6 Memorable Things of My April 2015

Time flies so fast when you are having fun and I cherish every moment spent with love ones and friends. I invest a lot on memories and on learning about things that interest me. I do not mind not having a fat bank account, new car, new gadgets and other bright new things. As long as I have stories to tell and I learn new things, life is worth living.

I live each day trying to balance between earning a living and doing what I want to do in the hopes that one day both will become one and the same thing.  I try to explore the world as often as I can and if I can’t, due to some constraints, there are always books I can read that enrich my imagination. Life is too short to get bored.  I try to fill my minutes and hours with things that matter and  important to me like exercise, prayer, walking with the dogs, conversations with my loved ones and learning something new with art.  These were the things that kept me busy this April and there are 6 things that stood out in my memory.

1. Vacation. When my cousins and  I here in the Philippines learned that our cousin from Canada was coming home for a short vacation, we were already looking forward to the first week of April. It was a short stay but a fun and relaxing one.  I will talk  more about this trip in the coming days.


2. Cousins. This is my  Canadian cousin’s 4th trip to the Philippines so I have to post a then-and-now photo to mark the event.  The photo on top was  taken more than 10 years ago.


3. Art. I started to explore The Flourish Forum and The Postman’s Knock. Both are excellent resources I can use to improve on my calligraphy. I am interested in joining their mail exchanges that I signed up for June. I also made some birthday cards. My friend’s birthday was coming up so  it was an opportunity for me to practice calligraphy.

image1 (2)

I also made a lot of artworks to catch up with friend requests.  I am just happy that many liked my work. There are only two that are left unwanted. Poor artworks.  I will open an online store soon and I hope somebody buys my artwork.


4. Flipping Ships.  Below is a photo of a junk boat that I posted here. Remember Edwin McCain? He was the singer behind “I’ll be”, a relatively popular song in the late 90’s (I think). He will star in a new reality show called “Flipping Ships” where he and his team revive old boats to their sailing glory. The show premiered last August 24 on Animal Planet. One of its associate producers emailed me to ask permission to use my photo of a junk boat as reference photo for an episode which might be aired on May 29.  It is cool that they made efforts to get in touch with me to ask permission to use the photo.


5. Fixing the faucet. I have allowed my faucet to drip for a week until I made an effort to replace it myself. My cousin promised to fix it but forgot to return and finish the job so I mustered some courage to do it myself. And I fixed it! I am proud of this accomplishment.


6. Photoshoot. I will have a photoshoot with a friend which I reluctantly said yes because if I say no I might be saying no to possibilities and challenges.  Besides, I think it would be a fun morning of catching up with a friend. We might even forget we are doing a shoot.   I am just thankful for the trust given to me. I hope I can meet expectations.

As I write this post, it is already almost the middle of May.  So far, May is treating me well. How’s your April and May?

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  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    You had a busy month. Congratulations on fixing the faucet. I tried doing that, but had no luck.

  2. Your artworks are awesome! They’re all beautiful. That’s a good idea that you want to open an online store. I’m sure somebody will buy your artworks. 😉

  3. I got interested on Fixing the faucet though, lol.
    Having a vacation cousins will be a blast

  4. i cant’ wait to hear about the details of your vacation.. looks like you really had a good April this year. Keep us posted pls. 😀

  5. You enjoyed with them for sure, and done the skills you’ve got. You have the right to be happy when time’s right for your schedules.

  6. How beautiful your artwork is! Those pictures really came alive!

  7. Cousins are really awesome sources of memories! Glad you’ve reunited with your Canadian couz. I always admire your art works. You’d have to get them sold in major bookstores. 🙂

  8. Ganda ng mga gawa mo! Keep on making art 🙂
    Are they paying for the photo or acknowledgement lang? Di bale, nakakaproud na rin yun. Good luck with your photo shoot!

  9. Its sad that I never had vacation or beach experience the whole month of April. But I promise I will have my summer vacation this May.

  10. I’m very excited to know more about your first photo. It’s a breathtaking scenery you got there. Anyway, my April & May was wonderful because my parents have arrived for their yearly holiday. Though we didn’t really travel much this year, just being together makes it wonderful.

  11. Love your artwork. Great that you manage to catch up with your cousins.

  12. I usually don’t make a list and look back at the months that have just passed because I try to keep looking forward and not think back at stuff. But I like how you show gratitude and appreciationg for the little things in life.

  13. Your artworks and calligraphy are great! I guess you just need to market them right?Let’s say, put them in cute frames or what other cute concepts you may come up with. 😉

    My May was fantastic! Thanks for asking, heehee.

  14. What an accomplishment for the month of April! The before and after pictures of you and your cousins are pretty interesting too.

  15. April had been a good month for you – in my book any month with a vacation is good 🙂

    May the rest of the year be just as good or even better 🙂

  16. Pooja k says:

    This is a lovely post and giving me an inspiration to write something similar with my beautiful memories. Your craft work is looking so nice !!

  17. Those artworks are awesome, and I totally agree with your first two paragraphs.

  18. congrats with your new learning with the faucet-fixing..hahahha


  19. R U S S says:

    Your April sounds like you had a blast ( mine was really crappy but May seems a lot better ). I love your artwork and I would like to know if you create digital versions of them? Do you them purely for fun? Coz I would love to have something made 🙂

  20. It was nice you got to have a vacation while your relatives where around. Summer is a great time to bond.

  21. OMG. You are so artistic. I am glad that you enjoyed the month of April 2015 to the fullest.

  22. I love your way of life! An inspirational post!

  23. Time flies, I am glad that you filled April with so many fruitful events, learn new things and also go on a short vacation.

  24. You had a busy month and everything went through well 🙂

  25. Ron Leyba says:

    You have great talent in photography. For sure you will do it well. 🙂

  26. You have a great experiences this May. good thing you spent much time with your cousins. Napatawa naman ako about that fix the faucet thing. My wife kasi, she does that thing kasi I’ve taught her how to do one. Photoshoot, that I really love to try.

  27. You look like you’ve had a very fulfilling April! Wish you more amazing times to come! 😀

  28. Your month of April is super duper cool! I really wish to have my every month like this!

  29. Your artwork is amazing! Do put them up for sale online (try Etsy!), I’m sure there will be others who think the same.

  30. WOW those painting look so so pretty!!! and all the best on your sale!

  31. Your artwork is simply the best! and it always fun to catch up with our family and friends especially cousins. Love the photos, indeed.

  32. Sounds like you had a truly rewarding month, congrats! It is interesting that you write about Flipping Ships. My inlaws have an old sailboat that they just sold to a man who writes about “flipping boats.” I kid you not! Small world..

  33. sounds like u have a pretty exciting month and fixing the water faucet is really great! hope you have a fulfilling month always 🙂

  34. I love our artwork, you are very talented! They are so beautiful, it makes me want them all.
    And that is soooo cool that Flipping Ship is using one of your photos, very impressive!

    Kayla || The Little Lady

  35. Glad to hear (and see) you had an eventful and fun month! Mine was too, which included moving to another country and celebrating my birthday 🙂

  36. WOW! I love your works of art! You are really very talented.

  37. That is such a wonderful list of things you have accomplished last month. I love your art…
    – Heena, http://www.icynosure.in/

  38. sounds like a great and fun april! your art is beautiful

  39. Isabella Wong says:

    I really like this kind of post, it’s always good to look back and see the positives 🙂 those paintings/artworks are absolutely amazing x

  40. I’m glad that your April was filled with great moments. Have a great May, too. 🙂

  41. I love my cousins dearly too! cousins are usually the first friends we make in our childhood! 🙂

  42. you seems really close with your cousin.
    what a lovely moment you spent with them.
    it does precious moment indeed 😀

  43. Wow! seems April was full of activities for you! totally in love with your artwork.


  44. Those are some really memorable memories to keep and cherish for a life time =) Glad you had fun =)

  45. Looks like you had a great month and hope that your May is going by just as great!

  46. Kat, A trip to Philippines is something I’ve been wanted to do as well.. Hopefully soon. And you are such a wonderful artist, in love with all your artwork here! I’m an amateur artist who sells art work too. Here’s the link to my page just in case you are interested. https://www.facebook.com/iheart3art

    GIG Love
    SAP on Facebook

  47. It was great to take a walk down the memory lane with you. My memorable moment was returning home after a year 🙂

  48. Tubero ka na rin! I miss Siargao when I saw your Bucas Grande pics.

  49. Generally, I’ll thank all the days that I woke up late during April. It’s only less than a week left and I’ll be back to work again! I didn’t really enjoyed my summer this year. I was just all around the house bumming.

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