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Thank you to all those who read my previous post, wrote comments and wished us well. My cousin’s interview went well. She thinks so. I believe in her. She has done her best so we will just have to wait.  I got back two days ago but I am still overwhelmed by the backlog I have (mostly laundry!) and the workload I have for this week.  I am slowly completing one task at a time.


It was a long trip and I was fine. I did not vomit at all! It is quite an achievement for me. It was all for work so I did not take photos. The only evidence I have that I was in that part of the country was this photo.

It only means one thing. I need to go back to explore the place like any regular tourist. Because I already know how to get there, travel will be easier. I am so excited.


When the time comes, I hope to take lots of photos. I have compiled photos and videos of my different trips. While I have posted most of my photos in this blog and on Facebook, I have also posted a few of the videos as a videoblog to my friend in Canada. We started exchanging videoblogs when she went on a trip to Saipan and Japan. I wanted to be part of the experience so she made some videos for me. I did a few on my own whenever I roam around my beloved city.

With the advent of mobile phones with high definition video recording, creating home videos has leveled up.  It is no wonder that there is an increasing number of talents who gained celebrity status by create catchy home videos.  Video editing is no longer limited to professionals.  With http://www.movietoolbox.com/joiner.html, putting together video presentations will be easier. What it does is to stitch together multiple video files to create one seamless movie experience.

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  1. For me opportunities are always there if it is truly for you. There is no such thing as missed opportunities.

    • On some level, I believe that, too. There are opportunities that we did not take which led us where we are today. Maybe it is up for the person to assess whether something is an opportunity or not.

  2. Yeah right! Video editing is no longer for professionals only. With so many tools around the net, anyone can edit a video like a PRO.

  3. I agree with the last one. You will never know how far the sea is until you sail and find it by yourself.

  4. “blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures”!!!! suuuuper like!!! pahiram po ha… will post sa FB…. 🙂

  5. Ah yes, it is really nice to embark on adventures once in a while, even just to have a change of everyday scenes. And then the pictures would be lovely reminders of that adventure.

  6. nice that your back and get done your work
    awaiting your videoblogs to share with us

  7. Hope you had a marvelous trip. I am also curious about vlogging, and really hoping I will have time for it haha.

  8. Softwares are really helpful and come in handy when we need some help in getting some work done in our jobs. Technology is ever growing. Good luck to your endeavor!

  9. I always believe that if it happen it will happen. I agree with you, we should do and take things one at a time. That sometimes, I am guilty multitasking and ending with so many errors.

    Mommy Maye

  10. Good to hear that your cousin’s interview went well.. Hope that she gets the job. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and videos of your upcoming trip.

  11. the last quote inspired me.. im always curious therefore i conclude i will have an adventure.. hehe

  12. I still have backlogs to finish.. been way from the world wide web most of the time as I have been visiting my younger sister lately.. good luck to us!!!

  13. aw! sayang naman. May be you need to really go there as a tourist.

  14. I also enjoy taking photos for souvenirs. Past memories come alive the moment I look at the photos no matter how old they seem to appear.

  15. “Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.” I love this quote. I want to stay curious til I grow old. 🙂

  16. i love the motivational quotes you put in this entry 🙂

  17. so that was purely business trip…hope you can visit that place again and enjoy as a tourist and take and share photos of that part of our country

  18. Yay for technology and tools that make it easier for us to preserve memories 🙂
    As for lost opportunities, sometimes they’re not completely lost, just hidden momentarily.

  19. Oh, I love that Fitzgerald quote! 🙂 We are indeed inspired by everyone and everything around us.

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