I was not able to watch this one when it was aired. Thanks to Youtube and ABS-CBN  I can play this over and over again.  I am huge Lea Salonga fan  and this is such a great birthday present (Yes, feeling ko niregalo sa akin ang performance. haha).  Patti Austin’s music touches the heart.  I love what she said about singing from the heart.  Enjoy!

LSS= Last Song Syndrome- having the last song you heard stuck on your head for a while.

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  1. My LSS lately is Katy Perry’s latest single, ROAR. Haha!

  2. Lea is beautiful, gifted with amazing voice. I love hearing the song.. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. i most of the time experience LSS, too. kaloka nga minsan because no matter how hard i try to forget the song and sing another song or think about something else, that particular song just keeps coming back in my brain! hahaha! anyway, wala pa rin talagang kupas si Lea. She’s really a great artist!

  4. Naku wala pala ako LSS hehehe.. I come back and watch the video.. ayaw mag play ngayon hina ng connection. 🙂

  5. I thought LSS is Lea Salonga Syndrome- mesmerized with Lea Salonga’s voice. Who would not be? so beautiful! I love how Patti Austin sung. Looks so cool like telling a story but it is as if you could see musical notes coming out of her mouth for thewonderful tune! Grabe ang ganda!

  6. Paradise is one of my fave patti austin songs!!!

  7. I love this performance too! Patti Austin’s songs are really timeless! Belated Happy Birthday! 🙂

  8. Ako naman LSS ko is Just Give Me a Reason. My son kasi acts so funny when singing that song so laging un ang song na naalala ko and biglang nakakanta =)

  9. I slept through the show, but was awake for this one. Galing!

  10. kakainis i missed this episode, oh well, been missing The Voice for few weekends already.. plan to watch the previous performance online

  11. Ay ang galing. Can you believe I haven’t watched one episode of The Voice? I’m missing out on so much!

  12. Ah yes, I saw this episode, and it was awesome! 😀 Proud of Lea talaga! Haha

  13. I like Lea since I was a child. I like her voice and her decency.

  14. Oh, I saw this! I love Patti Austin! she has the most makapatindig balahibo voice!

  15. omg! thanks for sharing! i was wondering how did i miss this!!!

  16. I missed this performance last week. Maaga kasi natulog. hehehe

  17. wow, good thing you posted this. lea salonga is one of a kind. she really commands attention when she’s on-stage singing. and a duet with patti austin? bongga. ang gaganda ng mga songs niya… tagos talaga sa damdamin.

  18. I don’t really listen to English songs now but mostly Korean.. My latest favourite is the theme song from the series My Master’s Sun.

  19. Hay naku The Voice, I stopped watching when the Blind Audition ended. The way they vote contestants kasi are not fair na. So biased and luto ika nga. Not fair at all.

  20. a world-reknowned singer, lea is really talented 🙂

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