enjoy!

Yields 8 popsicles.


Choco Mango Inipit Pudding

Since I still have packs of chocolate Inipit in my pantry, I made another frozen dessert.

You need almost the same ingredients: 1 ripe mango, 10 individual packs of Lemon Squares chocolate  Inipit, 1 small can evaporated milk and 2 eggs.  Sugar is optional.


Here’s how  I made the pudding:

Beat eggs. Add milk. Mash the Inipit into the evaporated milk-egg mixture.  Use the fork to mash.


Mix in cubed mangoes into the mashed Inipit.


Mix well.


Pour the mixture into a shallow dish.


Microwave the mixture on high for 3 minutes. I am doing this to cook the eggs. You can also bake this in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.  Let it cool and freeze for at least 4 hours.

To serve, garnish cubed mangoes on top and drizzle with chocolate syrup.


This is as delicious as it looks. Try this!


This is the recipe:

Choco Mango Inipit Pudding

2 eggs
10 individual packs of chocolate Lemon Squares Inipit
1 small evaporated milk (Optional: Sugar)
1 ripe mango, cubed

cubed mangoes
chocolate syrup

1. Beat eggs. Mix in the milk.
2. Mash the Inipit into the evaporated milk-egg mixture.
3. Mix in cubed mangoes. Mix well.
4. Pour the mixture into a shallow dish.
5. Microwave on high for 3 minutes.
6. Freeze.
7. To serve: garnish with cubed mangoes and drizzle with chocolate sauce.
8. Enjoy!

Yields 8 slices.


 “Sarap maging kid with Inipit!”  #NoLimitWithInipit

*** This is an entry to a Nuffnang Contest.
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  1. Looks tasty and easy to prepare. Gonna try to prepare it soon.. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m hungry now 🙁
    Can’t wait for summer

  3. I’m loving all the mango desserts this summer! I’ll surely try that one out!

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy – Style.. A Pastiche!
    SAP on Facebook

  4. I’m hungry now. In fact, in Indonesia everyday is summer…
    I can make them and eat em everyday!
    Lucky me!
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Looks Yummy!!! Great for.Summertime..

  6. I really want to give the first mango ice lollies a try, they look so tasty and bet they are super refreshing as well x
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  7. Looks so tasty!
    Creative way of making fun new foods ><
    Thanks for sharing <3


  8. pretty simple recipes and they sure look tasty! but I’m not a big fan of mango, perhaps I can switch up the fruits?

  9. I didn’t know you could do this with Inipit! I really admire your creativity especially with the Popsicles!! So amazing! 🙂

  10. omg the mango popsicles!!! I love mangoes in general and with this heat, just give me that popsicle now!

  11. Elizabeth O. says:

    Two delicious and easy desserts I didn’t think I could do with Inipit. I will definitely try them.

  12. The recipes are very easy and it looks great for summer. Frozen products are readily available at the market. Making according to your taste is incredible.

  13. This is very interesting. I think the kids will love to help make this delicious dessert! Thanks for the recipe.

  14. This is so awesome and the Popsicles look yummmmmy. Will surely try this one..

  15. That pudding looks really good. Question though, where can I get popsicle containers like those? 🙂

  16. you made me smile Sis. Why? because I grew up making those popsies as we call them and ice cream. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  17. i have heard of this challenge .. yours was really an innovative.. i love the idea and it looks delicious

  18. R U S S says:

    Oooh. Inipit and mangoes seem to go well together. I think I’m gonna do the pudding recipe at home although the popsicles would be an awesome heat-buster in this weather.

  19. These are simple but very smart dessert ideas everyone can try at home. Love how you plated the Choco Mango Inipit Pudding 🙂

  20. These looks so amazing. I would definitely try it but I can’t get inipit here

  21. I love the idea of frozen dessert. Good Luck to us. hehehe

    Allan (

  22. That looks so good! I wish I was back in Manila now so I could make them 🙁

  23. looks like my daughter would definitely love this, cool recipe.

  24. The ice cream looks really tasty and if I didn’t have cough now, I would definitely go to the nearest store to buy one. Inipit is a nice combination to a lot of desserts.

  25. Wow! Great idea! I wanna try this summer dessert. 🙂 I love how you mixed it with Mango! haha I would really love to have a taste of this. 😀

  26. Summer here is approaching and its getting hotter everyday. Definitely, I need this cool stuff for my kids. Those mangoes are mouthwatering. I like your Choco Mango Inipit Pudding too. They are easy to make and only few ingredients required.

  27. Now you got me! I love desserts with mango!! Ahh!! Love!! Will try the recipe when I have the time =)

  28. I’ve been melting away in the heat here in Singapore! The pops you made look like just the thing. What is Inipit? I wonder if I can find some kind of replacement to it so I can try this recipe at home!

    • It is local version of a sponge cake with filling in between. Sponge cake and ladyfingers can be substitutes.

  29. OMG. It looks so delicious! Most importantly, they are not made of artificial ingredients! I love how you made it with fresh fruits!

  30. These look great!!! It’s so cool that you can make new desserts out of a packed sweet/snack. Reminded me so much of the cooking contest/show — Chopped. 🙂 Anyway, I’ll give these recipes a try when I get my hands on some Inipit, or something similar.

    By the way, how do you easily get the popsicles out of the mold? I tried making some fruit popsies, but I’ve been having a hard time taking them out. 🙁 There are even instances where the popsicle stick just slides out of the fruit popsies. TAT I need help!!!

  31. thanks for the recipe! both looks yummy. i’m so gonna try ago popsicle 🙂

  32. I like the Mango Inipit Popsicles it easy to make, refreshing and of course delicious. Going to make some this weekend.

  33. omg thank you so much for the recipe.
    its so tempting snack indeed!
    i will try it very soon.

  34. Now i know why you’re unstressed, because of dessert! :p Mangoes are my fave!

    gig love,

  35. I love the Inipit Popsicle. Truly, there’s no limit with inipit. Good luck to us 🙂

  36. Ron Leyba says:

    This is so yummy and unique! You gave me an idea for a sideline business haha.

  37. Good luck on your entry 🙂 I never imagine there are lot of things that can be done in inipit kala ko for snacks lang. I liked the popsicle will try that one for my son

  38. The pudding looks like a legit cake! Very restaurant quality, i was surprised at how easy it was to make, and with inipit!!

  39. Good luck on your entry Sis, surely looks good, will definitely going to try this one soon. Thanks for the recipe.

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