Getting Some Nuffnang Love

I love writing and blogging contests. Maybe because I won in the first contest I joined.  I lost in a few. But that did not dampen my spirit.

So, I joined and joined.

I got the consolation prizes delivered last week.

Goodbye, germs! I got the Safeguard gift pack which I shared with my family.

And the Php1,000 Sodexo gift certificate.

I gave Php400 to my aunts. We bought Selecta Cornetto with the Php100 so I am left with Php500 which I will use to buy stuff from Watsons!

Watsons just opened in my city. I was not able to check it out because of the crowds. Soon!

Here’s what I got from Benetton!

If you have a blog and have not joined Nuffnang, you should.  I have not really cashed out with my Nuffnang ad revenues but, with all the freebies I got, I will not worry about it even if I cash out in 2 years or more. Metro Manila bloggers have better opportunities than those in provinces (like me) because they get to enjoy a lot of free movie screenings. Nevertheless, I am still happy with my loot!

Thanks, Nuffnang!

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  1. wow! that’s a lot for a consolation prize. I wanted to join giveaways and contests too but I think I’m not that lucky. kaya minsan nakakapagod din hehe

  2. That was an early Christmas treat from Nuffnang. I haven’t joined ther contests but plannning to joine in the future.

  3. wow, you are one lucky lassie, congrats

  4. Good for you. I never win in any of those raffles *sigh… I bought my mom the pink version of that Benetton perfume. Does this blue one smell nice also? I bet.

  5. Wow, you are so lucky! I always fail to check on nuffnang’s promos.

  6. Congratulations! There have been many contests for the bloggers these days and with your blog entry, I am more encouraged to join this time. I also think that your relatives are blessed to have you around because you’ve been constantly sharing your blessings to them.

    • You should. You are one beautiful writer, Farida. I always enjoy your posts.

      Haha. I feel good when I share. It is all self-serving on my part, not a selfless act at all!

  7. Congrads on your winnings. I ‘ve been able to cash out twice this year with nuffang and am waiting on my 2nd check to be delivered in the mail.

  8. Those are lovely prizes! I think I need to join more promos too.

  9. Congrats! I get regular emails on Nuffnang promos but have never joined any of them. About time I should 🙂

  10. I love Watsons! I love their deals. I usually take advantage of their buy one take one offers. I usually buy their body wash and hand wash.

  11. Yay for winning! I haven’t won any contests from Nuffnang because I’m too lazy to join, haha. I have cashed out once from them and hope the next one won’t take too long (2 years or more nga ata yung akin eh!). Hopefully next year I’d be more active with Nuffnang 🙂

  12. Congratulations on the wins.

    I may have to start entering some competitions and seeing if I can win some nice things too

  13. Uy kahit consolation lang ang dami pa din. That’s nice. good to know that Nuffnang really does give. I have joined twice ata and hindi pa nananalo. Hehe. Well, I am not losing hope.


    Mommy Maye

  14. Congratulations! As the saying goes, no pain no gain…I believe you will win again in the future. Just keep on moving forward.

  15. Misty Annah says:

    Hi.I have also sodexo premium pass but i dont know where i can use it? Can I use it to buy some stuff at Watsons or Puregold? Hope you will reply. Thanks!

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