Quick Update: Life is a feast!

I am looking at my calendar and May is almost over.  You would think I would be sad but I am excited about it because I have a trip coming up next week! I’ll talk about it when I get back.

My May was steady. There was not much work that required tough deadlines. But still, my schedule was full and I never had the time to blog.  Let me just  run down some of the things I did in May.

My friend came home after a long vacation in Manila. Another friend had some free time and the three of us went to their family’s farm. I love random get-together like this.



The sunset was gorgeous on our way home.

May is fiesta time in the city.

There was a tree planting activity. Each Butuanon clan was asked to plan trees by the river. My two aunts were sitting pretty in the shade. (ha!) It was my uncle who did the planting. Well, he was a forester by profession. He knows how to plant it right.

This is the Magsaysay bridge over the Agusan river.

Fiesta was last May 19. I hate going to fiesta where I have to wait for the food to be ready. Well, well, well. We have not yet finished cooking when the guests started to arrive. Oops! Here are some of the food we prepared:


I also continued to do some watercolor art. I tried landscape painting this time.


And since I bought a mechanical pencil, I tried sketching.


Oh and in a few days, we will have an alumni homecoming. I made this invitation. 😀
bces invitation

And life goes on.

I hope all is well you, guys!

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  1. Love your sketch.. u are really good at ARt 🙂

  2. i want to learn how to paint.. hehe 🙂 you’re really good 🙂

  3. The place in family farm looks very nice and the sunset too…
    You are doing great in your artworks.

  4. The sketch is pretty cool! and the foodies they look so good..:) I’m excited for your trip.

  5. Sis you are so good with sketching pala. Dati meron din akong talent na ganyan, nawala o natabunan na, hehe. I read somewhere that parang minsan when you are like working or thinking technically natatabunan daw yung pagiging artistic. I got flat 1 in humanities and arts dati, ngayon I don’t know kung keri ko pa. Baka kelangan lang ng practice no?

  6. I can’t help but admire your talent sis.. the paintings, the sketch are beautiful! I wish I know also how to do that hehehe.. pero ayaw na k dili na makaya nako sa kadaghan gusto buhaton hehehe

  7. Ang sarap naman ng handa niyo nung fiesta! Nakakagutom! And yes, I agree with everyone, you really are very artistic, galing ng mga creations mo! Like Mommy Maye, I used to love arts and painting din when I was young, I have no idea if I could still do it now, haha! 🙂

  8. It always fun reading your blog and your updates. I love the idea of going on a trip that is so exciting! and I’m drooling with the foodies you have here… and the sketch is so perfect on my kitchen.:)

  9. wow nice photos and sketching! looks like you really had a wonderful month of May.

  10. I love the sunset sis! Just awesome! You really take photos very well… Photographer talaga ang peg! hehehe

  11. Wow, you’re really talented! I wish I could paint, oo, but art really isn’t a strength of mine hehe. 🙂

  12. I love your photos and your artworks! Your photos actually remind me of my boyfriend’s hometown in Surigao. I wish I still have the photos with me huhu

  13. you are an amazing artist, keep it up! I love to see more of your creations..:)

  14. May is certainly zipping away.. can’t wait to read about your next month’s updates.

  15. What a productive month you had and yes, I’m looking forward to the travel post you’ll be sharing soon! Sarap ng food nyo nung fiesta!

  16. wonderful sketch! You’re a talented artist sis. You even capture wonderful shots. I wonder what camera are you using. 🙂

  17. I wish I will have time to attend art classes too 🙂

  18. Fiesta! And I love the dinuguan aka sampayna.. hmm. basta wala lang amoy ha hehehe

  19. Did you bake the cupcakes? They look really yummy! Nagcrave tuloy ako bigla! Haha!

    P.S. I agree with everyone about your sketches and paintings! Ang galing talaga! 🙂

  20. The family farm scene is very serene!
    With the history of flooding in the area, planting trees is really very important!!
    And you are really very talented!!!

  21. Omg sarap naman ng mga foodies niyo sa fiesta..maki fiesta nga sa inyo sis hehhe.

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