Bedroom Makeover Tips: How I Redecorated My Room on a Budget

I have always said that I am my father’s daughter. We just loved to keep things simple. (Eat, sleep and watch TV were our routine.) My mother was of a different breed. She kept herself busy by making our home beautiful. She could move furniture at a blink of an eye. There were times when my father left for work and came home to a completely different house.  Hahaha If my mother had a choice on what she wanted to be, she would have been an interior designer. But they were poor and she worked her way to college so she finished a degree in commerce.

I am blessed that my parents left me a roof over my head. Ever since they passed away, I always feel guilty for not taking care of it as well as my mom did. This year, I had the home repaired. We were infested with termites and we had to replace several walls. I also had the roof fixed. I asked my uncle to repaint my walls. One thing led to another. I decided to redecorate my room.

This is how my room looked after I cleaned it last year.


This idea of redecorating my room has long been in my head. I have collected photos of home interiors in my Pinterest. When Ikea released its catalog this year, I fell in love this layout and color.

Source: IKEA Catalog-2015

Source: IKEA Catalog-2015

After seeing this spread in the IKEA Catalog, I wanted my wall to be gray. I asked my uncle to paint the wall gray. Well, not just gray but dark gray to which he initially protested because he said that dark gray would … well, make the room dark. But I insisted. He was not even convinced even if I showed him the IKEA catalog. He had no choice. It was my room.

I knew my accessories and sheets would have to be white to make everything lighter. I was planning to hang a painting of mine to make the room truly my own. However, I cannot find a canvas large enough to use. Beside, I do not know how to do oil painting. I do watercolor painting which means I need a large thick paper which is not available here. My next option was to have one of my black and white photo printed and framed. I asked for the quote and it would cost me a lot since large format printing is priced per square inch. Good thing I found these picture frames for Php 1K. I think it is a perfect contrast for my wall. I also picked photographs that I like.

I knew I need cabinets as storage. I used to  have those plastic drawers which, I think, do not look good with my gray wall. I found 2 black and white cabinets for  Php 1.9K and Php 1.4K.  I bought plastic boxes to organize my things.


I also wanted a lamp for the room. Good lighting creates drama in a room. However, I cannot afford the lampshade I saw in a home store. I found this star being sold as Christmas decor. Since it is white, it fits into my color scheme. I just added the Christmas lights. I was glad I found this star; it has better outcome than the expensive lampshade. The other lampshade was a gift from my cousin.  It was a little bit small for the room . By adding the star, it looks larger.

I notice that the key to a good makeover is to keep the space clutter-free. I know I have to do something with the cosmetics I use. I found these black and white dustbins (those on top of the computer table).

Those dustbins hold my grooming stuff.

I put everything together and this is the final look of my room.

Oh, the huge K is a DIY project. I got the idea from this photo.

I do not think I can jigsaw a wood to form the letter K. Instead, I bought a 1-inch styrofoam board, cut the shape and wrapped it with a cloth using a staple gun.


I am happy with the outcome of my room makeover. I vowed to maintain the cleanliness of my room. I can now say I am my mother’s daughter. I hope I made her proud.

Here are some tips in planning a home makeover:
1. Find home photos that you like. My favorite sites are Apartment Therapy, Pinterest and Dwell.
2. Go window shopping. My aunt and I were hopping from one home store to another. It took me weeks to decide on buying the cabinets. I opted for affordable ones.
3. Innovate. Since I cannot afford the lamps, I used Christmas lights.
4. Re-purpose. One product may have different uses. Dust bins are turned into cosmetics holder.
5. Find alternatives. Try the DIY route.
6. Have fun.


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  1. Your newly redecorated room looks great! The gray and white theme looks simple yet classy. It looks like “minimalist” inspired, which is something I love too! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. The dark grey looks so good with the fairy lights :’) It’s beautiful!

  3. Kat! Thanks for sharing. This motivated me to do some make-over to my room. I’m so in love with Ikea & Pinterest! Pinterest is very helpful to every individual and well, Ikea, should I say more? Hehe.

    Love how you decorated your room! So minimalist which is a trend nowadays so good timing! 🙂

  4. Wow! Great tips! I share the same sentiments regarding my mom. She keeps rearranging re decorating our home. Perhaps that’s how mothers work? lol.

    Anyway, you’ve got great ideas right here on decorating and even tidying up your room. Congrats on successfully having a make-over of your room. 🙂

  5. i’ve been planning to redecorate my room since forever and i wanted to do a photo-feature wall too! but never ever started on anything.

  6. That’s a really nice room makeover. It made the room look a lot fresher after the makeover.

  7. I’m in this #DuluxSG Home Transformation Contest right now and this post come just in time! Thanks for sharing the links and inspiration!

  8. Dust bins turned into cosmetics holder- isn’t that so savvy! Very creative room makeover:) I wish I have a room of my own to design- we are currently renting and I only do minimal changes around to make it habitable,lol:)

  9. Oh wow, a Pinterest pin made into a reality! Great job. Love the lighting of your newly made over room.

  10. MAJOR LOVE for the outcome! I’m renovating my new home so i got some great tips from your post! thank you so much 🙂

  11. Every section of the house should be planned and decorated according to your liking. And, it should be painted as well. Monotonous living reflects to your way of thinking and organizing. Twice a year or yearly decorations could be done without spending much.

  12. Your room is looking pretty! I especially like the white photo frames that you used. 🙂

  13. You newly decorated room looks great. I like the colour contrast of dark grey and white, kind of contemporary.

  14. I love the high K and the photo frames. Your room is look so beautiful 🙂

  15. Your room seems so amazing, I fell in love with the white frames of the pictures hanging on the walls and the Christmas star that is a wonderful decoration.

  16. Kudos on your newly redecorated room! My wife and I are thinking if changing our room color now too, and I’d like a good darker color too. Nice cabinets, and not too expensive. Where did you buy those?

  17. Your room looks great! You did a wonderful job and your tips are fabulous!

  18. Your room looks great after the revamp..!! It’s so cozy now

  19. your room is so cozy and i love the big letter K on your wall, its like a big bling! 🙂

  20. I love your bedroom make-over Sis, so cute! invite me for slumber party sometime. I’ll bring the food:) It’s so cozy, warm and sarap matulog, love your decor too-:) Thanks for the tip!:)

  21. Eliz Frank says:

    You did a great job and the room looks cozy and romantic. I’m not a fan of dark wall but this worked very well.

  22. Your room is just like what I wanted mine to be in terms of color! Haha. Thanks for the suggested sites by the way!

  23. You did agreat job. Your room is looking great. xx

  24. Wow! You really did a great job Kat! Your room looks so cool, simple and very clean. I just hope I can find time to do the same, but with the kids around I don’t think I can do it pa.. maybe in the near future. 🙂

  25. Wow, congrats! Love your makeover… and am sure your mom and dad looking down are proud of you. 🙂 I also follow Apartment Therapy. Will check out, Dwell… 😉

  26. Wow wala akong masabi. So pretty! I wished to redecorate our room too but it will not be possible now since we have a little boy sleeping with us. Maybe when he’s 7 na at ready na ma-evacuate ang aming room. Sabay ko na din yun sa room nya.

  27. Where did you find your black and white cabinets? I want one of those for my room as well since I’m thinking of going the minimalist route. Also, we’re moving to a new place next year so suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hi, Phylicia. A local store here in Butuan City. I think these are made in China. The cabinets have the same material commonly used in office and computer tables.

  28. I love the look of your room!I love the black and white cabinets!Where’d you get them? (O.T. – are those Belo products from Glamourbox hehe?)

    • From a local store here. Try to check out furniture stores- those selling computer and office tables.
      re: Belo. yes, i got the Belo glamourbox last summer. 😀

  29. Pwede pa redecorate ng room din? hehehe

  30. the outcome is amazing! car boot sales are always a good place to get cheap stuff too

  31. Beautiful room! I like how organized your things are. And referring to photos for ideas is always ideal. I also like the “K” embellishment on the wall. Very unique!

  32. Your room is so beautiful! You did a great job.
    Don’t worry, I’m sure your mom is proudly thinking “Anak ko yan!”

  33. I think the transformation is pretty good. I love the letter K by the way it represents your name, your space just simply YOU and it looks so comfy and relaxing.:) Love it Sis:)

  34. Your room looks great and cozy. Btw, we have the same dust bin 😉

  35. I’m a new fan! I love your posts! What do you use to enhance your photos? You inspire me so much!

    • Thanks, Joyee! I use a Canon 100D DSLR. I use Lightroom, Photoshop and Photoscape to post process. Photoscape is a freeware. Download it if you do not have it yet.

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