Remembering my parents

February is an important month for my parents. Papa was born on February 12 and Mama, February 13, 4 years apart. When they were both alive, we would be very busy with parties. I miss them.  I am lucky to have parents who truly cared for me.  One of my precious possessions are tape recordings of conversations with my father (with snippets from my mother). Even since I transferred the tape into a digital format, it has been a regular ritual of mine to listen to the recordings just to hear my parents’ voices.  The tape was not meant to get me to an emo-mode. On the contrary, it was quite funny to listen to it. I always laugh out loud listening to it. I was 6 and very precocious. I wish I can share them here but it is in Bisaya. I also think that only those who knew me personally will appreciate it.  I also made incriminating comments about a classmate. haha


In one part of the tape recording, we were busy making my grade one project. I realized how involved my parents, especially my father, with my schoolwork. No, he did not spoon feed me but he was there to teach me how to read, making sure I understand what I am reading. I enjoyed doing math with him and we always have fun geography quizzes. My childhood was filled with stories some of which he made up.  My father’s guidance was a good foundation in how I live my life even without them around. I spent 8 growing up years away from them but I survived because they have already prepared me (albeit unconsciously) of independent living.


Although I always do independent reviews in taking college entrance tests and in most tests that I need to take, I understand why some people get themselves gre tutors for graduate studies. Getting into a graduate school program can really have an impact in your future career. There is a certain prestige associated with people with a graduate degree. It is only wise to get nextsteptestprep updates to keep up with graduate school news.

How about you? What are the things you learned from your parents?

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  1. When you posted this I suddenly remember that today is the Wedding Anniversary of parents so I immediately sent them a text. I love the quote on the last photo. We’re all going to that same road 🙂

  2. “It’s better to give than to receive.” 🙂

  3. My parents were so ideal… my Dad, a doctor (radiologist and nuclear med) and head of San Miguel Medical for Visayas-Mindanao in his time, and my Mom, a C.P.A and an executive at Pilipinas Shell before she retired. Aside from their very successful careers, they also were very loving parents. My Mom gives advices regarding love, money, life to her officemates and people around her and is well respected for her wisdom up to today that she is 83 y.o. and still so strong and active. My Dad was also very upright in his ideals even if he was already in the executive position (also became OIC Chief of Hospital for Southern Islands Medical Center in Cebu before San Miguel) aside from being a doctor. I used to go to the hospital a lot when I was young so everyone knew me! My parents used to say, I would sit in front of them and I would tell them never-ending stories!

  4. It is cool that you have recorded tapes of your conversation with your dad and mom. Kainggit! My mom passed away 6 years ago and I miss her like crazy. sobra. I can still remember her voice and hear it in my dreams. I strive to be like her, but I am not even half the great mom that she was…

  5. i like the second thought. i was doing the same thing 🙂

  6. its always nice to go back and look at our parents when they were young and strong. back then i thought they were invincible. and now you see them grow old before your eyes. i will always remember my dad’s stories and my mom’s extravagance (when it comes to me).

  7. My mom was born in February as well. She’s very hard working and from her I learned about how to sacrifice and to be forgiving. My father on the other hand was a typical father who taught us Mathematics then. Both of them have no college degree so I really strive to be good at school to earn a degree that they can be proud of.

    Mommy Maye2

  8. Humility – that is what my parents told me via the actions I see from both of them.

  9. Nice quote, ‘there are no shortcuts to any place worth going’ will keep this in mind. I love reading your story though I cant relate to my father being like that. I learned how to read at school or maybe it was my mom 🙂

  10. What a wonderful gift your parents gave you… I wish I had recordings from my dad’s voice too… I agree that it’s important to arm ourselves with as much training as we need for the world and, then, to remember how much our parents helped us get there. 🙂

  11. My parents never gave us anything in a silver platter. From the start we were taught the value of discipline – not everything we want, we get.

  12. It is indeed a blessing to have very supportive and loving parents. In my generation, a lot of parents are like that. But lately, I keep hearing parents who don’t have time for their children anymore. It’s sad actually.

  13. It’s true that education for children and the learning when supported by parents will make the children be more open to it. I’ve had moments when I think I am pressuring my son na, I guess I’m expecting too much. .It’s posts like this one that remind me I need to just be there and guide my son and teach them patiently. Thank you for the reminder once again…

  14. I have very fond memories growing up. My mother always had plenty of activities to keep my sisters and I busy. My dad was equally doting and was the one who taught me how to shoot a rifle and play chess. Parents are really amazing!

  15. such a sweet post…. 🙂 my mom used to be the hands on on us…. and my pop watches silently in the background… he’s my mom’s last resort if we want something and they dont want to give in easily… but when it’s my dad’s turn to say his yes or no, we’re always confident that it’s a yes! haha… 🙂

    unconsciously i think iv been trying to raise my kid the same way they raised us…. watched but with freedom… 🙂

    i made the big move from manila back to zambo for them…. i dont want them to grow old without anybody else around….

  16. i have a wonderful parents, i love each day i’m with them

  17. Wow. It’s really wonderful that you have a recording of your conversations! That’s precious.
    I learned a lot from my parents. Compassion. Service. Faith. Love. there’s no one lesson or great lesson, because there are many.

    February is party month for us too.
    My mother’s parents were Feb celebrants too. Also my aunt and two of my cousins husbands.
    Now medyo sad na because both grandparents have passed away.

  18. Wow galing that you were able to record your parents voices (conversation). It made me thinking too to record my parents’. It’s not too late pa. My father is a quite type and my mom is the dominant between them. My dad cares for us like a mom and my mom, she’s very assertive – something that I want to acquire.

  19. My parents both celebrate their bdays on Feb too! Good idea of recording your parents’ voices. It’s something i regret when my Lola passed away.

  20. Aww, I would have loved to listen to the recording. I’m Bisaya, too!

    Well, I learned a lot of very valuable lessons from my parents, especially from my mother as I’m now a mother, too. I aspire copy her perseverance in keeping the family together.

  21. Aww, this post made me so homesick! I was raised with extra TLC, I was never independent until I worked abroad. But despite of that, I’m so grateful that my parents raised me with good values which made me strong enough to handle the difficulties of living away from my comfort zone.

  22. One thing i got from my parents is that I should be good in my study. Sounds cliche but true. We are not rich and that is the only thing they can give to us. Now, I just want to make our parents proud of me.

  23. I forgot to mention what I learned from my parents. It’s to study well do good in school and work hard for something that you really want. You cannot just get anything you want just because you want it. 🙂

  24. I really don’t have much memories with my parent when i was a child, i am came from a broken family our mother needs to work aboard to support our needs since our father abandoned’re lucky to have a supportive parents

  25. i’m missing my mom, ilang weeks ko na siya di nabibisita

  26. The basic values I have in life, I mostly learned from my parents. I’m such a lucky, lucky gal.

  27. It’s so cool that you have recordings made when you were little to play back and listen to. Must have stirred up great memories.

  28. My parents are the ideal married couple for me. I always love how humor can get even a cranky wife to smile. My dad never fails to make my mom laugh even if she’s already fuming mad. And when he’s the one who’s angry, my mom knows how to shut up and not nag. It’s a give and take relationship, one that is full of respect and love, and laughter. To me, they are my superheroes and I admire their strength of character. Sad that my dad passed away 17 years ago.

  29. believe it or not, i got teary-eyed reading about your memories of your parents… it’s very timely as i am having quite a challenge dealing with my ma. thank you for making me realize how fortunate my siblings and i are to still have pa and ma around. 🙂

  30. they always told that I should respect other people and not to judge right away. i miss my parents especially now that they’re getting older by the day. i just wish that I’d be able to see them more often.

  31. both my parents are in their 50’s when my father decided to move to Cebu last year. its a huge change considering they both spend their 50 + years here in Zamboanga. i missed them terribly especially my mom. i learned from my mom to be cheerful and be grateful in spite of the problems. she’s strong, sweet, and everybody loves her. i learned from my dad the concept of not giving up, keeping the faith alive. he’s diabetic and suffered mild stroke, his business of 30 years went bankrupt…but still his faith with God is as strong as ever.

  32. I only have 1 parent. I always wondered what it felt like to have 2. But I’m happy with what I’ve got, she loves me completely even with all my shortcomings. I remember being they “yes” kid then turning into the rebellious college student.

  33. I remember my career path was headed by my papa. Not by force though, I was just greatly influenced by him.

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