Work-Life Balancing Act

After quitting my job of 11 years, I did not work for three years. I quit without securing another job. One thing I did was prepare enough savings that will help me survive a year without going broke or hungry. The decision was supported by my father who helped me stretch the years without going broke. God had plans because quitting my job gave me enough time with my father who was battling with cancer then. The job became the last of my priority. Caring for my father became my job.  It gave me a deeper understanding of what really matters then and what matters in life.

I recently had a conversation with a friend. She was thinking about retirement. She asked how I was able to manage without a regular job. The advantage about working from home is that I own the time. The disadvantage is that I own the time. I tend to accept projects left and right because there are times when there are no projects at all. There is that temptation to drop everything and just be a full-time blogger. I enjoy what I do but I still have other interests like cooking and crafts that take a backseat because there are bills to pay.

Interestingly, there are many online payday loans and it is quite easy to get one but there are also disadvantages in getting one. It is always advised not to venture into something you do not understand first. Payday loans often have high interest. It is a good option for those who need cash immediately. It pays to read the fine print. There are different websites that can help you decide whether to take on that loan or not. Personally, I try to avoid any kind of loan. However, I do not discount the possibility of applying for one someday. It pays to read about payday loans while you do not still need one because desperate times cloud one’s judgment.

When I get drowned with work, I try to remember why I work. I still have dreams I want to fulfill and they require working hard. 😀

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  1. I am praying to be able to be a work at home mom. I admire your courage and dedication to your family. May God bless you more and good luck to your dreams.

  2. It’s a good decision to be with your Father who needs you the most during this time. Knowing how to earn online is great because you don’t have to leave the house and stay with your Father.

  3. I love the color of the graphics. Anyway, I am also not too keen on loaning because I hate the feeling of having “utang”. Because what if I cannot pay, or I need the money for an emergency?

  4. Payday loans are only good if you really need money immediately since like what you said, they are offering with a higher interest. Like in credit cards, you can get cash immediately but with higher interest.

  5. Good for you Sis. That’s what Id been wanting too. To work at home and have a control of my own time and earnings. I might be considering it soon. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. That must have been a difficult decision. I wish I could avail a payday loan. I have to buy my kids their books.

  7. I seriously like to be a WAHM din and doing what I love…You are lucky to take care of your father. My dad has prostate cancer and trying to be with him every single day is tough especially since I work and I have a family…

  8. I wonder if I can be a WAHM. But after assessing everything I realized I’m not ready to become one. Working online and earning from blogging are not my thing I guess, because I don’t write well. Maybe in the near future I’ll be able to set up a small business that can sustain our needs, maybe that’s the time I’ll give up the corporate world.

  9. So far I never tried payday loans. We’re preparing for the housing loan hopefully late this year or next year and start building our own home.

  10. i admire your courage and dedication sis. i am also praying hard to earn from home for my family.

  11. There are really pros and cons. That’s why the deciding factor is always that which one has more pros than the cons. LOL It’s not easy to decide actually.

  12. I’m also thinking the same way. I was a wahm and I couldn’t manage to be one, so I tried working outside, a community nurse. Now I see the pros and cons of a working (outside the house) mom. I’m still weighing things out if ever to become a wahm again.

  13. I hope I’ll have the guts to quit my job for my kids too. I am just scared I lead them to hunger if I do.

  14. We have the same situation when I quit my office job years ago. But unlike you, I ended up broke for few months until I am forced to work under a different job or title. But I am thankful because if that event didn’t happened, I think I wouldn’t become a blogger.

  15. We have the same situation when I quit my office job years ago. But unlike you, I ended up broke for few months until I am forced to work under a different job or title. But I am thankful because if that event didn’t happened, I think I wouldn’t become a blogger.

    Thanks for sharing you own story!

  16. I wish that someday I could muster enough courage and a lot of contemplating on a decision I would like to make, to be a work at home mom. I also agree that it’s hard to be impulsive in getting loans without understanding the payment terms afterwards. It might help temporarily but in the long run might just bring you problems.

  17. Penge ako ng resolve para maghanap na talaga ng work at home opportunity na para sa akin. Ang dami ko lang talagang takot to take the plunge, nadagdagan pa ng utang ko because of my operation, kaya ayun. Hay. Palayo sya ng palayo.

    • apply lang ng apply. anyway, freelance work takes commitment. I notice that i have been putting in long hours lately.

  18. wow your brave! having courage to move out of your comfort zone and drive your way up needs commitment para magng successful. i could consider myself wahm as a freelancer and having no routine/sched is a bit of challenge pero so far so good 🙂

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