Overnight Oats and Salad Wrap

I have been chatting with a friend and she mentioned she was making overnight oats.  We had oats in the fridge and I wanted to make one, too.  Overnight oats are oats soaked in liquid and kept in the fridge overnight.  Yes, you eat the oats in the morning. No cooking necessary. The recipe I found calls for rolled oats but what I had was instant oats so I used the instant oats. What I did was soak the oats in low-fat milk and yogurt.  I just eyeballed the proportion of the oats with the milk-yogurt mixture.  I added a pinch of cinnamon just because I have cinnamon in the fridge.

This is what it looked like after being soaked overnight.


You can scoop this to your bowl and add fruits. In my case, I added banana, mango and raisins.


Hmm.. something is missing. I added Twinkles. 😀 Twinkles is a fruit-flavored cereal made of oats.

Try this! You can experiment with other toppings for the oats.

My food experiment did not end there. I bought a pack of tortilla wrap in Malaysia. We were in the grocery and I wanted to use up my ringgits. I did not want to be bothered into exchanging them to peso. My friend bought packs of tortilla wrap so I bought one, too.

The wrap is going to expire next week so it was crunch time for me to make something with it. I heated the wrap on the pan following the instructions on the package. I gathered my ingredients. I choose fruits and vegetable that I like to eat. I got lettuce, carrots, green tomatoes, apple, mango, avocado. I cut them in julienne slices, arranged them on the wrap, topped with cheese and drizzled with store-bought caesar dressing and cheez whiz. Then, I wrapped it.


My uncle and one aunt loved it. The other other aunt looked like she was forced to eat it. She is not really adventurous with food so we already anticipated that reaction from her.


There were four of us in the house so I made only four wraps.

There are leftover ingredients so I made salad the next day. I still have four wraps left which I am using for another food experiment this weekend.

If you can’t find tortilla in your grocery shelves, you can make the wraps in your own kitchen. I found the recipe here. I will test this recipe soon.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Yum! My mouth waters just by looking at the pictures! 😀

  2. We are planning to have soaked oats too…Mango and banana are great with oats.

  3. This is an interesting food experiment but I liked it. I never tried soaked oats. After reading this, I guess I would try doing it too! The salad wrap looks yummy too!

  4. I have not tried eating cold oats but I guess it’s all right to try. My daughter likes to eat her champorado cold so maybe she would also like cold oats.I’m not sure though how different is the texture of the soaked oats from the cooked oats. Does it have a raw oats taste?

  5. Love the oats! It’s called Muesli sis! I was able to try it sa Hotel here in Pinas, and it was surprisingly delicious! I’ve never thought of preparing my own for breakfast. But because of this post I will definitely make one this weekend! thanks!

  6. Ang ganda tingnan nakakagutom.. yumyumyum..

    Ug kanindot sa photography! thumbs up!

  7. These are all healthy dishes! Grabe, I gained some pounds recently and thanks to the photo of my aunt; I saw how big I was! Kaya oat meal muna ako starting this week for dinner.

  8. Naku, Kat, we’re doing the same things nowadays! I’ve been making overnight oats for Yuri (and me) since last year, and I’m into tortillas now, too. Try making quesadillas din! 🙂

  9. I’ve been reading a lot about overnight oats but have yet to really try to make it.. It is certainly on my “to try” list. Seems like a really easy and good breakfast for kids.. better then cereal.

  10. your salad wrap made me search different kinds of salad to make. 🙂

  11. Nicely taken photos there. They look so yummy. I want to try that overnight oats so soon 🙂

  12. Success talaga yng overnight oats. Parang starbucks oats lang.

  13. Even though I have just had dinner this food is still making my mouth water. The fruit photo is fantastic. What a healthy lifestyle you had – keep it up!

  14. I make overnight oats all the time! So easy and yummy. The cereal you put on top looked really cute.

  15. I’m going to try making overnight oats for my husband tomorrow! It looks so fresh, healthy and easy to do!

  16. Two great and easy dishes to try, I love it! I have to admit I would never have thought to eat the oats not cooked, but the dish almost looks like rice pudding. Was it at all sweet?

  17. Looks simple and fast enough for a morning rush out of the door person like me!

  18. There is always something fun with spontaneity, even in the kitchen. Good job on whipping such delish and healthy eats.

  19. Aww… Something I want to try too. May I know what yogurt you’re using. I was wondering is the type I drink or the one I eat. =(

  20. You gave a new taste to oat meal. Shots are very nice mas lalo tuloy masarap tignan at katakamtakam.

  21. wow these are really creative ways to put together foods that aren’t being consumed for quite a while! >XD

  22. Oats can really be a good source of fiber and partner this with a salad wrap and you’re in good shape.

  23. Francine A says:

    I really like the healthy lifestyle you live! If only that was mew, I love the photographs you have taken they look very professional and I love oats especially when am having breakie!

  24. Nice experiment. I eat overnight oats daily too… But I soak them in plain alkaline water instead…and the next day…. I add in squeezed lemon x 1/2 and honey inside!

  25. Really awesome one you wrore is mouth watering..i love oats much

  26. Both dishes look so delicious… but I’ll take the wraps any day. I love oats but as a hot cereal or made into cookies.

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