Tapping the Power of Mentorship

The Philippines faced a lot of challenges the past year and it will continue to do so in the coming years.

Globe and its #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 ask this question:


The 2010 data from the National Statistics Office reveals that there are 92.34 million Filipinos. This only shows that the biggest resource of the country  is its people. I see people as assets and it is only fitting to invest on their potential. The gift I can give to the Philippines is MENTORSHIP.


A mentor actually sees potential in a person even before a person realizes it. Imagine the people you can motivate to do better in life by being a mentor. I believe each one of us has some skill, talent and knowledge to share to others that can empower them to live a better life. In my own life, I reach out to people when I needed to learn something. And this is not even in a traditional classroom setting. It is just an informal and casual method and I learn a lot just the same. Several times in the past, I called on a friend who used to work for the family to teach me how to cook dinuguan and kare-kare. She is my mentor when it comes to cooking.  I also seek the help of my cousin to learn photography. Even if he lives faraway, we use Facebook to communicate.  I consider him my photography mentor.  A mentor is a positive influence in someone’s life.


Here’s how I think Globe can do mentorship with #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 :

1. Choose a pilot site to implement the project.

2. Get 5 ideas from the pilot area to know what they want to be mentored on.

3. Crowdsource through social media who are willing to volunteer as mentors for any of the 5 ideas.

4. Plan and implement the mentorship program.

5. Monitor feedback from community and modify program to enhance it.

There are other ways to approach this idea. Globe can also setup an internet portal where people can enlist as mentors and specify their skills and expertise. Others can enlist as mentees and specify what they want to be mentored on.  The portal then can match mentors and mentees. From there, mentors and mentees can swap contact details and start the transfer of knowledge.

Industry experts can be tapped to develop a training program on their expertise.  For example, Bamboo can donate an hour of his time teaching musically-inclined kids about songwriting.

Products of mentorship tend to gain confidence and develop self-reliance.  Mentorship is a  gift that keeps on giving.

How about you? “If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”

It is your turn to answer.  Write it on the comment space  below. If my idea is chosen, Globe will pick a winning comment. Winner will receive an iPad 2.

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  1. Good one, sis! Yeah, you are right… we should lift each other up, lend support. I like your term: mentorship! About time we ended the “to each his own” mentality sometimes. 🙂

    • True, we need to help one another. It does not have to be a grand gesture. A little act of kindness can also make a difference in someone else’s life.

  2. If I can give something to the Philippines that is immaterial, that would be Discipline. If one person wakes up one morning and decided that “starting today, I will follow rules and the law, I will be a disciplined citizen.” And religiously and conscientiously does this everyday for the rest of his life, and other people will see this change and because of this example others will follow suit. If this will be our mentality, don’t you think our country would be a better place to live in? Where: – people don’t throw their trash just anywhere, drivers follow their lanes, public utility vehicles stops at points only where it is allowed to drop or pick up passengers, people cross where it s only allowed to cross the street, motorists follow the speed limit and are diligent, people know how to fall in line and don’t cut in a line, we arrive in meetings or gatherings on time, we don’t vandalize and other thousand more things that we can do to show discipline.

    The tangible thing that I want to give to the Philippines is the gift of Education. I still strongly believe that education is the key for success; yes, there are those who make their lives and the lives of their loved ones easier and comfortable by making a living and succeeding in their fields even though they have not finished school. But that’s one in a million. Having proper education will still give someone an edge to survive in this world. One can get a better paying job, thus, one will have greater chances of helping his/her family for a better life.

    With that being said, to answer the question: “If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”, I would like #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 help me by Adopting a Scholar or Donating to REAL LIFE FOUNDATION.

    Real LIFE Foundation is a christian non-profit, NGO that was incorporated in 2007 with the vision of seeing thousands of marginalized Filipino youth educated, gainfully employed and uplifting their communities. The goal of Real LIFE Foundation is to transform lives, families & communities through hope and education. Real LIFE Foundation is one of the organizations that is in line with what I believe in. Like them, I strongly regard that education is the key to a better life.

    The foundation does not only help its recipients by paying for their tuition, but they also help equip them in most, if not all, that they will need to finish college and what they’ll be needing when they start looking for a job. They hold personality development coaching for the scholars and even tackles on how to dress and present their selves properly during job interviews and when they’re already employed. Also, the students’ other miscellaneous expenses will be covered, like books, uniforms, OJT expenses and a daily meal & transportation allowance. Because of that the scholars don’t have to worry if they will be able to eat or get to school.

    As I’ve said awhile back, Real LIFE Foundation does not only focuses on the financial side of putting a student in school but also comprehensively addresses the needs of their scholars that will help them thrive after finishing school. This is done through their LIFE Coaching, which is the character development program of the Real LIFE Foundation and which provides mentoring for their scholars in Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence.


  3. Mentoring others is a noble act and a way to help others become adept at new skills. Real mentorship demands commitment and goals. Both must be committed and have regular meetups. I’d love to see more girls receive technical skills mentoring.

    • It does require commitment. I am looking at tapping the social media and the internet. If we have the energy tweeting, posting on facebook and other sites, I assume we also have the energy to guide another human being to achieving his/her goals.

  4. I agree with you. Instead of wasting time figuring out things on our own and doing trial and error, we should seek mentorship to learn to get things done correctly. It is more efficient, it saves time and resources as well.

  5. Nice post, I do believe that life is full mentors. Mine are my parents and I’ll be eternally thankful for all the lessons they have taught me. Although I’m quite stubborn and like to try things myself first, fail and try it again until I’m stuck, then I go and seek help. That’s just the best way for me to learn things 😉

  6. If there is one thing I will give to the Philippines, our beloved country, it is HOPE. We all know that filipinos are matiisin, but we must keep the hope alive. Coz if we keep hope alive, it will keep us alive. Cheers and God bless us all!

  7. There are a lot of things we can do for the country. A simple gesture of throwing our little trash in the right place is a small step that can lead to a bigger picture. I hope Filipinos are aware of that. Sometimes, or should I say most of the time, a lot don’t have discipline anymore. That’s sad!


  8. Very similar to mentoring, I would have to say that if there is one thing I can give to the Philippines, it would be empowerment. Although this can be a very abstract idea, it can be done through several small but concrete ways. For one, encouraging my fellowmen to believe in their abilities would go a long way when it comes to acquiring profitable skills. Another one is to foster critical thinking and not be so gullible about the information that is fed to us by the media, as well as the myths/misconceptions/stereotypes passed from one generation to another. And hopefully this empowerment takes on a snowball effect into all the future generations to come.

  9. “If there is one thing that I can give to our country.. that would be my trust to the leaders. For the past decades.. we’ve been boldly against them. maybe sometimes or maybe it’s about time we truly and wholeheartedly trust them with the country. We always say they are corrupt.. well we can’t really say that if we don’t know what’s happening specially if we don’t abide by the rules and laws of our country. It always starts with us. this is a democratic country and I guess we are all responsible for what our country’s future would turn out. can you just imagine what great things will happen if we all do the right things and work with each other for everybody’s sake. I guess thats something to think about, eh?”

  10. If there’s anything I can give that might be
    – a shelter for homeless kids and give them a proper education .
    -a better community shelters for typhoon.
    -a better sewage system to prevent floods.
    -a strict policy and punishment to those people who commit crimes whether you are rich or poor it should be equal sometime people says justice is only for rich people that can afford to hire a lawyer but if you are poor your just being ignored.

  11. Last week when someone won the 155M lotto jackpot, Daddy and I talked about how someone will live after winning that huge sum of money. Sabi nya, kung sya daw nanalo he will donate portion of the money and help people in need like children to have proper education. We talked more about helping people in poor areas and what keeping them poor. Doon ko naisip that helping them is not really enough to help them move out of that place. There should be a group of people who can educate them with what they can actually do with their lives. That’s why I absolute agree with you, mentorship is a great gift we can give to Philippines. And ako naman, I always want not just to give but really help by sharing my knowledge with how creative our hands can be. One day, I ‘ll full fill that dream and that will be my gift to the Philippines. Livelihood for a mom like me.

  12. this is sounds good to me , there’s a lot of ways to help others thanks for sharing ..

  13. Bernadine Bautista says:

    Kung may isang bagay akong ireregalo sa Pilipinas, ito ay pagmamahal at pagpapahalaga ng mga Pilipino sa ating bayan. Kung makikita lamang nating lahat ang ganda at ituturing na espesyal sa atin ang bansang ito, iingatan at pangangalagaan natin ang Pilipinas.

    Sa aking palagay dito mag-uugat ang kaunlaran ng ating bayan. Tayong mga Pilipino ang yaman ng ating bayan. Kaya sana ibalik natin ang yaman na ito sa Pilipinas. Marami sa atin ang pinipiling sa ibang bansa magtrabaho dahil sa hirap ng buhay. Kung sana lang maganda ang kalidad ng trabaho dito sa Pilipinas ay dito na lamang nila pipiliing magtrabaho. Sa loob ng 40 taon, naunahan na tayo ng mga kapitbahay nating bansa pagdating sa paglago ng ekonomiya.
    Hindi ang Pilipinas ang umuunlad kung di ang ibang bansa na pinili ng ating mag kababayan na pagtrabahuhan. Sana ngayong henerasyon at sa susunod pa, pagtulong-tulungan nating mga Pilipino na ang Pilipinas naman ang paunlarin.

    Kung may pagpapahalaga ang mga Pilipino sa Pilipinas, wala sana tayong polusyon ngayon. Katulad ng isang bahay, hindi mo hahayaang madumi ito at hindi mo din ito dudumihan. Hindi ka magtatapon ng kalat sa kung saan. Ituturing mo ang bansang ito bilang iyong tahanan na hindi mo kailanman pababayaan na masira.

    Sa tulong ng Globe, maaari nating bigyan ang bawat tao sa isang komunidad na gumawa ng isang resolusyon (kagaya nang hinding hindi nako kailanman magtatapon ng basura sa maling lugar) para sa bansang ito na personal at espesyal sa kanila. Isang bagay na sa tingin nila, na kahit maliit, ay makatutulong sa ating bayan. Maaaring bawat taon, kapag natupad ito ng mga mamamayan, bigyan sila ng Globe ng gantimpala. Ngunit kung iisipin, hindi ang gantimpala ang mahalaga kundi ang mga maliliit na resolusyon na natupad sa loob ng isang taon.

    Sabi nga ng aking propesor, pahahalagahan mo lang ang isang bagay kapag nakita mo na ang tunay na ganda at espesyal na parte nito sa iyong buhay.

    Maaaring mapangarap ang regalong aking napili pero hindi ito imposible. Magsisimula ito sa ating mga sarili. At sana sa pagdating ng panahon na lahat tayo ay natutunan na ang tunay na halaga ng Pilipinas, hindi pa huli ang lahat.

  14. I think mentorship is a great gift you can give as with 90+ million Filipinos, there’s a lot who needs the extra guidance and support you can give. For me, it’s giving the extra helping hand to my circle of people around me as it can radiate from one block to the next and eventually the whole country. If everybody gave a helping hand, then everybody would be uplifted.

    • Yes, you can start helping those who are near you and hopefully, it will grow into a community that helps each other.

  15. I love the idea of “MENTORSHIP” as of now I’m not sure what I could give Philippines to make it productive. Maybe by being a good citizen and be a good example to new generations. Great post, Sis:)

  16. I love your idea, Kat. Come to think of it, if we had enough people who are willing to volunteer and give their selves selflessly to mentor fellow Filipinos, I sincerely believe beautiful changes will happen.

    I want to say that I am with you regarding mentorship, but if I can offer another gift to the country, it is nothing but faith – faith in a Supreme God and in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our salvation. A lot of people might scoff at this comment, but here’s the truth: God holds us, and we need to go back to Him to receive his blessings and promises.

    Another truth is that I cannot act on my own; I am completely dependent on my God. But here’s a beautiful truth: prayer changes people. If all of us pray hard and depend on God, don’t you think our loving God would heed these prayers? We need to accept that we cannot changed the nation on our own. We need divine intervention in order to be blessed. We need to turn our back on sin and return to a loving and almighty Father, who is awaiting us. We need to establish our faith, true faith, as a people in order to progress.

    Again, I cannot do anything on my own, and that’s why the gift I can offer to the nation is my own faith. As small as my faith is, I am confident that if I am joined by you, this faith will grow bigger and bigger until we see miracles right in front of our eyes, and that’s how I will show my love to the Philippines.

    • That is a nice gift, Maan. If only each of us has that kind of faith, we can all be better citizens of this country.

  17. That’s a very nice idea, sis. Mentoring our fellow Filipino people could definitely help them to achieve a brighter future. I hope a lot would volunteer and share their precious time. It would really be appreciated by everyone. 🙂

    By the way, I love your entry, sis. Goodluck and hope you win! 🙂

  18. Just like we are talking about, Mommy and I wants to help thru education, livelihood and not just by giving money for them to spend. They should learn to catch their own fish.

  19. This is one great idea. I hope someone will be my mentor on how to write well for free ha 😀

    Anyways, I am also like the idea of “teaching” or “mentoring”. It is actually my desire to hold a free training/workshop about computing on our area I just don’t know how to start 😀 I believe that educating people will help them be more productive and will help them be more confident to be achievers.

    • They say you need to read and write a lot. I have friends who nitpick on grammar. hahah I take cues from them.
      That is a nice plan, Mylene. Hopefully, you can get it started.

  20. If there’s anything I could give to the Philippines as a gift that would be EDUCATION to all who can’t afford to send there kids to school. LIVELIHOOD just like what I read on Mommy Maye to all who want to earn little extra money and maybe build a little business through the program. I hope some would not just sit and wait for the help instead do something and be productive as fellow citizen. Great entry, Sis..good luck!:)

  21. Cristelle Torres says:

    If there’s one thing that I can give my dear country that would be …. The gift of Health.

    I want to do a medical mission with the help of Nuffnang Philippines and Globe thru #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014

    Health is wealth. No amount of money, time and effort can ever, ever, bring the best of your health back, once it’s gone.

    In my 6 years of practice as a nurse, I have seen how our healthcare system struggles to provide quality care for our countrymen, may it be in manpower, medicines, or equipments both in the community and hospital.

    I’ve seen people deteriorating day by day because they can’t afford to go to a doctor. I’ve seen patients die because their families didn’t have enough money to buy basic medicines. I’ve also seen families giving up their sick loved ones and literally, waited for their last breathes, since they cannot afford another day for the life support of the deteriorating loved one.

    I am believing that we can do something about this. One of those needy, ailing, indigent patients could be your mom, dad, grandparent, relative, dear friend, loved one…

    In short, we are all CONNECTED, one way or another. So it is not just a matter of “about them” because it is ABOUT US — ALL OF US.

  22. What more can we give to the Philippines? In a little way, we can build disciplined citizens to do what is right for the good of themselves and our country. Positive actions of disciplined citizens makes them more productive, loyal and brave enough to confront things with their own way.

  23. with thoughts like yours, I cant help but be hopeful for our country 🙂

  24. Every journey starts with a single step. Filipinos have imbibed so much of the Spanish way of life. Who wouldn’t be if we were colonized for hundreds of years? However, we should not dwell on negativity and focus on the good things that our multicultural heritage has given us.

    I agree with you that for a project to be successful, there should be careful planning, effective implementation and regular progress inspection. Globe is the leader in Telecommunications and with their wide outreach, I am confident that they will be able to provide that “one gift” that would jump start our thrust for a better life.

  25. Wow! Your gift for Philippines is wonderful. 🙂 People in our country needs good leaders and mentors to help us to be more disciplined. I like your idea about sharing our God given talents by teaching it to other people. It’s truly more fun in the Philippines.

  26. I love what Winston Churchill have said. YOu are very inspiring, makes me think of the people from my place back home.

  27. I always been tagged in twitter. Some brightens me up some are just spam for me. LOL!

  28. I think if there is one thing I can give to the country, that would be FREE EDUCATION for all.

  29. Free Education and Free HMO.

  30. For me, I think 2 of the things I can give to my fellow countrymen, if I have the power are FREE Education and FREE Medication.

  31. Good to revisit this one again. How is it going? Has it launched? It is a great gift to be mentored…

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