Got Washi?

I read craft blogs and I am always attracted to different craft projects using washi tapes. A washi tape is a printed Japanese masking tape. I have been thinking of buying  few pieces but I can’t choose which to buy because it comes in different designs. When I saw this promo from Paper Blush, I knew it was time to order.

Photo from Paper Blush

Photo from Paper Blush

 My orders arrived yesterday!


I did not sleep until I got one project done. The material used in my laptop surface is so glossy that I do not need CSI to see my fingerprints. Plus, I can already see hairline cracks on the cover. I am not a gentle owner. So I got my hands working last night.



This can be addicting that I might end up “washifying” the house.

Here are some of things you can do with washi tapes. I got the image from Google Image search.


P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I paid for my own washi tapes.

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  1. Those tapes design looks nice. It can be useful for frames designs too. I am thinking of buying some too.

  2. Those are really pretty! I watched a YouTube video where this graphic designer used colorful duct tape to decorate all sorts of things: magazine holders, lamp shades, mirror frames, etc. You could do the same with those.

  3. whao…a laptop make over! you are very creative…
    i’m interested, how much are those washi tapes?

    • Average price is P75/roll. One roll goes a long way. It is actually cheaper than going for those laptop masking place.

  4. Nice designs! Is it really okay to stick washi tapes to the laptop itself? It’s hard to imagine!

  5. I want my own washi too! How much each?

  6. Did you Washi your phone?! That looks awesome. I’m kind of intrigued by this whole Washi thing. I had no idea this existed before this post. They should totally give you some free Washi tapes!

  7. ay, ganda…love washi na rin hahaha
    i’ll vist Paper Blush later, thanks

  8. Wow, you are so creative! I didn’t know washi tapes can be used in revamping cellphone covers and laptops. 🙂

  9. Those washi tapes are so pretty.. Looking forward to more washi creations by you.

  10. wow!! nice, so this how to use those stylish masking tape that i saw in national bookstore

  11. This is nice once. I think I need this on my laptop too. hehehe

  12. aha! this got me interested… thanks!

  13. I’ve heard only good things about these washi tapes. Now, that you’ve shown us that it can also be used on cellphones, I’m thinking of ordering, too. LOL

  14. Wow these are lovely.. I want them too.. hehe

  15. A lot of people like this washi tapes.. Doesn’t it damage the (let’s say ) your laptop or your phone when u use it for that purpose

    • Hi, Leslie. It does not leave a sticky residue when you remove the tape. In fact, I have repeatedly removed them because I changed my mind on the the design.

  16. Nice! Checkout for more Washi inspiration hehe 🙂 I resisted the urge to buy any of her tapes at the 10a Alabama arts and crafts fair yesterday. I have a few rolls pa kasi na hindi nagagamit at all!

    • I have heykessy’s facebook page. I joined Mansy’s craft mail exchange last year. Naghihintay lang ako ng sale niya. hehehe

  17. Washi tape is one of the challenging elements that I barely use when I do my layouts.

  18. omggggg!!!! if been drooling on them at the mall. hahaha but it’s a little expensive in the mall.. how much are those?

  19. I heard washi tapes before but didn’t care much about it until I read this post of yours. They’re too cute! Haha! Baka when I have some washi tape in my hands I might washify our room walls!

  20. nice…i hope i can find washi here in Dubai if not then i’ll ask my sis to buy my me from Manila.

  21. did you see how alessa ( washi-fied her bathroom door? it turned out so cool! now i’m thinking of buying some washi tapes too. but first, must find stuff to washi-fy here at home.

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