That Whirlwind Trip to Cebu

Mid-June, four of us in the family went on a trip to Cebu. We bought the promo tickets in February. Unless it is an emergency or an important business trip, we always buy tickets ahead of time. The trip was for medical reasons. Uncle has not had his regular checkup in two years. My aunt needs second opinion on her heart condition. It was a 6-day trip (including the travel time) but it felt like a short trip because we spent most of the days in the clinic. There was a long line in the cardiologist’s clinic. Most of my time there was spent waiting for our turn. Waiting for the laboratory results added to the waiting time. All the waiting made me think that I should have been a doctor. Ha! Then I realized that biology was my waterloo in school. Poof! Just like that I fell back to reality.

Of course, we made some small trips around the city. When I checked my photos, we visited many churches which was appropriate because we are there for the health reasons and God is the greatest healer.

This is the Basilica del Sto. Niño.


 This is the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel.


I was not able to take a photo in the right perspective but the design looks like a series of walls like these.


We also went to Sto. Rosario Church which is near the University of San Carlos and Our Lady of Lourdes Church near my cousin’s place. I just did not take pictures anymore.

We stayed in my cousin’s house and I got reunited with a friend I met two years ago, Ewok.


On a Saturday afternoon, after going to the clinic, we visited a relative’s farm.


The farm is on a hill and one of the rooms had this gorgeous view.


The clinic is not open on a Sunday so we took a trip to Sibonga to visit Simala. It was deemed to be a place of miracles and healing. It was a massive structure and there were many visitors when we went because it was a Sunday.


Before we left Cebu, we took another quick trip to Sto. Niño Basilica. Beside the church is La Fortuna bakery. We bought some pasalubong there. (Tip: Buy masi, hopia and masareal.) Oh, I tried this new product- chocolate-coated dried mangoes.   There were only five pieces in a pack which costs P68.  It was delicious but I felt the quantity per pack is not enough to satisfy my sweet cravings. This made me think that dried mangoes dipped in Nutella might taste good, too!


I took a photo of this iconic structure.


And I wanted a photo here. IMG_9411 Till next time, Cebu!

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  1. Although you went there for your Uncle medical reason, its not bad to explore more about Cebu. I love the last photo..great! There’s a lot of nice place to explore CEBU.. I love CEBU!! I been there 3 times and I always fall in-love over and over again. I might live there someday:)

  2. i didn’t know about those chocolate-coated dried mangoes! hmmm. might try that out once we have the chance to visit la fortuna again. my dad loves their hopia. i’ve never been to simala too. (i know, shame on me. hehe!)

    btw, that farm’s view is breath-taking!

  3. Let me put this in my travel list. ..Now I want to go to Cebu too!!

  4. kahit hasty visit mukhang sulit naman yata, you’ve seen different places
    that mango dipped in chocolate looks really yummmmeh

  5. REally nice pictures of your trip to Cebu.. it’s a really interesting place to visit.

  6. It’s one of those places worth visiting talaga…. If that’s the view I would see from my window, I’d say I’m in paradise. Very relaxing and serene.

  7. Your photos simply made me feel like I was in Cebu, too! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. The dried mango with chocolate looks so yummy! I must have that on my next homecoming. Anyhow, I hope your trip to Cebu for your Uncle’s health was successful.

  9. Oh those wonderful sites of Cebu! It’s LOVE. On vacay, I will go there. *claiming*

  10. There are many things to tour here in Cebu. Next time, when you’ll be here inform me. I’ll give you a free tour. 🙂

  11. it’s been few years already since my visit to cebu, I wish i could visit the place in the near future, i so want to visit Simala eh, by the way the farm house looks great

  12. Cebu is in my bucket list na talaga. Your photos are inviting and I love looking at it especially the photo of the Church. It looks like a Castle 🙂

  13. love those architectural designs! once lang ako nakavisit sa cebu and that was unforgettable

  14. Cebu is a good travel destination, actually. It’s a good mix of old and new. I’m curious how that mango dipped in nutella tastes like. LOL

  15. I wish I could go to Cebu one day and stay at Mactan Shangri-La. Hehe! Are their doctors in Cebu?

  16. parang madami pa akong di napuntahan sa cebu. simala is interesting. have you seen the new stalls sa cebu airport? nabawasan yung nagbebenta ng pasalubong. nawala na rin ang suking fastbreak massage place hahahha na addict ako sa tablea stall…sarap ng one shot dark choco!

  17. My niece went recently to Cebu and Bohol. I wonder if they visited the Simala. My first looked at it, kala ko Thailand. The structure is indeed amazing! Ganda!

  18. Awesome pics! Makes me want to pack my clothes and go to Cebu. Now na.

  19. i hope you get to visit again… this time for vacation naman. there are more to see and eat. hihi 🙂

  20. Wah I miss Cebu tuloy because of this post! I want to go back there and taste that dried mangoes. They look super delicious!

  21. Hmmmm….. this made me think…. when will I get to visit this wonderful place. You really did get plenty of pretty cool pics.

  22. My lola is in Cebu right now and we really hope we can visit her when hubby comes home. Your photos are so enticing!

  23. Cebu is one the place I want to visit here in the Philippines. I know that there are many historical places there.

  24. nice picture. would love to visit Cebu. and i love that dried mangoes with chocolate. kakagutom.

  25. We were in Cebu last June 2013, just an over night stay for our connecting flight to GenSan. We arrived at past 10am and we had until sunset to tour the city, and in between we had to meet my Aunt.

    So after we checked-in in the hotel, we were off for lunch with my Aunt. At 2pm, we were off to explore the city. I liked the Basillica. My hubby insisted to find the Magellan cross, good that it was just a walking distance from the Basillica.

    We also went to Lapu Lapu city to see some guitars but that time we were short of cash for the guitar that my hubby wanted to buy. 🙂

    We need to visit this place again.. 🙂

  26. I want to visit Cebu also. Hope we will be given a chance to visit the said place in the future.


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