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Early this year, I hoped that I will be able to learn and create more craft projects. A friend of mine is into quilting and I amazed what she was able to create. Another friend is into knitting and  as early as this month, she started knitting different items which she plans to give to family and friends on special occasions. It is quite precious to receive a gift from someone who took time to make the gift.  What amazed me more is that she is a busy scientist yet she takes time to do some crafts

I came across this cute idea.  Search ‘owl pillows’ on Google Images and you’ll get cute images on different pillows shaped into owls. I want to do this project this year. Here’s what the search results look like:

Aren’t they cute?

All the searching led me to look for other home decor ideas. The incessant rains last month made us discover areas on my roof that need repair. I got to thinking that if I will have the roof fixed, I also need to replace the ceiling because water seeped into the ceiling and warped the plywood. If I get the ceiling fixed, I also need to repaint it. Then, I had idea of repainting my entire bedroom.

I love blue for the wall color.
























However, I also love the burst of yellow in this design.


We used to have a reading nook in the house. Termites have infested anything that is wood which made my parents tear down that reading nook. For some reason, I want to have a reading nook again.


This is my reading area in my aunt’s house.

I have found a new nook in my own home.


I hope we have a large lawn to be able to accommodate this.

Source: thisoldhouse.com via kat on Pinterest


Those who are looking for new homes might want to look for hunting creek homes for sale in your area. You can start with a home with the most affordable designs and renovate it later. You can apply some customization that will hep make the journey to home-ownership be a more pleasant one.

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  1. those owl pillows are really adorable. i love them!

  2. the blue room was nice. seems cool and relaxing. sarap matulog kapag ganito ang kwarto. hehehe

  3. I want to make crochet home decors but I have to time. I am receiving many MTOs kasi. Maybe the coming long vacation will allow me to make some.

    Mommy Maye

  4. The blue room is such a girly room inspite of it being blue but I love yellow. It’s such a happy color!

  5. I love blue, but I also like yellow 🙂 and I would love to have that garden too

  6. you are right sis, the owl pillows are indeed cute, I guess we have the same favorite colors blue and yellow.. I also love your choices about the wall and room..:-)

  7. The owl pillows are so cute.. That’s the reason why I want my own sewing machine I want to make something like that hehehe 🙂

  8. i like that reading area looks so cozy, maybe i can adapt that arrangement in our house haha
    go for the owl pillow making, oh i’m excited to see your craft!

  9. Lovely owl crafts.. looking forward to more of your crafting ideas.

  10. Those are truly inspiring home decors. I wish I have more willpower to actually put the inspiration into real, tangible details hehehe.

  11. Those owls look so cute! Gusto ko talaga gumawa ng mga dolls na ganun, kaya nga I asked the boyfriend to get me a sewing machine for Christmas 2011. kaya lang, di ko pa sya nagagamit til now, LOL!

  12. Those owl pillows are super adorable! Love it! And by the way, you have a really pretty home. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Wish we have our own place too. 🙂

  13. those photos somehow stirred the creative side of me… 🙂

  14. The owl pillows are so cute! Currently, I like chalkboard decals. If I ever get to repaint the house, I’d like to see chalkboard and chalkboard paint every drawer and every cabinet

  15. i love the blue color bedroom. it looks so relaxing. i wish i can have my own bedroom, which is insane coz i co-sleep with my 3 gremlins and my husband. the reading nook is cute! yes, i experienced termites invasion in our house too. the termites literally ate the whole book, what was left was the hardbound cover and nothing else.

  16. Owls are my favorite design. I will use that as a theme for my baby’s baptism this comin’ april!=)

  17. Aaahhh, pwede bang I like everything you posted? Especially the outdoor area – parang ang sarap magkaganyan! But for now, I think I’m okay with the owl pillows. So cute! I wonder if madaling gawin?

  18. i love the frames and the owl pillows! perfect! it can transform a house to a cozy home =)

  19. I would love to have a reading nook too :)) I read anwhere, terrace, sofa, bed, floor, everywhere.. haha 🙂

  20. i have a lot of throw pillows and those owl designs are really nice

  21. I just love those owls! I have a thing for big eyes! 🙂

  22. Since our roommate moved out, I have a special place in our unit, too. It’s where I gather thoughts and speak my mind out in the blogging world.

  23. I wish I could have my dream home already so we could read on the swing on the porch. Hehe! I would love to have a super comfy reading nook where my kids and I could gather and read together.

  24. The owl pillows are so cute. I love your new nook, Kat!

  25. Oh my, I want a new home! I would love to decorate it to be our own sanctuary.

  26. Ohhh the owl pillow are so adorable! Good choice of color for your bedroom.. you may also try painting just one wall a burst of yellow. 🙂 and I would love to have a reading nook, too! The photo you posted is just inviting. ^_^

  27. Your aunt’s house is so beautiful and yours as well. We have a big lot back home, I wish I have enough money to renovate our place. My parents will love to sit outside and think freely. How I wish…

  28. ganda ng bahay mo sis.. I love the yellow stuff…

  29. I’m here again.. I want those pillows talaga.. 🙂

  30. Those are great photos and your home is beautiful too! I am dreaming to have my own and hope to make that a realization soon.

  31. You r home decor posts are a quick getaway for me. I love seeing decorated rooms it gives pleasure to my heart! you’re doing a great job dear!

  32. You know sis you really make me want to renovate my spaces soon!! huhuhu It’s a must!

  33. I love that reading nook! 😀 I enjoy looking at these home decor inspirations, too.

  34. Nice reading area at your aunt’s place eh? Looks so comfy, peaceful and calm.

  35. Really nice decor ideas you have here. I would like to add wall decals to my home when we do get to have our roof fixed and wall repainted also.

  36. Those owl pillows are cute specially with their round and big eyes. I also like the bed with bookshelves around it fantastic. You can instantly doze off if you’re done reading or when you feel to.

  37. Your pictures of homes and the owl patterns are gorgeous. Loved all I saw. 😉

  38. Wala akong reading nook here at home right now, we need better storage for all the books and reading materials we have, and that one you Pinned with the red cushion is something I’d like to have. But we can’t make that happen in our space. So I will just imagine it while sitting on the sofa 🙂

  39. owl designs are getting popular these days. 🙂

  40. Love the yellow in the design too of the 3rd shot.. very bright and cheery colors.

  41. I love the blue room and yellow room. I’m two-timer like that.

  42. I love the blue room and yellow room. I’m two-timer like that.

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