Fruit Popsicles and Mug Cake

Since I was trying to eat healthy food, I have been depriving myself from eating desserts. Good thing I found popsicle trays at Daiso.  I got this urge to immediately use it. As a start, I made fruit popsicles.


This is fairly easy. I bought watermelon, avocado and mango. I chopped the fruits finely and layer them.


I also made popsicle made with purely mangoes.


I guess fruits are good for the heart.


My 21-day No Junk Food Challenge ended on Valentine’s day. I wanted to try this mug cake recipe.


Preparation time is less than 5 minutes and you only need to microwave it for 70 seconds.   This is how it looks inside the mug.


I removed the caked from the mug and did something with the presentation.


It is actually good. Can you see the lizard keeping an eye on the chocolate cake?


True to its name, it is really moist.


I want to try other mug cake recipes!

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  1. The fruit popsicles look so yummy Sis and the mug cake look so good. Yum!

  2. I want to try the mug cake recipe one of these days. The Popsicle looks delicious too, perfect for summer which is already around the corner.

  3. Watermelon, avocado and mango all together, how does it really taste?

    • Taste like frozen fruit. Not that sweet. My aunt did not like it. She preferred a sweeter version and that meant adding sugar.

  4. I like the fruit popsicle idea. For the mug cake, what cocoa powder you used? Thanks

  5. Oh yeah I saw the lizard eyeing the cake. The cake really looked moist and decadent! I would love to taste it. 🙂

  6. Can I have one fruit popsicles? These looks delicious, and if its fruit, wow they’d be healthy! I’m curious about the fruit popsicles.

  7. You got me at the colourful popsicles and the chocolate mug cakes!
    Gosh, one healthy and one sinful! What a balance! ;P

  8. I like to make my own fruits Popsicle especially during the hot weather like now. I need more ice and cold desserts.

  9. Wow! Those fruit popsicles looks really delicious! I just proposed to my boyfriend that we try making those sometime. The mug cakes remind me of cup cakes, which were originally made in cups 🙂

  10. That’s one great way to eat your fruits! That means you don’t have to make it into a shake anymore before popping into the freezer?

  11. I’ve always wanted to try the mug cake recipe. Do you have to add water to the fruit popsicles before freezing them? They look good for the summer heat.

  12. The fruit pops look refreshing! It reminds me that summer is fast approaching. The mug cake is very easy to do.

  13. Your fruit Popsicle look really yummy. Maybe I too should make some for the kids to eat 🙂

  14. I definitely like those popsicles. We did those with avocado when I was a child and enjoyed the products we made.

  15. i am not much into cooking, but this post is awesome and combines the best of taste and health, will sure give it a try.. + the pics are so inviting…..

  16. I enjoy eating frozen papaya. Haven’t thought about making it into a popsicle. We have plenty of popsicle molds at home. I guess fruit popsicle sounds perfect this summer. Thanks for the great idea.

  17. I already know how to make popsicles, but not as colorful as this! Also, your mug cake looked so delish! 🙂 I. Must. Try. The.Cake.Soon.

  18. wow Kat!. Just yesterday I made a chocolate cake in the microwave and it was amazing. this is such a yummy post love!

  19. I love your fruit Popsicle idea and it is healthy. It’s very cold here so I’ll wait for summer to try it. The mug cake is on my to do list as I can eat that anytime. Yum.

  20. I do love the fruit popsicle idea. Perfect this summer yan.

  21. I love the mug-cake, I am the greatest lover of sweets ever, so I would love to get the recipe for that. And my kids would definitely fall in love with the fruit popsicles!

  22. I also bake cup cakes and in fact doing this as a business but I haven’t try doing mug cakes which has already been a long time plan. Maybe I have to try this one really soon. Thanks for reminding. 🙂

  23. i love making fruit ice pops and non fruit ones! home mades are always lush

  24. I like the all-natural fruit popsicles. I will try making one for our Little Boss. I’m sure he will love it.

    The mug cake looks nice. This is what Mommy asked me to do din.

  25. Both desserts look yummy! I have not tried both the popsicles and mug cakes yet. Good idea to use fruits as they are a healthier choice.

  26. The fruit popsicles is such a nice idea! I’ve been cutting back on junk food too, and there are a lot of times that I want to snack on something delish, but not just plain fruits or veggies. Will definitely be trying to make my own fruit popsicles soon. Good thing we have a Daiso near our place! 😀

    Btw, I hope you don’t mind, which recipe did you use for the mug cake? I want to give it a try too when I crave for cake. 😀 Thanks in advance!

  27. Thanks for sharing!! I will buy those daiso popsicle thingy hehehe

  28. Ahh summer~~ This will be perfect for picnics or on beach getaways~

  29. I always wanted to try this mug cake. I just don’t have a microwave.

  30. I was thinking about making mug cake the other day but change my mind at the last minute. I made a brownie instead but I’m going to give a mug cake a try soon and the Popsicle look so yummy!:)

  31. I started looking for the lizard! hahaha

  32. I was impressed of your innovation of coming up with fruit popsicle and also of mug cake. The job is simple and easy. I would try making these at home with the help of my wife for I’ve 5 grandchildren who always stay at home during class days.

  33. i love cake! it’s so moist. need to learn how to bake to try this one

  34. I really love your fruit popsicles! But isn’t it quite hard to eat? I have sensitive teeth and even with a regular ice cream popsicle, it gives chills to my gums. I think this would too because technically, it’s a frozen fruit, right? But it does look yummy!

  35. i dont know now which one i will try to make, the fruit popsies or your mug cake recipe.
    both looks yummy!

  36. Wow, looks yummy. Will try it soon!

  37. The popsicle treats definitely mabenta to both kids and adults this summer. Healthy na, delish pa! 🙂 The mug cake looks interesting, wow I want to try to make this one. 🙂

  38. The fruit popsicles look yummy. This is really healthy for those people who health conscious like me. LOL

  39. wow seems yummm delicious…i ll give them a try.
    ice cream even seems creative beautiful

  40. it seem very tasty and delicious.,,,,mum mummia yummii
    i love to eat all this…thank for sharing..

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