10 Things I Love About the Buffet Meals at Apulit Island Resort

My friends on Facebook are often bombarded with my food photos. It is a good thing they have not blocked me yet. Haha! No, I do not have Instagram. (Do I hear cheers?) I have not yet littered spammed graced the world with food photos. Well, not until now. This post is all about the food we ate at El Nido Resorts’ Apulit Island Resort.

Apulit Island Resorts’ rate include buffet meals. I got a 4 days- 3 nights prize so I counted 9 buffet meals. (This is how I applied my math degree. Pretty handy, eh? hehe! 🙂 ) We were scheduled to be fetched at the Taytay port at 2pm. So, we ate lunch at this nice restaurant near the port. This is also where we were asked to wait for the boat when I called the resort two days prior to our arrival.

We had squid for lunch, by the way. For its P50 price, our tummy was filled.  Plus, we ordered crab and corn soup which I forgot to take a photo.

In the middle of our lunch, Aris, our guide for that trip already approached us.  Their boat was already docked hours before because they brought some guests back to Taytay earlier. Remember that I counted 9 buffet meals? We arrived in the resort at around 1pm and the buffet lunch was still served. I figured we were not entitled to this lunch. However, one staff cheerfully invited us to lunch.  We told him we had lunch already. He further convinced us, “There are desserts.  Besides, lunch is free.”  We gladly welcomed the idea.  This was my simple lunch plate.

Instead of documenting every plate we had, I will only show my favorite dishes.  Again, if we put to good use my math degree and count plates, we will get: 2 people x 9 meals x 3 plates per meal (at least) + 2 plate for that extra lunch=56 photos! And I did not even count the number of  angles I shot. Ha!

I’d be lying if I say that all the food in Apulit is delicious. There were some dishes that I did not like. Eggplant lasagna for one because I do not like eggplant. hehe! The pasta dishes are not “filipinized” (meaning, not a lot of meat, sauce and cheese) so they did not tickle my “uncultured” palate.  😉

Here are the ten things I love about the buffet meals in El Nido Resorts’ Apulit Island Resort:

1. The salad bar.

I do not eat vegetables a lot but I like lettuce, cucumber and carrots in salads so I ate those with every meal in the island. I switched between two dressings: thousand island and calamansi.  I topped the salad with lots of parmesan cheese. 😀

There were prepared salads. They offered different choices every meal.

My aunt even noticed that she had better bowel movement digestion process while on vacation.

2. Bread station. A toaster was placed beside the different breads so we had the option to heat our bread.

During breakfast, there were 4 types of marmalade to choose from.

I only tried the mango marmalade. Where was my adventurous spirit? My friend pointed that out when she viewed my photos on Facebook.  I must remember that next time. I guess I feared not leaving with empty plates. I got used to Filipino “eat-all-you-can” places where you get fined when you have unfinished food.  😀

We have not tried all the different breads though.  We wanted to leave space for the main course. 😀

3. Breakfast is love. I love their breakfast because it was where I got to eat my favorite dishes: tocino, bacon, pancakes, spanish sardines, salted egg, longganisa.  Yumyum.

There were cereals, too! I mixed cornflakes, muesli, banana clusters and dried mango in this one. <3

4. Dessert station. Guests from other countries trooped to the fruit selections: watermelon, mango, pineapple, papaya and melon. I am proud of our Philippine mango. I don’t know how many times the resort replenished their mango platter. Mangoes are crowd pleasers.  I also saw guests enjoying the self-service halo-halo station. I chose only ube and nata de coco (I don’t like beans) for my halo-halo and topped it with mango.  I  took a slice from mango plate and scooped out the flesh. 😀

There were other desserts like cakes, cookies and tarts which I gladly tried. They were not as memorable as the desserts I tried in other bakeshops in the country but they were enough to add sweetness to my meals.

5. The grill station. We got grilled sausages, pork, fish, beef and shrimps. We just pointed what meat we want and asked the cook to grill for us. We did not even have to wait for it to be grilled. We went to our table and the waiter brought the dish to us.

6. The open space.  I love that restaurant area is large and allows guests a panoramic view of the place.  It also showcases ingenious Filipino architecture: straw roofing and ample ventilation.

It is clear that I focused on eating and food photos because I have no photo of what the restaurant area looks like.  Anyway, it is built like their bar and game area.

7. The view from the restaurant area is spectacular. We often sit where there is no distraction from seeing the beautiful landscape.  It is pretty when the sun is up and even when it is raining.

8. The staff is wonderful. I already wrote in the previous post that our water goblets are refilled before we even realize we need them refilled.  The moment we set foot on the restaurant we were ushered to our favorite seats without us telling them. They pulled our chair and help us carry our plates (yes, plural).  They removed our plate once we are done leaving no proof of our bottomless appetite. 😀

Look! No proof that we have eaten… a lot!

9. Chit-chatting. We paced our food intake. We spent around an hour eating our meals. In between bites we talk about how beautiful the island is and how exciting the different activities for the day.

10. Entertainment. During our last dinner in the resort, we were lucky to be entertained by talented Apulit staff. Music was a mix of popular OPM music and mainstream American music.

Sorry for my blurry photos:

We really enjoyed Apulit’s buffet meals.

Please don’t judge me by what I ate. HA!


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  1. Wow! Ang sarap ng mga foods!!!
    I’m not good with buffet, because I don’t eat that much. Lugi ako hahaha! Visiting from CommEx Oct16.

  2. omgeeee…grabe ang daming food
    scrumptious! i salivate haha

  3. The foods look deli, and you are lucky to have won the prize….it’s worth it for sure, visiting from ComEx Oct16

  4. Nice place! Foods looks yummy. .. Visiting from CommEx Oct16.

  5. What a sumptuous meal! buffets are indeed fun in the Philippines 😀

  6. One word: ENVIOUS! >.<

    How I wish I was lucky to win a trip plus free buffet! 🙂

  7. Walang tulak kabigin. Lahat mukhang masasarap 🙂
    Nakakapaglaway 😉

  8. 9 buffet meals…that’s heaven!! lol.

  9. OMG! Kung ganyan kabongga ang foods, trip will really be unforgettable. Hahaha!

  10. Oh my gulay, nakakagutom naman ito. 🙂

  11. Nice place and tempting foods. Its a perfect getaway place. Im wishing i am there!

  12. i remember this is your prize before! food haven! im like seriously envy you right now?! hahaha why do i need to see these photos, my mind turned off my diet mode instantly. :))

  13. The food looks really yummy and the scenery fantastic. It must have been a great holiday for you.

  14. The squid menu is so mouth watering since I love eating them…you truly had a great time!

  15. wow, 9 buffet meals! my kids will love them!

  16. I love buffets too! I smiled when I read you didn’t tried the bread at the buffet. I do that too, most of the time, with the same reason! =)

  17. hmmmm.. I’m really liking this place now.. Should really go and check it out..

  18. ang sarap naman! 🙂

  19. Parang ang sarap talaga pumunta dun! Thanks for sharing about your experiences. I’m enjoying your posts.

  20. oh, santol marmalade? i should try this one. All i could say is, the pictures tells it all, mouth-watering!

  21. Whoa!!! I just ate, but I got hungry looking at the pixes! Pass me that virtual tart, please!

  22. HooooWOW!!!! (drooling here)

  23. you have sumptuous food, grabe nakakagutom

  24. The food seems really good as well as the place.

  25. The place looks great and even more for the foods. What contest did you join and I’d like to try that also and maybe I’ll win all that too. 🙂

  26. WOW! Super dami ng pagkain! super wow! 🙂

  27. Ah buffet… I get full already from the food I see but what I do is I try only the dishes that we do not normally eat at home and eat more on those ingredients that are expensive. You look very happy in the photos. Stay blessed! 🙂

  28. Ang sarap lang girl.

  29. Love the foods and love the surroundings there as well. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  30. Nakakatakam!


    Oh, I love the salads!


  31. I love the foods, super I love buffet… hay feeling so hungry tuloy…

  32. The food sure looks yummy! I’ve heard the island is also wonderful. Do you think preschoolers would enjoy the place or should we wait until the little ones are older before we explore Apulit?

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  35. Certainly one thing I love about a Buffet is the variety that you can have and the sheer amount that you can have too.

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