3 Ways to Save this Christmas

Christmas is really near. I have already put up my Christmas tree last week.  I picked white decors for the tree.

I had all-white decors on tree because the slipcovers in my living room are all red.

I did not buy those decors. I borrowed from my neighbor, my aunt! We swapped some Christmas decors.  You really do not have to buy new decors. You can borrow! I am lucky the my aunts had pretty ornaments.

I still have not gone full force with the Christmas spirit as I have not done any Christmas shopping for my godchildren.  I am thinking about getting creative with my gift wrapping. I can do small boxes using origami. I bought these origami papers from a Japanese store. You may use old magazine pages as origami paper.

If you have small items as gifts, you can create origami boxes like this.

If you have not bought anything (like me), try buying online.  You can avoid crowded malls and the inconvenience of traffic.

Personally, I like giving books as gifts for another person and as a gift for myself.

I just came from a seminar that deals with numbers. I have math degree and  I have not used it much other than simple arithmetic.  The seminar gave insights on analyzing tables and learning how to use them to understand certain phenomena. I checked my college textbooks and it seemed that I no longer have them.

Good thing there is Slugbooks. It is a portal by which you can search for textbooks and the search results would give you the list of sellers where you can buy the book.  With that, you can compare textbooks at slugbooks.com  and pick the amount where it can give you value for money.

How about you? What are your tips to save money this Christmas?


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  1. I love the color of the sofa set, all red!

  2. I am half done shopping for my godchildren.. my nephew and nieces got sandals and clothes as a gift.. it’s an advance gift so they can use it in their Christmas party…

  3. Your tree looks beautiful, also the ornaments. Here in Baguio, I saw some beautiful decorations at the ukay-ukay, and they look new. Some friends of mine have a complete Christmas village bought there at ukay ukay

  4. I want a single color in my tree too.I find it more solid and elegant if there is only one color contrasting the green color of the tree. lovely picture!

  5. that’s a new one.. borrowing.. hmm.. i’ll be going it soon. hahaha thanks for sharing..

  6. I love your Christmas tree, make me miss our Christmas tree back home.

    Honestly i tend to splurge on Christmas kase I only get to celebrate it with my family If i go home in Pinas.

  7. I love the Christmas Tree. 🙂 Ows, I did the same box too very useful. 🙂

  8. Indeed, we can still celebrate Christmas by not spending to much if we only to make our God given talent and skills. We all have that only that we sometimes took it for granted. 🙂 Nice post.

    Merry Christmas!

    ComEx Dec 11, ’12

  9. i also put up my old tree, just used old trimmings

  10. Well, it turned out really nice! We just made use of our old decorations from last year. Maybe only next Christmas could I introduce something new in the house coz I wouldn’t be there this year. 🙁

  11. Your home/house interior design looks great and that Christmas tree is a good add-on too. You did a great job at your Xmas tree decoration.

  12. Great accent on the Christmas Tree. It really compliment with look of the house.

  13. Lovely white tree… and I really like the ornaments!

  14. My Christmas trees have always been red … and it is because I keep recycling the balls and just add new ones to brighten it!

  15. I’m not so fund of giving gifts, but I like it when I receive gifts. 🙂

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