The 37 Things this 37-year-old Learned the Past 12 Months

I just celebrated my 37th birthday early this month. Thank you those who took time to greet me.

It has been a good year.  My heart bursts with happiness whenever I think about the blessings that came my way. God loves all of us and He has a way of making His presence felt in my life. I am sure He does the same thing to your life.

Last year I made a list of of 36 random thoughts. In the same spirit, I am writing 37 things I learned the past year. These are mostly things I learned about myself.  I have to review the recesses of my brain (who am I kidding?) Facebook posts to refresh my memory.

1. It does not matter whether you know the person long enough or not. When you are comfortable with someone, it just feels right. I welcome friendship at any point in my life.


2. You make time for people. I gained friends this way.

3. It is never awkward to randomly send a message to a friend to catch up on our lives.


4. A little sense of humor does not hurt.

5. Good food is a good thing.

6. It is never too late to learn new things.

7. Do not assume you know everything.

8. We all have different experiences. Sometimes you can also learn from the mistakes of others.

9. Falling in love may be a wonderful thing. It may not happen to you but you can always have a different kind of wonderful.


10. Even with unfortunate things happening in the world, you can still trust in the innate goodness in people.

11. It is okay to be nice.


12. You do not have to buy something you like just because you can afford it.

13.  You do not need to travel far to appreciate the world around you.

14. Create your own piece of heaven on earth.

15. I may be silent when around people. Sometimes I just do not have anything to say.

16. You can be happy with the success of others.

17. Prayer can change a lot of things- all for the better.

18. Surround yourself with people who inspire you.

19.  Family means the beings who are close to my heart. This includes the pets we have at home- Joaqui, Blessy and Peachy.


20. You do not have to have a witty retort on every unfavorable remark hurled against you. Silence can be your response.


21. Rediscovering your own talent can be a reward itself. Being appreciated for it is a bonus.

22. A genuine smile is a thing of beauty.


23. Welcome happy thoughts.

24. Give back in whatever way you can.

25. Do not work hard for just the money. Work hard for the fulfillment of something meaningful.

26. Listen to people of all ages. You can learn a thing or two from them.

27. A grateful heart is a vessel for joy.

28. I learn more about my friends when I travel with them.

29. I celebrate diversity. It is more fun to be around different kinds of people from all walks of life.

30. Never delay praises. When you like what you see, say it or hit ‘Like’ on Facebook. 😉

31. Make time for yourself.


32. Savor some of those moments of happiness alone.



33. Take care of your health.

34.  Assume the best in people. Sometimes they surpass your expectations.

35. Learn how to forgive. It is better to have a peace of mind that have the last say.

36. Enjoy whatever is in front of you.


37. Life is short  and it is not race. Just enjoy it.


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  1. Happy Birthday Kat! Thanks for sharing these 37 things that you have learned. I’m happy to read them and be inspired. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday! Continue to celebrate life everyday! more adventures to come! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday! I love this kind of posts! Number 12 is so true… I can relate. 🙂

  4. Blessed 37th again, Kat! This is a great list and I too am learning while reading them. Your journey had been truly inspiring!

  5. Happy birthday again, Sis. Its always nice and wonderful seeing your post and all the wonderful things you’ve done. You are an inspiration!:)

  6. I love reading every single one of them- I agree “don’t assume that you know everything” along the way you learn something from others and it could simple things, advice from their own experiences in life. Happy birthday, again Sis Cheers and celebrate life.:)

  7. Happy 37th sis. You are so blessed indeed and keep up the spirit. I pray that God will bless you what your desires. Stay happy 🙂

  8. Happy belated birthday . I wish you more blessings in life. 🙂

  9. Many Many great things you have learned so far. Happy birthday.

  10. A good food is a very good things. hahaha can’t wait for your no. 9 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday!
    I actually believe in most of the things in the list.

  12. Love your thoughts. I think, at 40, what I really need to give more attention to is to taking care of my health. I’ve started feeling all sorts of things now. Be blessed.

  13. Happy Birthday, Kat! Please please dont quit cake Everything in moderation is ok

  14. It’s really great that you have so many things to be thankful of and you certainly learnt loads the past year. I love reading #31 and #36.

  15. I did enjoyed reading your 37 random things and it always inspire me. Just always enjoy and celebrate life to the fullest..:)

  16. Belated Happy birthday! I enjoyed reading this post sis, it is very insightful 🙂 And I do agree, alone time is really essential, and that when we make time for people, we gain friends and an experience 🙂

  17. Happy Birthday again Kat! Life is really short so let’s enjoy it!

  18. NO. 20 is so true…that is my defense most of the time.

  19. It is fun to read again those realizations. And it is indeed a blessing to be thankful about so many things that coexists in our life.

  20. Finally got to taste PiggyPao and PandaPao. Happy birthday! 😉

  21. Belated happy birthday, Kat! And wow, I think I was able to pick more than 10 from your list because I just so agree and they are so inspiring. Thank you!

  22. Love the pictures and the quotes and looking forward to reading your next post.

  23. I love reading your post over and over again. The quotes are inspiring and so TRUE especially #31 from time to time. I hope you had a blast 37 birthday Sis:)

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