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This is not my first blog. I started toying the idea of creating a website to earn money in 2006. I had a grand dream of creating a website and sit pretty while revenues keep coming in.  I realized that it was not as easy as I though it would be. HA!

I started the website for the wrong reasons.  Ultimately, it did not succeed.  Besides,  I did not have fun creating it.

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I did not stop there. I created another blog similar to this one but I distanced myself from it. I wrote posts where I think would yield great SEO (search engine optimization).  If my friends find that blog, I do not think they would know it was me writing it. It was hard for me to maintain that blog and I was having hard time updating it.

Content , they say, is king.  It is a challenge to write interesting content.  I try to visualize who I am writing the content for and I try to keep it engaging.



Last year, I decided to change my mindset about blogging. I started writing about my experiences in my own voice. I now write like I am talking to a friend. I stopped worrying about earning from it.  I just gave it a go and, a year later,  I am still enjoying the process.

I built a blog almost from scratch. Instead of going through free hosting sites, I went for a self-hosted site. I chose a WordPress platform because I have heard wonderful things about it.

You can also build a website even without experience.  There are helpful sites like http://www.hereshowtomakeawebsite.com/ that can guide you into creating one. Although content is king, you still need at least a workable space where you can start building your content. Find your niche. I suggest that it has to be something you are interested in because it is difficult to write about something when you heart is not into it. You have to enjoy what you do.

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  1. I also started blogging for no particular reason, except as self expression. I used to write about the mundane things in life, and sometimes I still do. But that gets boring after a time. Now, I am trying to write something that gives value not only to me but for prospective readers. Am not that knowledgeable about SEO but I am trying to learn. As a rule of thumb, I only write about something that I find interesting or I am passionate about. Turns out better if you have your heart on it. 🙂

    • That’s great:” I am trying to write something that gives value not only to me…”
      I try to understand SEO but the tips never worked on my website so my rule is to just write and tell a story. 😀

  2. Yeah, it’s important that the readers hear a voice. 🙂 Better write as if you’re speaking or talking to the other person. Good luck in your blogging!

    My post is here: http://amonthestreets.com/2012/10/11/3-tips-for-building-a-website-or-blog/

  3. These days more bloggers are making blogs for the sake of monetizing the blog in the future, well, that is always my goal when I am starting a new blog..

  4. I only have one blog and I write about my personal experience as a parent. I’m thinking of creating another one for crafting but I have this fear that I might not be able to manage both altogether. Thank you for the tips. 🙂

  5. I really can relate to your post.. it is easier to blog about life experiences than to the things we dont have an idea about it. hehe 🙂

  6. I agree that we have to blog from the heart. This SEO thing is such a big thing for me and it seems complex, so I just let go and blog to my satisfaction. Strategies on SEO makes the blog “un-me”.

  7. I started blogging because I was stalking to someone. She also has a blog. And I was kinda envy her because she have that. Later on, I made my own. I was not an active blogger at that time. I still haven’t found passion to it. Then, I realized maybe I should have poured much time to blogging than doing nonsense things like FB-ing. Up until now, I write anything with passion and I love what I’m doing. 😀

    Thanks to her I found a heart at BLOGGING,

  8. I start blogging with a reason hahaha… my cousin told me in blogging their is money! So I was so eager to start with it but I don’t know what kind of blog. I just started with just nonsense postings everyday… you started earlier than me. I just started blogging 2010… now been addicted into it na.

  9. I started mine when I woke up one day (literally) and a my mind and my heart told me to write about being a mom because it is WHO I am, it is WHAT I am passionate about and it is WHERE my heart is. Writing something that I am natural about and passionate for came easy. Another thing was I keep on reading about blogging and I make other successful bloggers my inspiration. =) Good luck to us! 🙂

  10. I agree with what you said…writing in your own voice. That is what blogging is all about an online journal on which you write the thoughts which you are willing to share with others. Let’s keep blogging, who knows we could encourage others with our posts 🙂

  11. i started blogging because i needed an outlet after i made a big move (from Manila after 11years back to my lazy hometown in zamboanga)… it helped a lot…. and i gained a lot of online friends too!!! 🙂 i try to earn through adsense and nuffnang, they’re moving really slow but i dont really care, i love sharing photos and experiences and little discoveries here and there so my blog’s worth more than i wished for it… 🙂

  12. i start blogging a year ago, because i love to write. 🙂 and its like my online journal, that i could relive anytime.

  13. I started to blog because P. Chamimay encouraged me to do so. I really had tons of photos from way back when and when I started blogging, I thought it was easy because of the pictures I had. What I found interesting was writing about “historical” things…of photos I took before and sometimes comparing it with the present. I remember when I started in January 2011 that I didn’t want people to know it was me writing. Now, people around me know it is my blog… I still find it funny when acquaintances are surprised that me and Chamimay write about all sorts of things esp. about Zamboanga and they can’t connect our work from our writings! About monetizing, I really don’t know how to do that, but that’s okay with me!

  14. i can relate to this, same experience with mine. Thankfully, I have changed my mindset and just go and enjoy sharing things without thinking of money. And yes, I learned that blogging for the wrong reasons is a complete failure.

  15. OMG, this is like my story! I started blogging last year all because I heard you earning from it only to realize it is a lot of work. It was difficult to come up with blog post ideas. I finally stopped focusing my efforts on selling the blog and started sharing myself, my life and my story. There is nothing wrong with wanting to earn from your blog but you must be prepared for all the grueling work for your venture to be fruitful.

  16. It’s really important to blog about a good content and that means research and more blog hops to find out what other readers are interested in.

  17. I created by personal blog for my hobby which scrapbooking but when I gave birth and became a mother that transformed to a mommy/parenting blog. I am sharing all of my experiences then later on I have learned that I can monetize my blog and I get inspired to all SAHMommy bloggers. So now, I aimed to be a SAHM and earn through blogging. I am just glad that my blog is now PR2 and hoping to improve day by day. And I forgot to mention I have another blog that is all about crafts particularly crocheting.

    Mommy Maye2

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